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Ek toota khwaab a painful hindi poem

Ek Toota Khwaab- A Painful Hindi Poem

We love freely with no expectations to lose out on the love we have for someone. Why would we even think that? No sooner than we feel the connection with someone than we begin imagining a life together. But when things start to get serious, and you realize that the hopes of being together are …

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contemporary love poems collection

A Collection of 10 Contemporary Love Poems

While evergreen poems are irreplaceable, sometimes we want to read lines that go more with who we are today. That’s why we wanted to bring you a collection of contemporary love poems that go with today’s day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that even though intense are real, the poems from the time gone …

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to his coy mistress by andrew marwell

To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marwell

Haven’t we all heard the phrase “seize the day?” And why shouldn’t we? Do we know what’s in store for us tomorrow? Andrew Marwell, a metaphysical poet from English literature wrote several poems about seizing the day, and To His Coy Mistress is one of them. Throughout the poem, the poet tries to woo his …

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Raje ka pyar is a painful hindi love poem

राजे का प्यार -A Painful Hindi Love Poem

राजे का प्यार, sounds romantic, isn’t it? But does love always means romance? Doesn’t it sometimes only mean gut-wrenching pain, especially when one partner hides behind silence and cowardice to even end things mutually? The destiny of every love story or lover doesn’t always meet a happy ending. Break-ups have become common in today’s day. …

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Safar ke waqt by Jaun Elia – A lovely Nazm

Urdu is a language that reflects sweetness and beauty. Those who do not understand a single word from Urdu also can feel the emotion it comprises The Urdu language and poetry have many forms and they are harmonious, expressive and potent when we enhance them with music. The different forms of Urdu poetry are GHAZAL, …

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love's language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Love’s Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Love’s Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox is a beautiful love poem that describes the different languages love speaks. The poet the first and last lines throughout the five stanzas of this poem. As clearly emphasized by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, love speaks, and she explains how in this poem- it is first physical, then emotional, then …

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खूबसूरत-हिंदी कविता-Hindi Love Poem

खूबसूरत-हिंदी कविता-Hindi Love Poem

खूबसूरत-हिंदी कविता लोग कहते है कि प्यार अँधा होता है। हमें जब किसी से मोहब्बत होती है तो हमें सिर्फ उनकी अच्छाई दिखती है, हम उस इंसान को सच और झूठ से परे एक आदर्श के रूप में देखते है। पर मेरा मानना है कि प्यार लोगों को अँधा नहीं करता बल्कि एक ऐसा नजरिया …

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