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effective communication strategies for couples

8 Effective Communication Strategies for Couples

Communication is one of the most important factors in building and maintaining a healthy and successful relationship. Effective communication involves being open, honest, and respectful with your partner. It allows you to build trust, create a supportive environment, and strengthen your emotional connection with one another. As a marriage coach, I have helped many couples …


overgiving in marriage

6 Warning Signs You’re Overgiving in Marriage

Marriage is a two-way street, and just like any other relationship, it requires effort and balance to be successful. Giving is an essential part of any relationship, but when one partner is constantly overgiving in marriage, it can lead to resentment, burnout, and ultimately, the breakdown of the relationship. In this article, we’ll discuss six …


improve your marriage

8 Effective Tips to Improve your marriage this May!

Why not improve your marriage in the month of May, the month of renewal and growth? The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the weather is getting warmer. It’s a time of year when many people feel a sense of rejuvenation and a desire to make positive changes in their lives. For couples, …


6 Signs your Marriage Needs Help

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it’s not always easy. Relationships are dynamic, and there will be times when you as an individual or as a couple may need help navigating through challenges. Unfortunately, not many can recognize or accept the signs that indicate your marriage needs help before it’s too late. That’s why in …


7 Signs of a Loveless Marriage and How to Restore It

Marriage is a beautiful journey that brings two people together in love and commitment. However, not all marriages are perfect, and sometimes couples find themselves in loveless marriages. A loveless marriage is a union where couples have lost the emotional connection that brought them together. It is a marriage that lacks affection, intimacy, and emotional …


7 Mind-Blowing Millennial Marriage Trends

Have you ever felt a gush of excitement or a rush of adrenaline when you hear that a marriage is on the cards? Do you hear the wedding bells ringing already? Attending a wedding might not be that stressful but planning your own wedding can be a humongous task! If you are about to tie …


how couples in thriving marriages serve each other

How couples in thriving marriages serve each other?

Words like “marriage” and “serve” could throw people off from the emotions of love. It has started feeling like people have become unknown about the concept of marriage. They look down upon it or take it very casually. What I believe is not getting married has taken the place in the “I’m cool list,” and …


interesting and fun indian wedding traditions

10 Interesting & Fun Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian weddings are not just about vows. They’re week’s long festivities, and sometimes, they go even longer. Moreover, the bride gets to feel special any time between six months to one year of the wedding. There’s the feeling of the first Diwali, first Holi, first Karwa Chauth (the tradition when the wife fasts for her …