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What is your appetite for love? – Valentine’s day special

appetite for love


The week of love is here once again! Yayi! It is the perfect time to show love and get love in return (in case you are lucky). But before you get on your knees to propose someone, lets us go through a checklist to verify if your lover satisfies your appetite for love. 


  • Why we celebrate Valentine’s day?


Come on; who doesn’t know that we celebrate this day in memory of Saint Valentine. But do you know that St. Valentine was beheaded by an emperor Claudius II for helping Christian couples get married? Sad, but true. We celebrate his assassination to let the world know that love cannot be murdered or crushed. It does seem weird when we think about this way. But then, the other way to look at this is, why not credit his sacrifice by celebrating with our love. 

The beheaded skull of St. Valentine is still on display in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.


  • Is Valentine’s Gift your appetite for love?


From celebrating a day of love we shifted to celebrating a week of love. The whole week is assigned to specific days meant to gift your loved one something that makes them feel special and wanted. It goes Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day… and so on until Valentine’s Day. But don’t you think that just a gift cannot justify your love for one another? I mean there is no doubt that everyone likes a gift. It makes them feel special but does that define your love?

All we are saying is, it is perfectly normal to gift materialistic things, but if you have to gift your loved one something, let it be whenever you feel like it, and not just during this week. Also, we may want to change the definition of our gifts with things more meaningful that we can look back at as memories.


  • Is money your appetite for love?

appetite for love


There are people whose love depends upon the bank balance of their partner. Before we judge, let us clear that this not the case only with girls. Even men run behind women who have money. But money can’t buy love, because that feeling of attachment is only temporary until you start to realize it does not give you happiness. So when you feel love towards someone who spends a bomb on you, probably, it is just love for that action and not the person in question. At some point in time you start feeling lonely and emotionally vulnerable.

That said, money is a criterion to live a pleasant life, but, should not be the APPETITE for anyone’s love.

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  • Is physical appearance your appetite for love?



Everybody wants their partner to look handsome or beautiful. And one gives in their all to be that charming person their partner yearns. But how many of you think, “is there a beautiful mind and heart beneath that beautiful body and face?” You might feel on cloud nine when your friends talk about your good-looking partner; sure it makes you proud to have them in your life. But is your inner self proud of that aspect? Or you are dying inside to let the world know how dreadful a person your partner is from the inside?

Here’s the deal; there is no doubt that looks are important because when you see someone, it is the most human thing you see. But, when you develop a liking for the person, it is essential for you to know the person behind that flesh and bones. Allow connecting with the soul become your appetite for love.

  • Are time and attention your appetite for love?



Who doesn’t want to spend time with their loved ones? But we believe, there should be a limit in that. If you think that being in front of each other 24×7 is love, then your idea of love is wrong. Sooner or later, you will get bored with each other, and that very special attention will start seeming like a clingy monster. There is always a difference between quality time and quantity time; it is mature to know this to have a healthy dating and married life.

The more one focuses on quality time as opposed to quantity time, the more they will appreciate their partner’s presence in their lives.



valentine's day


A person’s appetite for love depends a lot upon their upbringing. Some may find these worldly things their appetite, but there will come a time when they realize that actual love is a supernatural feeling, which cannot be expressed with things.

Love is a feeling of sacrifice. When someone can see you beyond their wants, that is love. When someone accepts the whole of you, along with your weakness and strength, that is love. Gifting someone your motivation and support is love. Building together your dream is love. And finding time for each other without failing to complete your duties is love. Respecting each other’s space and the argument is love. When in love, there is no space for judgement and distrust. 

In the end, no two people are the same; people think differently and love differently. Therefore, your appetite for love should be care, motivation, support, respect, time and understanding.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone in love from Team Love Smitten.


Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar is the co-founder and author of the e-magazine Love Smitten. He is the author of the fiction novel The Love Victim.

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