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8 Definite Signs You’ve Outgrown your Relationship

signs you've outgrown your relationship

The “forever” kind of love exists. Nothing should deter your faith from the concept and reality of eternal love. But we also need to accept the harsh reality that this might not be the case for everyone. Some people move on from feeling for each other while they’re still together due to a number of reasons. If you’re feeling different, you should look for the signs you’ve outgrown your relationship.

It’s one of those feelings when you start to feel different. There’s something within that’s just not feeling right, and this feeling is mutual for both of you.

We’ve been talking about growing in relationships, its stages, the evolution, one’s personal growth when in a relationship, and so on. But sometimes, the changes are too much for the partner to handle. Some couples could grow apart with evolution because people could develop some changes that the partner may no longer like. And just like that, you’ve outgrown your relationship!

The reasons may be plenty, but some of the signs you’ve outgrown a relationship are kind of predictable. Based on several observations, here’s help figuring that out. My suggestion still remains that you don’t make a hasty decision after reading these signs. Think, reflect, and then act!

Signs you’ve Outgrown Your Relationship

Take a look at some definite signs you have outgrown your relationship without overthinking it.

1. The Future Visualizations Change

outgrown relationships

Somehow, the things that you once wanted to do with your partner have changed. You probably visualized one kind of future together, but growing up has changed your dreams for you. But probably your partner is still passionate about having the same future with you, and that clash can draw you apart, signaling that you’ve outgrown your relationship.

2. The Enthusiasm is Low

low enthusiasm in relationships

The things that once excited both of you or even either of you no longer evoke the same emotions. It may be the things you once did together, the activities you’ll partake in, the conversations you had, or the people you hang out with- just about anything! The thought of doing the things you’ll once enjoyed together no longer enthuses you and you can’t stop thinking about it. It breaks my heart to say, you’ve probably outgrown your relationship.

3. Too much Fighting!

fights in relationships

It happens, doesn’t it? When we feel disconnected from someone, even the littlest of things is enough to be short with them. No matter how hard you try, small things begin annoying, even when you liked the same things before. There are arguments about the things that never bothered you before and a little act of surprise is also enough to make you feel uncomfortable because you simply don’t want it anymore. Correction, you just don’t want it from this person anymore since you’ve overgrown your relationship.

4. The Touch doesn’t Feel the Same

outgrown your relationship

When you’re with the right person or are in love with someone, you find comfort and peace in their hugs. They become the kind of hugs you miss even after you’ve spent only a day apart at work. All you want to do is hug and cuddle to sleep. But now, if you’ve outgrown your relationship, it doesn’t feel the same anymore. There’s no peace, there’s no calm- if anything, it only makes you feel uncomfortable and unwanted.

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5. There are more sources of happiness without him/her

other sources outside your relationship make you happier

Even if you are in a relationship, it’s not necessary that your source of happiness lies only with them. But when it reaches a point that your level of happiness is consistently more when you’re not with him/her, you’ve probably outgrown your relationship. Suddenly, there are things outside this relationship that bring more joy to you than being with the person. You start visualizing a life without them in it and there’s no inner discomfort knowing they’re not going to be a part of your life.

6. There are thoughts about a Third Person

thinking about third person in relationship

When you’re in a happy relationship, there’s no way you’d imagine being with someone else. That doesn’t mean you don’t turn when you think somebody who just crossed your path is good-looking. It is a different thing to see someone and fantasize about someone. One of the most definite signs that you’ve outgrown your relationship is that you’re now dreaming about a life with someone else. You start behaving in a manner that you think the third person would like, and there are more comparisons about how things would be different with the other person than with your current partner.

Remember, don’t let infatuations break your mature relationship. If your feelings are because of a third person, then you should probably try not speaking to that person for a while and see how you feel in your relationship without the third person in the picture.

7. More Disappointment and Embarrassment

disappointed by partner

Nothing that your partner is doing is to your liking anymore. The same things that you once thought were cute embarrass you now, especially, when you’re with a group of people. And the gestures, well, they now disappoint you. Earlier, you might have loved the surprise of them cooking you your favorite meal. But now, all you think about is having some space to yourself and eating something you like, and by yourself. These feelings of disappointment and embarrassment are some of the signs that you’ve outgrown your relationship.

8. The Passion in the Bedroom is Dull!

low passion in bedroom

If you’re in a physical with your partner, then there’s just no fun in it anymore. The spontaneity, the jitters, the passion, it all feels dull. In fact, you won’t even feel like indulging in making out anymore because you don’t feel the same emotional connection that you once did. Although, this point can differ for couples since everyone’s physical needs and lives are far apart. For some, this isn’t a big part of their relationship. So, unless it was one way before, and now you see it dying, there’s nothing to worry about.


When it comes to these signs that you’ve outgrown your relationship, remember to trust your instincts. No one can tell you better than you. Instead of being quick in your decision, take some time apart to think and introspect your feelings. It’s absolutely okay to take a break and figure out the reasons for these different feelings than giving up on a relationship where two people have to invest to come so far.

Even after the time apart you feel like you’ve outgrown your relationship, then find a good and soothing way to talk to your partner about it. The more amicably you handle it, the lesser the guilt and baggage you carry with you.

Relationships are beautiful but only when it comprises two happy individuals. Don’t force yourself into a relationship for the fear of hurting someone. If you feel certain that you’ve outgrown your relationship, then the temporary hurt is much better than a lifelong heartbreak!

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