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Blue and White – When unromantic colors kindled romance

blue and white

Blue and White is a love story that reinstates in people the faith of looking for old-school love. The kinds, where one is in the relationship for real, for life, forever! Sometimes, the littlest of the moments become the most memorable ones in the person’s life. In this story of romance, you will see how one compliment of colors kindled romance in two young hearts. Blue and White is a story that does not want to indulge more in the characters; so you will not find names. But, you will flow with the emotions of blush, joy, and love! Read the story below.

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Blue and White

When unromantic colors kindled romance

Small chunks of blue sapphires and white pearls decorated her dress. Swirls of blue-white lace bounced with every step. Blue violets and white roses were crammed together in a single bouquet. All the bridesmaids wore a dusky shade of blue with white Celtic designs on them. And she… she was the epitome of beauty. Life, joy, and happiness shone in her eyes. Blue irises with flecks of white were filled with delight. For a moment, there was nothing surrounding them. It was just the two of them and nothing else.

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She flashed back to the first time they had met. She was sitting in the college caféterie, wearing her favorite blue and white ensemble, sipping a latte, and writing a review. He had pulled up a chair and introduced himself before saying, “I really like those colors you are wearing.” She blushed, in surprise, and in pleasure. He proceeded to offer help on her review. They had started there, as friends, and slowly their friendship grew and evolved into something mutual between them. Whenever they would meet, they would always be in blue or white. And somehow, those two colors seemed to bring them closer.

Their first date played before her eyes. She remembered how nervous he had been, how he kept stammering and blushing when he asked her out. Back then, she found it funny and it gave her the opportunity to laugh and tease him. The young man so in love had tried not reacting to his lady’s harmless actions while he continued to fidget around before she said yes.

She remembered going through her closet like a hurricane, picking and discarding clothes before finally settling on a pretty cerulean skater dress with white glittery snowflakes on it. Not too fancy but perfect. He had worn a sky blue shirt with faded denim and looked so handsome! Her heart leaped at the sight of him and then her lips stretched into a wide smile at the sight of the picnic basket in his hands.

It was the perfect day. The background was picturesque; the sky, a perfect blue, not a cloud in sight. They had gone to a park and sat under a beautiful willow tree and enjoyed sandwiches and iced tea. Oh! How they talked about anything and everything under the sun. Even after the park closed, they walked around, got ice-cream for dessert- vanilla for him, blueberry for her- and then walked some more, never running out of a topic for conversation. It was immediate, the connection. Somehow, when it came to him, there was never a doubt in her heart.

blue and white


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Her thoughts progressed to the day he proposed to her. They had had a silly argument the day before and he had left their apartment, claiming to need some air. To her dismay, he never returned. She was worried sick and ended up calling all of his friends. No one knew where he was while his phone continued to anger her when it announced it was switched off. Her best friend had come over and they went out to search for him.

Somehow, they ended up at the promenade which looked over the beach, one of their favorite spots in town. Usually, it was empty, barring the occasional couple on a date. However, today the promenade was decorated in billowing white and blue cloth which paved the way towards the beach.

Her best friend nudged her towards the path, a secret smile dancing on her lips. She walked along that path, her eyes taking in the multiple stands stationed along the pathway. Looking closely, she saw that the stands held pictures… of her. Pictures of her laughing, smiling, sleeping, making goofy faces, concentrating on a piece of article, dancing at a concert – just hundreds of her pictures.

As she walked further, the pictures altered into those of the moments the couple had spent together. Every trip they had taken, every date they had been to. There was the selfie they had taken on their first date, eating ice-cream, right before a car had splashed water all over them. There was the picture of their tenth date, at a planetarium where under the stars he had whispered “I love you.”  

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The pictures led the path to where the promenade opened to the beach, the sand white underneath her feet, and the waves of the blue sea crashing against the shore. She took a deep breath, wind ruffling her hair, and turned to go back. And there he was. In a navy suit, on one knee, behind her. Never in a million years had she expected a proposal. The ring was beautiful, a white diamond surrounded by blue jewels. She was stunned beyond imagination. Tears of happiness rolled down her eyes as she said “Yes!.” 

She drifted back to the present day… The day they would finally say, “I do.” Music for the march stopped and her father handed her over to the man she loved. Her eyes reflected that very love with a tinge of glisten. He kept his face composed but his hazel eyes gave away his feelings of extreme happiness and love. He kissed the back of her hand, looked into her eyes, smiled, and said, “I really like those colors you are wearing”. 

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She laughed in amusement. The minister looked at them for a moment, shook his head, and started speaking. But they only had eyes for each other since the day they had first locked eyes. Suddenly, two bouquets hit their backs, snapping them out of their reverie. Blushing furiously, they realized it was time to say the vows. When they said ‘I do’, it was a promise, the promise of keeping their life as colorful as before. It was blue and white, never the romantic colors, that brought them this far. It was blue and white that was going to take them on forever.

Did the story remind you of anyone special? It sure is one of the best love stories to read! Share these words of romance with your loved one and relive the first few moments of your journey. Let love bring you closer together again. <3 

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    1. A beautiful story so simply told. I went with the flow of the story so intently that I didn’t miss names of the characters or places. Good luck and keep writing.

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