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contemporary love poems collection

A Collection of 10 Contemporary Love Poems

While evergreen poems are irreplaceable, sometimes we want to read lines that go more with who we are today. That’s why we wanted to bring you a collection of contemporary love poems that go with today’s day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that even though intense are real, the poems from the time gone …

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to his coy mistress by andrew marwell

To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marwell

Haven’t we all heard the phrase “seize the day?” And why shouldn’t we? Do we know what’s in store for us tomorrow? Andrew Marwell, a metaphysical poet from English literature wrote several poems about seizing the day, and To His Coy Mistress is one of them. Throughout the poem, the poet tries to woo his …

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love's language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Love’s Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Love’s Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox is a beautiful love poem that describes the different languages love speaks. The poet the first and last lines throughout the five stanzas of this poem. As clearly emphasized by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, love speaks, and she explains how in this poem- it is first physical, then emotional, then …

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what would it take love poem

What Would It Take -A Love Poem on Expectations

Most relationships undergo the phase when things are picture-perfect at the start and ultimately change with time. What Would it Take is one such love poem, where the narrator expresses how different the love languages are in the relationship. While one is expecting to become a “we,” the other is struggles with moving ahead from …

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mad girl's love song by sylvia plath

Mad Girl’s Love Song By Sylvia Plath

Would you believe it if I said that apparently, Sylvia Plath wrote the poem Mad Girl’s Love Song in the same month when she first attempted suicide? It is true! Why else would she call herself a mad girl? A New York-based magazine, titled, Mademoiselle was the first to publish the poem, which then received much …

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