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maintaining emotional well-being during COVID-19

Maintaining Emotional Well-being During COVID-19

The headlines read, “Fatal pandemic hits the globe,” and boom, you felt your stomach coiling within. Then, you read “Nationwide lockdown,” and boom, you experienced a churning in your body. Then you read “80,000 deaths due to COVID-19 pandemic”, and boom, you felt like your heart skipped a few beats! Then, you read in your …

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fomo effect

The “FOMO Effect” in Relationships

If you hear a “Yes” in your mind for many of these questions, this article will help you in dealing with the challenges of the FOMO effect in relationships. The Paradox of the FOMO Effect: The more I know, the lesser I know  The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) has rapidly become a way of …

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power of forgiveness in a relationship

The Power of Forgiveness in a Relationship

Forgiveness = for + give + ness Break this word down and its true meaning stands out! Forgiveness is the strength for-giving grace to oneself, to others, and to situations that we perceive as adverse. In this small segment, let’s explore the power of forgiveness in a relationship, what is forgiveness, and how you can …

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couple therapy exercises


Here is Love Smittens’ contribution to rekindle the magic in your relationship with some research-based, effective couple therapy exercises! And this comes directly from counseling psychologist Ms. Khushali Adhiya. The pandemic and its consequent lockdown this year has tested us in every area of our lives. We are social animals and the lockdown snatched & …

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being independence in life- self-love

Being Independent in Life: Code to Self-Love

As a nation and as citizens of this nation, Indians celebrate seventy-three years of independence from colonial rule this year. Historically, such events hold meaningful significance in the existence of humans as social beings. Being independent of oppression, suppression, discrimination, abuse, and violence is the central right of a free life. Before we go any …

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lockdown wala love quarantine

Lockdown Wala Love- Creating a Healthier “Love” Environment

“Lockdown Wala Love” is an idea represented by Mental Health Professional and Guest Blogger Ms. Khushali Adhiya. The article is a well-thought collaboration with her Social Media and Youtube Handle- Roobaroo Talks. Lockdown Wala Love- Creating a Healthier “Love Environment” By: Khushali Adhiya Love is regarded as the deepest and most meaningful emotion. It holds …

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