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Cuffing Season In Relationships: 5 Amazing Benefits

Winters are just around the corner, waiting for the correct moment to knock on our doors and swoon us. Some may not enjoy winters owing to the extremely cold climate but for others, it is definitely a treat as there are more opportunities to laze around, spend time with your close ones, and get cozy with them. But what about the singles? Wouldn’t they feel FOMO seeing couples all around them enjoying themselves to the fullest?

The answer is a crystal clear YES. Singles make attempts to couple up during the colder months, and we’re not saying it, research is. They don’t want to feel left out so they can experience the cozy vibes with someone. Thus, we not only welcome the winters but also the cuffing season. But what is cuffing season in relationships? Is it real? What are its benefits? How exactly does one go about it? Here’s answering all your questions and more in this post, “Cuffing Season In Relationships: 5 Amazing Benefits.”

What is Cuffing Season in Relationships?

cuffing season

Have you ever felt the urge to cuddle with someone near the fireplace or in a warm, cozy blanket as the temperature drops down? If you are single and have felt these urges growing on you, the cuffing season has surely cast its spell on you.

The cuffing season usually commences around October (In India) when the singles pair off with someone for a short-term relationship. Such relationships typically meet their end with the arrival of spring. The term ‘cuffing’ is a derivative of the word ‘handcuffing’. The idea is similar as individuals have an intense desire of being tied down to someone seriously for a limited period of time, willingly or under the pressure of budding circumstances. Also, cuffing season is very much real and a lot of people become a part of it, knowingly or unknowingly.

Experts report that one usually feels lazy to leave home for work, let alone social gatherings during the winters. The social circle gets increasingly smaller during the colder months thus creating circumstances that make singles embrace the cuffing season. It is also noted that such relationships are a direct ticket to the cozy stage of a relationship yet are not very romantic in nature.

Both the partners have very limited knowledge about each other and they generally part ways with the commencement of spring. Although spring isn’t a deadline, it’s just that they know somewhere in their minds, that they don’t require being in the relationship anymore. A relationship formed during the cuffing season is different from the usual relationships as the partners do not have an opportunity to nurture their bond organically.

But under certain exceptions, such relationships can turn into long-term relationships too. It is very subjective and depends upon the understanding and bonding of the people involved in the relationship. Although these relationships are short-term, they can have some amazing benefits. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of cuffing season.

5 Amazing Benefits of Cuffing Season

cuffing season in relationships

1. No more loneliness

The glory of summers is not hidden from anyone. When beachy flings are a thing and socialization is at its peak, one may feel like a free bird who can enjoy to the fullest. But the decreased socialization of the winters can make many people feel uncomfortable. Cuffing becomes the ultimate savior as one has a companion throughout the colder months. This prevents them from being lonely and guards them against many negative thoughts and feelings evoked by loneliness. Research has proven that loneliness is a leading cause of depression. By taking part in the cuffing season, one can save themselves from falling prey to bad mental health.

2. Security and Comfort

Sometimes one faces difficulties in sharing their thoughts and feelings with their inner circle, especially during the winters. But they can easily bare it out to strangers or people who they hardly know. Finding a partner during the cuffing season can be very similar. They can be a confidant, more specifically if one does not know much about their partner. This provides them with a sense of security and comfort because they know that they are not alone at that time of the year when interactions with the social circle become limited and sharing feelings can become difficult.

3. Boosts Libido

benefits of cuffing season

It goes without saying that being cuffed does imply a lot of “no strings attached” sex. Being in the sack for long hours and the rising hormones gives one an opportunity to explore things with their partner for the season. This also provides them a chance to discover something new about themselves that they might like in bed. Having a new partner can shoot up the chemistry levels, which might make the whole experience even more intense and thrilling for some.

