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she divorced her ideal husband

She Divorced Her Ideal Husband- Was This A Love Story?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What? Did she divorce her ideal husband? But why?” Sometimes, “ideal” is not everything you need to stay in a marriage. And sometimes, what looks ideal to others isn’t what it is inside the closed doors of a house. Sameera’s marriage story is not merely a roller coaster ride. It is …


love letter

Love Letters to Michael- Dilemma & Distance!

Love letters are one of the most obvious declarations of love that ever existed. The giddy feeling of pouring your heart out in a letter, describing every sentiment that you get when you think of that person, waiting eagerly for their reply to your letters – this is one age-old tradition that hasn’t changed, even …


Our story - love smitten

One Year Journey- Love Smitten Turns One!

Good, God! One year already! Our hands shiver as we pen down this journey filled with a crazy load of lows & highs. Notice how we said lows first(lols)! Well, that’s how we felt! But as we reached closer to our first anniversary, destiny affirmed to us that Love Smitten is meant to be. We …