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Hindi Love Poem- और मैं जमींदोज हो गया! (And I was Buried)

hindi love poem


Almost all of us go through heartbreaks; we feel helpless and our life becomes empty. Thoughts about the person that left us, revisit us incessantly. We loved that special someone from every corner of our heart, but we didn’t realize that it was a ‘one-sided love’. But the agony, we cannot stop loving them, because we cling to the hope that someday they will realize that we were their true love. And this hope sometimes takes a lifetime to fulfill.

This poem comes straight from the cracks of a broken heart, so in pain, yet so in love.

और मैं जमींदोज हो गया!


दम तोड़ गई आशाएँ मेरी 

जब तेरी निगाहें बदली,

और मैं जमींदोज हो गया!

धड़कनें बंद हो गई दिल की मेरी 

जब तेरी राहें बदली,

और मैं जमींदोज हो गया!

ख़ाक हो गया आशियाँ मेरा

जब तेरी पनाहें बदली,

और मैं जमींदोज हो गया!

मुझे समझा ऐ मसीहा मेरे 

क्यों तेरी चाहें बदली,

और मैं जमींदोज हो गया!

हुस्न पर इतना गुरुर ना कर

ऐ दोस्त मेरे,

इक दिन तुझको भी रोना है|

साथ वाली कब्र में,

इक दिन तुझको भी सोना है|

शायद तब तुझे अहसास हो,

कि तूने ज़िन्दगी में सच्चा

प्यार खोया है|

जो मरने के बाद भी,

तेरे साथ सोया है|

— अज्ञात

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और मैं जमींदोज हो गया!


And I was buried!

I lost all hope,

When you looked away

And I was buried!

My heart stopped beating

As you changed your path

And I was buried!

My abode burned into ashes

When you took another’s shelter

And I was buried!

Tell me, Oh, my lord,

Why did your love change?

And I was buried!

Don’t be so proud of your beauty

Oh my dear friend

One day you too will have to cry

In the grave beside mine,

One day you too will have to lay.

Perhaps on that day

You may realize that indeed

You lost true love

Who is still by your side

Even after he died.

— Anonymous


Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar is the co-founder and author of the e-magazine Love Smitten. He is the author of the fiction novel The Love Victim.

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