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Ek Toota Khwaab- A Painful Hindi Poem

Ek toota khwaab a painful hindi poem

We love freely with no expectations to lose out on the love we have for someone. Why would we even think that? No sooner than we feel the connection with someone than we begin imagining a life together. But when things start to get serious, and you realize that the hopes of being together are about to shatter, that’s the emotions that Ek Toota Khwaab, a painful Hindi Poem expresses. The poem, written from the male’s perspective, retells the profound emotions of a man who has to watch his lady love turn into a beautiful bride but only for someone else.

Coming from a heart that’s in pain, the poem Ek Toota Khwaab expresses the innermost emotions of how a heart breaks into several pieces when love meets with the misfortune of losing the love to someone else. Be it because of no approval from the elders in the family (happens in Indian) or because either of them isn’t able to understand each other, the pain is as gut-wrenching as the other.

Take a look at the poem below that will hit the hearts of the broken-hearted, Hindi lovers, and those who believe in love and loss.

EK Toota Khwaab

-A Painful Hindi Poem

एक टूटा ख़्वाब

painful Hindi poem

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
तुम्हारी आंखों में काजल और मेरी आंखें लाल होगी…
तुम्हारी नज़रें रंग–बिरंगी रोशिनी से चकाचौंध होगी,
और मेरी नज़रें आंसुओं से तार–तार होगी,

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
तेरे हाथों में सगुन की मेहंदी
और मेरे हाथों में नशीली शराब होगी,

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
जब खुशियों से तेरी झोली आबाद होगी,
और मेरी नाउम्मीद ज़िंदगी बर्बाद होगी,

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
जब तेरे मांग में लगा सिंदूर
हमारे बीच की दीवार होगी,

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
जब तुम किसी और की जिंदगी,
और मेरी मौत का पैगाम होगी।

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
जब डूबते सूरज को,
फिर से उगने की ना कोई आस होगी।

हाँ वो इक शाम होगी,
जब जलती आग में ना कोई आंच होगी
राख में मिलकर मेरी कहानी कहीं गुमनाम होगी।

painful Hindi love poem

Right from the first stanza, the poem jumps right into the emotion of pain and heartbreak. The poet doesn’t waste time in establishing how he’s describing a woman with who he was in love with but has to watch her marry someone else. The beginning lines speak about how the lady will get ready with kohl in her eyes while his eyes will be red with sadness and tears.

Further in the painful Hindi poem Ek Toota Khwaab he narrates how one evening a beautiful Mehendi will design her hands while he will hold on to a bottle of alcohol to drink his pain.

In the third stanza, the poet expresses how her evening will fill her life with happiness but it will also mark the end of all her hopes. But it is the lines of the fourth stanza of Ek Toota Khwaab that also breaks a reader’s heart when he says that the line od Sindhoor on her head, an Indian tradition where the groom draws a line with red color on her forehead. This ritual is a part of making someone a wife. The poet announces how this line that someone else will fill in her forehead will be the line of barrier between the two forever.

As the poem Ek Toota Khwaab progresses, the deeper the emotions of pain become. The poet painfully writes how she will become someone else’s life, which will also be the invitation of his heart’s death. He further writes how the sun will no longer expect to rise again after that evening since it will also be filled with darkness from his pain. The lines hit straight to the heart, don’t they?

It is the last stanza of Ek Toota Khwaab that closes the deal for the poet’s love story forever when he says that there will be no flame to anything he lights from then on. Yet, it will forever burn into ashes his name and his love.

This painful Hindi poem is one that connects with every broken-hearted, especially in India, since the lines of the poem speak of the Indian rituals of a marriage. If you liked the poem, share it with others who can connect with it, who love Hindi poems, or those who appreciate feelings. If you liked this one, then you’ll probably even like राजे का प्यार -A Painful Hindi Love Poem. Read, like, and share!

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