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An Indian Arranged Marriage Love Story

A true arranged marriage love story

LOVE, what do you think is love? What defines love the best?

Love is a vast sea of emotions that doesn’t have a shore. It is much deeper than we foresee. Love can’t be defined by a sentence, a statement, or some story. Love has various definitions in various aspects.

In today’s period, we define a love story as “A love story is a story which is written by a person in his/her diary of life before marriage.” But why stick to a technical definition of a love story when the emotions they convey are vast?

Love smitten brings you a love story; not just any love story but an arranged marriage love story. A story of two people who met in an arrangement but grew to love one another like a fairytale.

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A beautiful Indian Arranged Marriage Love Story

A genuine arranged marriage love story

This arranged marriage love story is the story of #Amisha, aka Amit and Barsha. It would be wrong to call this just a love story since these words come straight from Barsha’s heart full of affection for her husband.

Here’s Barsha’s beautiful version of her arranged marriage love story!

Arranged marriage love story

Hello, I am Barsha, a girl from a typical middle-class family. By sharing this with the world, I want to express my love and affection for my husband, and share the concealed secrets of my heart of what I felt for him before we tied the knot, and what I feel about him now.

P.S.- Amit, I am not only sharing our story sweetheart, but I am also putting out my heart here for you.

Today I am married to the most amazing man I’ve met. But back in my college days, much like any other simple girl, I also felt a lot thinking about the life I want. Although, those feelings never slipped my heart and mind. 

From the day I understood the feeling and concept of love and marriage respectively, I had decided to accept the person my parents will choose for me. In short, I wanted to have an arranged marriage love story than finding love and then taking the chance of it working. It’s just who I am.

Even though I trusted my parents to find me a man who they thought would keep me happy, I also had some expectations and imaginations for my future husband. I wanted to have an arranged marriage love story.

When I heard my parents talk about my marriage, I imagined a boy, but without a face. I wanted him to be tall to embrace me to his chest, and someone handsome with a humble heart. Of course, a caring and adorable family who would accept me as his was so much on the list. I wanted to be a daughter in another family, than just a daughter-in-law. 

My friends fantasized about falling in love than having an arranged marriage love story. I, on the other hand, was someone who waited for someone to like me and come home to my parents with a marriage proposal.


Those who were close to me tried to talk me out of it saying, “How can you marry someone you don’t know? Someone for whom you have no feelings?” But I chose to trust my parent’s choice. I choose to trust my luck, and always used to think that I will marry the man who is destined for me. I had prepared myself for an arranged marriage love story.

I completed my graduation and returned to my nest, my home after four years, and contemplated what I had to do with my future. This was in the year 2019 when at the end of July, a marriage proposal knocked on our doors. 

Even though I was prepared for a arrange marriage, I didn’t want to get married at the age of twenty-three. I wasn’t completely prepared to leave my home back then. My attempts to speak to my family members about delaying my marriage plans went in vain. I was annoyed and dishearted. How could I marry someone at a time when I wanted to enjoy my life, explore my career choices, and independently take some decisions before my parents decided on a partner for me. 

But as the saying goes, “Whatever is destined before will always take place in the right moment for the right person.”

My mom used to tell me, “God has destined a boy for you, and you will become one with him when God thinks the time is right.”

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Yes, my parents accepted that proposal.

At first, I couldn’t prepare my mind at all but ultimately my parents convinced me. They decided on the 20th of August, immediately in the next month, the families got together to decide a date for our arranged marriage love story. We were to get engagement on the 24th of November 2019 and get married on the 16th of February 2020.

I was scared to my guts, but wasn’t that only fair? Questions like, “What he be like? Can I spend a happily married life with him? Will he be loyal? Is he a romantic? Will he cut off my wings to fly? Above all, will I get my arranged marriage love story?” clouded my mind. 

The more the questions, the more I became upset. I cried all night and spoke to my mother about how I didn’t want to get married. “I don’t want an arranged marriage love story anymore! I begged her to refuse this proposal. “I don’t want to leave you,” I cried. It’s the universal truth, that only a mother can understand a child’s pain, and that a mother-daughter bonding is the most beautiful thing ever. She hugged me and explained to me that my feelings were normal and that every girl feels the same way before getting married. “It’s just cold feet, my sweety.”

My mother was successful in convincing me to accept that I was indeed marrying the man they chose for me, and if it would be an arranged marriage love story or not, only time would tell!

