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Bleeding Love- Words from a Brutally Broken Heart

bleeding love heartbreak poems

Not every relationship that ends is a mutual decision by two sensible adults. Sometimes, one is stuck in the shackles of ‘Bleeding Love’, the kind of relationship that robs every bit of you, and leaves you gasping for breath. The time spent together seems no less than imprisonment of the mind, and the break-up like a victory after a never-ending emotional battle. A heart bleeds, every time love comes in a damaging form!

Some people become so desperate for love that they innocently hand their happiness over and choices in the hands of selfish monsters. Yes, this sounds extreme, but so are some people. It is not like we speak or come across such people every day. But nothing can fade the fact that these murderers of love live, and how! During the first few days, it sure feels like living a Disney fantasy. Days progress into weeks, and weeks into months only for one of them to realize that their life is not theirs anymore!

All those who felt like they weren’t themselves a while into their relationships, those who felt bound, and those who felt empty even when with someone will relate to this poem- Bleeding Love. Some common feelings of such relationships are fear of speaking up, fear of disappointing, letting go, avoiding arguments, not feeling like own self, etc. In the end, such people usually give up on love, much like this poem expresses.

With this poem, we urge everyone to step out of a relationship that doesn’t allow you to be wonderfully YOU.

bleeding love poem

Bleeding Love

The Words of a Brutally Broken Heart

I longed for love even if it were the bleeding kinds,
Little did I know there was so much better I could find;
You walked in with daggers of selfishness and guns of pain,
And stabbed me time and again while I quietly stood there slain.

With piercing words you wounded every corner of my heart,
While I bled like a weekling fighting all your derogatory darts ;
Slowly you chopped off my wings of self love & esteem,
Silently my outing eyes would see a freedom dream.

I asked for time, you bashed me down saying it was never mine,
Staying with me and yet so apart was your biggest crime;
My space, my emotions, my feelings you crushed,
Every time I stood back up, with your bitter-sweet words my will you flushed.

When there was nothing left of me for you to damage,
You left me ripped off my brighter side with a lifelong of emotional baggage;
It took me three years of time and an eternity of scars to realize,
That my stupid wish for bleeding love lead to my heart’s demise.

Now it doesn’t hurt so much for I’ve labelled you a nightmare,
And hid the details of every episode so no one would know of my impaired heart;
I no more long for love of any kind,
Me and my vandalized pieces are better off alone on life’s lengthy wynds.

love poems bleeding love

Love has many forms and it could come from the most unexpected places. But don’t ever pray for it in desperation. Some people know hot to stomp all over one’s feelings, and knew themselves free out of it. Sadly, the giver in such relationships end up losing themselves, The love poem bleeding love is an expression of the broken heart who didn’t realize when they became an image of what their partner wanted them to be. Stay away from such relationships. Don’t be what he/she wants you to become; be in love with yourself more than anyone else.

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