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destination wedding in India

10 Best Places for Destination Wedding in India

Destination weddings are the in thing, and we CANNOT not talk about it as we open our arms to embrace the wedding season peeking at us! For all we know, if you’re among the would-be bride and grooms, you’re already decided about where you’re getting married (Congratulations, by the way, <3). But for those who’re …


20 important things to discuss before marriage

20 Important Things To Discuss Before Marriage

Marriage is the biggest commitment you make to someone. Of course, while it is scary as hell, you still look forward to the sweet nothings of this relationship and a cuddle partner for life. But then, we do know that it is not “love” that keeps the marriage going. I believe that love is only …


Marriage anniversary wishes for husband

30 Romantic Anniversary Wishes for Husband in Hindi

Marriage itself is a glorious celebration. How can you not celebrate your marriage anniversary with loads of romance? Whether it is your first anniversary or tenth, your husband doesn’t deserve anything less than the best of wishes. Love Smitten wants to be a silent part of your celebration by bringing you a list of romantic …


anniversary wishes for your husband

30 Special Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

Anniversary is a special moment for every person who’s committed to someone. And we wanted to play a part in making your next anniversary more special than it already is with these special anniversary wishes for your husband. Marriage is the union of two individuals who either love each other or wholeheartedly believe in the …


charming anniversary wishes for wife

30 Charming Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Anniversary is a special moment for partners around the world. You can make your next anniversary more special with these “charming anniversary wishes for wife.” Marriage is the union of two individuals who either love each other or tend to fall in love in the future. The relationship is one of the purest connections that …


8 important questions to ask before marriage

8 Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

When you finally decide to pop the big question or prepare to say, “yes,” it indicates you are ready to move into life’s next phase. Wedding styles differ, but if there’s one thing that ironically remains the same is how every marriage requires knowing your partner well. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know details like …


how should married couples split finances?

How should married couples split finances?

Marriage… the most subjective relationship, and yet blissfully confusing! It’s weird how marrying someone changes everything in life, and yet life and people expect you not to change at all. The more you think about it, the more its complications will suck you in it, so let’s not get into it. But after spending the …


10 LIT Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Every relationship is remarkable. The couples surpass each phase together. They one another in tough times and become a silver lining to the cloud of darkness.  The uniqueness is that they walk together not only on roses but also on the thorn filled path. When relationships are remarkable, we also need to keep the announcements …