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8 Signs Your Man is a Keeper- Dating & Relationships

No sooner do we find ourselves settling into a serious relationship than we begin questioning the future. When talking about relationships, women often wonder if the man is a keeper or someone who’s not in it for the long run. And then starts the dilemma of answering that question and safe-locking your future. So, how …

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lockdown wala love quarantine

Lockdown Wala Love- Creating a Healthier “Love” Environment

“Lockdown Wala Love” is an idea represented by Mental Health Professional and Guest Blogger Ms. Khushali Adhiya. The article is a well-thought collaboration with her Social Media and Youtube Handle- Roobaroo Talks. Lockdown Wala Love- Creating a Healthier “Love Environment” By: Khushali Adhiya Love is regarded as the deepest and most meaningful emotion. It holds …

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strong woman

10 Signs You Are Dating A Strong Woman

via We now coexist in a tough world, and to do that, one has to be an optimist, a go-getter, and most importantly, strong. For women, it is two times tougher, because, let’s face it, it is a different world and struggle altogether. Although, with the progressive times, women who wish to stand out are …

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Love-Hate Relationship Of Every Woman With Her Periods

via Did you just read the title more than once to confirm if your eyes weren’t misleading you? Well, you read absolutely right, and I’m sure, that by the end of this article, you’ll agree. Let me spill some beans about my article on the love-hate relationship of every woman with her periods before you …

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