4. Self-Care

As we discussed above, cuffing season can have a positive impact on libido.  The enhanced physical, emotional, and mental state of wellness can have a good impact on the overall health of an individual. It enables them to connect better with people on an emotional level. Regular orgasms and pleasure can have a sanguine impact on immunity, mental health, and sleep. This is primarily because of the production of the oxytocin hormone. Glowing skin, anti-aging benefits, increase in blood flow, and increase in oxygen capacity are some more benefits of orgasm. Thus, the increase in physical proximity during the cuffing season becomes an indirect means of self-care.

5. New Experience

For someone who is always scared to step into a serious relationship, getting into one during the cuffing season can be beneficial for them. This will prove to be a totally different experience for them as they will be in a relationship without much expectations. They can see and understand how a relationship functions and whether they would like something more permanent. They learn how not to make assumptions and clarify all the expectations at an early stage. The conversations can be very light and fun most of the time, which both partners can enjoy.

These are some of the benefits of the cuffing season. But you might wonder how to find a cuffing partner or how to go about the cuffing season. Here’s how!

How to Find a Cuffing Partner?

how to find a cuffing partner

Winters snatches most of the opportunities from people to meet someone new and try out something temporary with them. With the short days and excruciating long nights, it might be tough for you to find someone cute with whom you would like to cozy up during the colder months. Thus, we suggest you find someone well in advance. You can check out the dating apps or even ask your friends about their single friends or colleagues.

It is crucial that you clarify things beforehand that you wish for a short-term relationship and it might end at the end of the season. It is necessary for both of you to be on the same page before getting cuffed. This is because it has been reported that the other partner assumes that things can work out or the relationship is that long-term and will not end very soon. One cannot be responsible for others’ feelings but one can be responsible enough for not leading them on.

To have a successful cuffing season, it is essential to set boundaries. There might be occasions where you might feel lonely and might share something personal as they might make you feel secure and comfortable. But it is your call on when to draw the boundary and how much to share. Though it is implied that there will be physical intimacy involved. You should make it clear how comfortable you are with intimacy and how far are you willing to take it. It is important that you know other person’s opinions, and expectations too and get cuffed accordingly.

Although, if you both do end up having feelings for each other after being together for a few months, there’s no stopping you from committing to each other for the better!

Is Cuffing Season For You?

benefits of cuffing season

We understand and respect that everyone might not be totally in for being cuffed. They might be skeptical whether things would work out for them or not. To solve your confusion, you have to ask yourself certain questions, and based on the answers, you can decide whether cuffing is for you or not.

  1. How comfortable would you be in having physical intimacy with someone you are not very familiar with, and also how far would you like to take things in bed?
  2. Do you really want something like cuffing or is it just the pressure of talking? If it is sheer pressure, you can try to stay away from the cuffing season.
  3. How and where to set your boundaries.

If you understand it all and wish to get cuffed, cuffing season is definitely for you!

If you are someone who does not want to be cuffed, we suggest you divert your focus onto strengthening the existing relationships in your life, especially during the cuffing season. You can avoid being lonely by trying to be a part of some gatherings or trying new to adopt new hobbies. Further, you can try to meet new people in order to avoid being in the sack for long hours. Also, if you adore pets, they can be your true companions during and after the cold months too! Lastly, if someone is trying to convince you to be cuffed to them, you can clarify your intentions and avoid them if they do not seem to understand.

What After the Cuffing Season?

If you wish to end your relationship like you two decided at the start of the season, it is your call. But if you would like to continue your relationship, it would be in your best interest if you think calmly about your expectations from a relationship, from your partner, and whether you and your cuffing partner have the compatibility and understanding to continue it further. Know what your partner wants and decide accordingly.

Our suggestion, if you are too emotional a person or someone who gets attached easily, this might not be for you!

This is everything you have to know about the “Cuffing Season in Relationships: 5 Amazing Benefits.” It will help you to make up your mind whether you wish to be cuffed or not. Let us know in the comments if have you ever been cuffed or not and how was the experience.

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