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अभी बाकी है- An inspirational Hindi Poem with Translation

अभी बाकी है hindi poem

There’s something about poems. They have a way to express the most complicated feelings in ways that touch the heart. अभी बाकी है (There’s still something left) is a Hindi poem written to inspire the hearts that are on the verge of giving up. Life will continue to throw lemons, and we humans have to continue making pitchers of lemonades.

Introspect your feelings about the time when you felt like nothing was going your way. You feel sad, lonely, and depressed enough to talk yourself out of positivity. But the poem अभी बाकी है (There’s still something left) speaks to a dismayed heart.

Life is full of ups and downs. But the downs usually seem to last forever, but the up times vanish immediately. This Hindi Poem, अभी बाकी है (There’s still something left) is all about recognizing not just what you haven’t achieved, but also things you’re still confident to achieve. The words of this inspiring poem intend to remind people, that if some things seem impossible, we can still keep our hopes high to achieve something else that is possible.

The poem comes with an English translation to reach and spread positivity to a larger audience.

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अभी बाकी है

दिल में है जो दबी, एक आस बाकी है,
मिला सकूँ मैं खुद से नजर एक प्रयास बाकी है।
ये अदृश्य ज़ंजीरो नें जकड़ा है मुझे,
फिर भी आज़ादी का एक एहसास बाकी है।

खुद को देखा है हारता मैंने,
सौ बार हार कर मैंने जीत देखी है,
मुझको तुम निर्बल ना समझना,
टूटकर भी मुझमें एक विश्वास बाकी है।

सर झुकाकर मैंने तेरी हर बात मानी है,
ऐ जिंदगी,
कुछ तो तुझपर मेरा उधार बाकी है,
मुझे पल दो पल तो दे खुशकिस्मती के,
जो कर गुजरूं, वो इतिहास बाकी है।

ना तो सुकून, ना चैन बाकी है,
जब तक है जान एक उम्मीद बाकी है,
ऐ सपनों की दुनियाँ तू ओझल ना हो,
मेरे हौंसले की एक छलांग बाकी है।

inspirational hindi poems abhi bakhi hain

There’s still something left

(English Translation)

There’s still some hope buried deep in my heart,

There’s still some fight to raise my head,

These invisible chains of morality are holding me back,

Yet, I’m still experiencing a sense of freedom.

I’ve seen myself fail,

And then I’ve seen the victory that came after a hundred failures,

Don’t consider me weak,

There’s still a lot of belief left in me.

I’ve bowed down before all your choices,

Dear life,

You owe me something,

Give me at least a few moments of good luck,

I’ve still not been able to create history.

There’s no sense of calm left in me,

But there I will remain hopeful till my last breath,

My dearest dreams, don’t fade away,

I’m still to take a courageous leap of faith..

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Read between the lines of the Hindi poem अभी बाकी है (there’s still something left) to fill up your hearts with words of encouragement. The first stanza talks about how you could feel burdened with the invisible chains, and how you’ve not been able to pour your heart out. But the poet encourages you to hold on until you can fight for your freedom.

Don’t surround yourself with people who consider you weak. Block the noises that remind you of your failures. Stanza two of the poem अभी बाकी है (there’s still something left) elucidates the feelings of a heart that encountered several failures. There’s victory at the end of this struggle because there’s still a lot of hope left in you.

The lines in the third stanza remind life of how many times you had to accept what happened. Isn’t that what we do? We speak to life about how hard it has been on you. This time, remind life how much it owes you for always yielding to it. It’s not over until you say it is. But why would you say that? You’ve still to create that history for people to remember you by. It’s just not over!

And the last stanza of the poem अभी बाकी है (there’s still something left) expresses the feelings of restlessness of a disappointed heart. But staying hopeful for things to change till your last breath is your ONLY option out of the emotional mess. Take a courageous leap of faith before your dreams fade. You saw those dreams because you knew you had it in you. All you need to is be strong enough to make the big move that will change your destiny forever.

We hope that अभी बाकी है (there’s still something left) is just what you needed to get you through this day. Remember, it’s not over until you say it’s over. Stay encouraged, and believe in yourself as strongly as you lost hope in yourself. Talk to someone about what you’re undergoing, but don’t give up. There’s light at the other end of this tunnel!

Much love, hope, and encouragement!

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