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post-wedding anxiety

The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with post-wedding anxiety!

People hardly ever talk about it. Anxiety is a “shhh” word in the lives of many. Anything that relates to our mental health, and people will avoid talking about it like it is a crime. But anxiety is something that isn’t something you should NOT talk about. One such anxiety is post-wedding anxiety. People think …

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Is it Love, Lust, or Addiction?

Ideally, each relationship should be functioning on the fuel of love. Along with this fuel, other supplements like trust, care, respect, empathy, understanding, etc aid in the smooth functioning of any relationship. But what happens when the primary fuel is of substandard quality or the foundation of a relationship is set on the weak ground? …

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patience in relationships

Practice patience in relationships- 12 Effective Tips!

Good things take time. You’ve heard that before, haven’t you? When it comes to relationships, building a happy and healthy relationship requires time. In the beginning, it all seems like life hasn’t been better. Because we’re trying to be our best selves for our partners. But with time, we tend to settle into a routine, …

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