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15 Classified Secrets Women Want you to Know!

secrets women want you to know

Every time I watch the movie Titanic, the movie that broke hearts and records, I wait for the line when Rose says, “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.” It’s very profound, don’t you think? If you’re a woman reading this, then you’re surely nodding in yes. And if you’re a man, you’re thinking she’s probably told you everything. But, no! We’ve enlisted all the classified secrets women want you to know but will never tell you themselves.

From the secrets that her heart screams to the secrets of her mind, from mistaken personalities to bedroom secrets, there’s so much running in her veins. Women tend to unload these secrets only amid their girl gang. But, don’t you want to know too? I mean, what’s the harm if this makes her happy? And for that you need this list of secrets women want you to know.

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Secrets Women Want you to Know

1. Your advice, not much. Your Ear, Very much!

secrets women wish men knew

Women don’t need men to fix their problems. They can actually handle it. Be it something that needs to be done around the house or in their lives. What they do really want is for you to lend them your ears and that too without any distractions. The phone, the TV, the game- don’t let them remain in sight, and simply listen. That masculinity of fixing things can be more helpful elsewhere (😉)

2. When she says, “Hot,” it’s not always about your body!

One of the secrets women want men to know is that she’d love for her partner to maintain a fit body, but would find a fit heart and intent hotter. Generosity, care, doing things for people, being empathetic, all of this makes a man hotter for a woman than just flaunting those abs. Keep working out, but not just on your body.

3. 6 Months, or 6 Years- Keep the Compliments coming

things women want you to know

So, it’s not like she’s asking for anything materialistic here, is she? If she doesn’t stop trying to impress you by buying and looking the best, why halt the compliments? Because she already knows she looks good? Well, she can stop trying too, and then there will be nothing left. Don’t get me wrong, you might be trying too, but women still want the romance to remain even as they age. It’s one of the secrets women want you to know and implement!

4. Don’t be over chivalrous, but be chivalrous

Chivalry is almost dead. But if men still expect women to do some of the things they’ve seen women doing in the olden times, like making a home a home, why can’t women still expect chivalry. Okay, so you don’t need to do the typical stuff, like open the car’s door for her every time or pull the chair for her at the dining table. That would be over-chivalrous. But you can at least hold her hand when she’s getting down the stairs in an uncomfortably but sexy dress, or do the other stuff on special occasions? Like, what’s there to lose? It’s just one of the secrets women want you to know.

5. Yes, she dresses up, but it’s not always for you!

secrets women want you to know

Okay, here’s some breaking news- Women love to dress up. Whatever her style is- casual, comfortable, or any other look that she finds interesting, she loves it. But it’s not like she dresses up for you every time. Like me, for example, sometimes, I dress up because I enjoy the way I look and the things I get to do. That’s just how women are. So, don’t take the pressure. Just compliment her, and that’s fine. But sometimes, she does dress up just for YOU and she’ll make that evident. It’s just one of the MANY secrets women want you to know.

6. She loves the whole package; flaws included

When a woman, loves a man (did you just sing this in the tune of When a man loves a woman? We’re on the same page!), she loves the whole package. One of the secrets women want you to know is that they find it very sexy when men accept their flaws and work on it than trying to hide the flaws and present a different and hidden picture before women.

7. You can cry and she’ll still love you

Yet again, crying has nothing to do with how macho a man is. You can bawl like a baby when something upsets you or you are emotional. Among the many secrets women want you to know, this one is something that they’ll not tell you directly, but she finds a man who can cry honest and soft-hearted. It makes her believe you’re as human as her when it comes to expressing your emotions. In fact, it’s the robotic makeup that upsets her more.

8. She lies for your happiness

happy womans day

Among the several other secrets women want you to know, it’s this that she is forever prepared to lie for your happiness. Many times, she will not tell you the truth, only because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Not that she will stop being honest with you, but this is about the little things- the gifts, the gestures, the plans. She’ll go with it because for her, it’s the thought that counts.

9. You can be a bad boy, but only for HER!

Okay, now, how you define a bad boy is everyone’s different prerogative, but there’s nothing wrong with a bad boy in limit. You can be just that for her. ONLY FOR HER, okay? So, it could either be in the form of healthy pranks or in the bedroom, ahem, as long as you’re both enjoying it, it’s all okay. This behavior, of course, stays a super-secret between you two.

10. She hates Responses like “Hmm” or simple Nodding

If you don’t get it by her actions or body language already, then here’s one of the most important secrets women want you to know- Hmm isn’t okay! Take interest in her talks. Hmm or nodding is like the most boring response and that’s going to trigger her anger. Any other two words, anything else would work better than this.

11. When you take a stand, she falls more in love

what women want you to know

Okay, this is one of the most helpful secrets women want you to know- Take a stand! It doesn’t have to be only for her, it could be for anything you value. When she sees you have a spine to speak up for the things you support, believe in, or value, she’s only going to fall in love with you all the more.

12. Her intuitions are strong- she knows everything!

There’s something about women. If you’re a good observer, you might have already noticed this. When you tell her something, filter something, or don’t tell her something, you should know, SHE ALREADY KNOWS! When something’s off, hidden, or even a surprise, some chemical composition rings her bell, and she already knows there’s something different going on.

13. You text her something loving, she’ll screenshot it

women want you to know

Sounds cute, right? But it’s true. I’m sure you’re no longer in the age of checking your woman’s phone, but if you ever get a secret peek into her phone (with her permission), you might find screenshots of your conversations. The ones she loves and wants to go back to when she feels sad, she’ll screenshot them. We bet you didn’t know of this one from the other secrets women want you to know on our list.

14. You check out other women; She checks out other men!

I don’t know why men even at this age think that he has to hide things like he checked out another woman. We’ve entered an era when women will themselves show you someone good-looking. But you probably don’t know that women also check out other good-looking men. Not because she’s unhappy with you, but with the same intent as you- appreciating beauty.

15. She means just the opposite!

Most of you probably already know this, but this is the last one on our list of secrets women want you to know. When a woman says something, she mostly means just the opposite. Not the serious stuff. But it’s about the little things like, “Leave me alone,” or “I don’t want to talk to you.” Your biggest hint is when you ask her what happened and she says, “Nothing.” Nothing means EVERYTHING!

So, there’s a possibility that not every woman wants the exact same things as in this list. But this is a full gift of the secrets women want you to know and it may be applicable to different women differently. Come to think of it, there are many things women don’t tell, but let’s focus on the bigger picture here.

Make your women feel special like every day is women’s day, and don’t settle for anything less than special yourself. And if you’re a woman reading this, ensure that feeling special comes from your heart. Shine one, not just today, but every day!

Happy Woman’s Day!

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