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Shooting Down 10 Common Relationship Myths

We generally read and watch rom-com movies, novels, and series and expect our relationship to be like one of them. In reality, relationship myths are somehow very destructive if you are a true believer in love. Life has its ups and downs, similarly, the relationship has also ups and downs, which we have to encounter …

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New age relationship terms

12 New-Age Relationship Terms we bet you didn’t know

No matter if we are single or are in a relationship, the jargon of Gen Z is a striking style to attract others. Many inexperienced Gen Z people are unfamiliar with these new-age relationship terms, which we believe, people should remain aware of. It’ll avoid quite many awkward and uncool moments. No, knowing these relationship …

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Safe online dating

8 Tips For Safe Online Dating

When everyone is busy in their lives or got locked down in the past few months, online dating has become the new way to find a partner. Millions of people are using dating sites like OkCupid, Tinder, hinge, harmony, and clover to search for love. Of course, there’s always the risk of sharing information with …

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How to make your boyfriend feel special

How to make your boyfriend feel special?

Are you among those who are planning on taking your relationship to the next level and are looking up ways on “How to make your boyfriend feel special?” Well, let’s begin with establishing that he’s lucky to have someone like you who is making the effort to do something special for him. People live under …

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Deal breakers in a relationship

20 Biggest Deal Breakers in a Relationship 

What do you think a deal-breaker is?  The thoughts, the feelings, the behaviors, or any such things that lead you in distress are the deal breakers in a relationship.   A deal-breaker is an aspect to speculate the dos and don’ts in a relationship. It’s that little stuff that can urge you to think, “Oh, I think …

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Good Morning Messages for Him and Her in Hindi

30 Good Morning Messages for Him in Hindi

Are you looking for Good Morning Messages for Him in Hindi? Isn’t it awesome to wake up with a smile in the morning? And what if you are the cause of this smile? Did you know morning is the most wonderful and sweet moment of the day and is the best time to convey some …

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Good night wishes for lover in hindi

30 Good night wishes for lover in hindi

After exhausting yourself all day, when you come back home at night, we all want someone waiting for us, with whom we can find some missing peace. The person, who we miss, and hope to cuddle to sleep. their absence makes us feel left out. But guess what, your partner feels the same way as …

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Safar ke waqt by Jaun Elia – A lovely Nazm

Urdu is a language that reflects sweetness and beauty. Those who do not understand a single word from Urdu also can feel the emotion it comprises The Urdu language and poetry have many forms and they are harmonious, expressive and potent when we enhance them with music. The different forms of Urdu poetry are GHAZAL, …

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Anniversary wishes for wife in Hindi

30 Sweet Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife in Hindi

After marriage, there is a day that comes every year which can be defined as the most delightful day with your partner to celebrate and relive the joys of your togetherness. A WEDDING ANNIVERSARY can be celebrated as a joyous day for a lovely couple to enjoy their conjugal life. Wish your life partner with …

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