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inspiring Indian love stories

10 Most Famous and Inspiring Indian Love Stories

Whenever we hear the word “love stories” we start imagining a romantic story of a novel or a movie. But some stories are eternal! They live with us from era to era, inspiring us to do what we do with love. India is a land of rich culture and heritage where many love stories sprout. …

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10 Warning Signs of Controlling Partner

In today’s century, many youth or youngsters are involved in a relationship where they find an abusive partner or controlling partner. Are you worried if you or your partner is too controlling over the other? No relationship is perfect. Relationships have highs and lows and you’re allowed to have disagreements but some relationships are too …

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10 Relationship Mistakes you Should Never Make

A relationship is a beautiful bond that we all get to experience. Nowadays, every teenage girl or boy begins to revels in the joys of relationships with friends, best friends, girlfriends/boyfriends. Eventually, there is a stage where we take a step ahead, fall, and learn from our mistakes- they’re relationship mistakes. But that’s not a …

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10 Routine Ways to Nurture a Relationship

An important question between two people in a relationship after a while is how to nurture a relationship. Relationships without nurturing can eventually fall apart. A relationship doesn’t only mean a romantic one; it includes all our relationships, the ones with our family and friends.   A healthy relationship requires people to invest time, love, and …

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Growing up in a joint family- The joys and troubles

Would you believe twenty-five people living in the same house? It’s difficult but quite exciting. Living in a joint family teaches us many things, especially in a country like India, where a child is strongly connected to the family from his/her birth. We respect a nuclear family too, which might be as strong as the …

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What is Gaslighting in a Relationship? 10 Subtle Signs!

Every relationship is different, including the way we behave in them. One trend that is making the rounds in the relationship and dating world is called gaslighting. What is it, though?  What is Gaslighting in a Relationship?  Gaslighting is a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt his/her thoughts, memories, …

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Iconic power couples

12 Power Couples That Are #couplegoals

Power couples- they have a strong aura around them that draws anyone at the first look. The bond between them and the chemistry they share is sprouting in their social, personal, and professional lives make them a powerful combination that inspires the world. But are power couples only those that display their love in public? …

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10 Healthy Relationship Habits You Should Develop

Want to feel loved or connected to your partner forever? Every relationship is unique in its way. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. Everyone deserves to develop some healthy relationship habits that we are proud of, someone who stays without even asking for it. But if there is true love between two people, …

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From hatred to love, enemies to soulmates

Soulmates are people who love you with so much conviction. Love is what brings two dark souls together. It is the light between us. We must remember that we are mere travelers of life on our journey to home, that nothing will matter in the end, for everything is chaos, except love. So love hard …

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