Amid all this emotional confusion, my would-be husband and I chatted a little on Instagram, but it wasn’t enough to understand if he was the one! On the midnight of 7th September, my brother-in-law and one of his friends insisted that I wished my future husband a happy birthday. My heart raced as I dialed his number, but, I made the move and wished him. 

I must say, he wasn’t expecting it. After wishing him, I urged him to sleep but he denied saying, “How can I feel sleepy when such a beautiful lady is wishing me on my birthday?” I blushed on the other end. It did send down a tickle in my heart, but “was it enough to call it the beginning of my arranged marriage love story,” I wondered.  That night, the two of us spoke till 5 in the morning and it felt like just a few minutes had passed. 

Unlike several others in this era, I was someone who never liked anyone and never had a relationship throughout high school or college. Talking to him spiked a curiosity in me to know him more. I couldn’t understand what it was that I felt on that day, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My first move opened the doors to a hundred other conversations. We chatted regularly since that night and spoke over calls for long hours. I shared about my past, and he about his. I even expressed my forever wish about finding a fairytale through an arranged marriage love story, and he listened with heartfelt intent. God knows when those conversations and his sweet nothings created a soft corner in my heart for him.

Days passed and I felt every ounce of his attention and importance. I became his priority, his morning, his night. The feelings were very strange but inexplicably heavenly. Something I had never felt before. Whenever my phone vibrated and his name flashed on the screen, my heart always skipped a beat. His talks had a massive impact on the speed of my heartbeats. And those compliments that he gave me… it sent a chilling, sensational current through my body. 

“What is this that I’m feeling? Is it love? Is It an infatuation? Does he love me? Am I really going to have my arranged marriage love story?” I asked myself every time we hung up the phone. 

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My heart and mind were always in conflict, and I didn’t realize that a month had passed since we started talking. This one day, out of nowhere, he( now my prince charming), proposed to me. Fear dominated the love I felt for him at that moment, and I couldn’t open my mouth to answer him. 

To be honest, I was surprised at how one could possibly feel so much for a person in just a month. But it was true. I fell in love with him, and madly so! We were smitten with each other’s company, and I felt like the center of the universe. His voice, eyes, his way of talking… I fell in love with everything and his nothing as well.

Slowly, I started comparing him with my dream boy. It was a perfect match! People laughed at us. We took our phones to the bathrooms to chat, spoke even when we worked, and never hung up throughout the nights, and rather fell asleep listening to each other’s silence. It’s funny but true!

On the 24th of November, 2019, we exchanged rings in front of our family and friends. I officially became his fiancee. We were engaged. And the only thing that changed since that day was how much more we fell in love with each other. 

A genuine arranged marriage love story

The day when we held our pre-wedding photoshoot was the best day for me. I spent the entire day with him. For the first time in our lives, we hugged each other, and it felt like we should never let go. It felt so peaceful. That feeling when I hugged him was like I had got everything I ever needed or will need. Suddenly everything felt filmy; the sky was pink, a rainbow showed itself, butterflies danced in my stomach… it was too much.. but it’s just how it felt. My dream was coming true… my arranged marriage love story felt real!

The feeling of living in seventh heaven crept in since that day. We couldn’t wait to get married. And soon, it was the 16th of February, 2020, the day when we would become one soul. I felt a roller coaster of emotions- anxiety, fear, and excitement, all at the same time. But when I saw him clad in Indian wedding wear, the groom, ready to take home his bride, only joy prevailed. All my worries vanished behind the beating drums. When I sat next to him for our wedding rituals, it felt as if the whole universe was in my grasp.

Arranged marriage love story

My arranged marriage love story wasn’t just a dream after all. It became a true story I wanted to tell the world, that love doesn’t only come when you look for it. It just comes and the person becomes your soulmate. The moments I spend with Amit, make me feel wow. Life with him is heavenly! 

People say things change after marriage, but that hasn’t happened for us. I am still his priority and he mine. He completes me. I am nothing without him. He is not the person I have to walk behind; I get to walk every step of my life with him, and that is simply perfect.

It’s been one and a half years since our marriage, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone else as my partner. I wouldn’t have found someone half as good as him by myself. I found my arranged marriage love story. Destined by God, and arranged by our families. 

Today, I want to thank him. “Thank you so much, dear husband, for loving me so much. Thank you so much for the beautiful life you have shared with me. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you for taking so much care of me. I love you!”

You see, love has its way of entering our lives and filling us with eternal bliss. No matter how you choose to find love, or rather, how love chooses to find you, it will still be equally beautiful. Whether it is a love story that transforms into a marriage or an arranged marriage love story, it will, after all, fill your life with lots of love!

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