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20 consequences of marrying an unbeliever

20 Consequences of Marrying an Unbeliever

Being a believer isn’t a religion; it isn’t a tradition or just a faith either. Being a believer is life! And maybe that is why this question usually erupts, “What are the consequences of marrying an unbeliever as written in the Bible?” As children of the heavenly father, we don’t want to do anything that …

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30 heavenly bible verses about marriage

30 Heavenly Bible Verses about Marriage

Marriage is one of the purest relationships as described in the Bible. A husband and wife become one soul of respect, companionship, and love in God’s eyes. While the world is struggling in every form, including relationships, we wanted to compile some of the most heavenly bible verses about marriage in this article. We hope …

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Sadhguru on love and relationships

Sadhguru’s 5 Rules of Love and Relationships

How many hours of our day, week, life do we spend trying to fix our relationships? Many! We don’t keep a count, but we do count on our people and relationships. Sadhguru’s 5 Rules of Love and Relationships are like a guide to modern living and dealing with those we love. Even though following rules …

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10 beautiful bible verses for women seeking love

20 Beautiful Bible Verses for Women Seeking Love

The Bible is every believer’s strength. Anyone who trusts their lives in the strength of these verses is sure to feel uplifted without letting emotions overwhelm them. But such has God made humans that we cannot survive without LOVE. Women dream of a God-fearing and loving man, and until she finds him, she needs to …

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What is adultery according to the Bible?

God made man. God made women. And God made marriages. Cupid’s story is for the hopeless romantics, but for believers, it is God who makes a match. But even before we came to know of the word of God, adultery was a punishable offense. It was only marriage that God made, but adultery is man-made. …

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Bible story

Powerful Bible Story of Independence- Book of Exodus

When God makes a promise, He has his own ways of fulfilling them. There is no time frame, there is no condition, and there might be some suffering involved. But that is only so He can show his powers to His believers and his non-believers. And that is exactly what we learn in the Bible …

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Bible Love Verses

7 Best Bible Love Verses & their relevance today

via There is no doubt that the Bible is a book of wisdom and inspiration in our lives. Surprisingly, there are a lot of sayings and Bible love verses that can come in aid to lead our stressed-out lives. Here are the best Bible love verses and their relevance in today’s world. They not only …

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