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My Mother (In-law)- A Gripping Poem Expressing A Son’s Love

The love between a mother and son is irreplaceable by any other relationship on this planet. People have since forever believed that sons are exceptionally attached to their mothers just like daughters are to their fathers. Being the youngest of the four siblings, I shared a very special bond with my mother too. Despite her battling many medical problems throughout her life, there wasn’t a moment when she didn’t show concern about me and my siblings.

About a few years ago, I lost her. While it was a painful reality to accept, that she will never run her hands on my head to put me to sleep again, or that going home meant never seeing her again, I had to move on. If anything, I was also thankful that she was also free from all sorts of suffering. At that moment, there wasn’t much of anything else I could understand or feel. When this episode happened, my girlfriend’s parents were supportive of me. I distinctly remember her mother saying, “You still have a mother! I’m here for you.”

mother and son love

Little did I know, that one day, after marrying my girlfriend, the love would grow on me so much that I would end up writing a poem for my mother-in-law. Now when I go home to my wife’s place, my mother showers me with exceptional love. Even before I’m there, she asks me for a list of things I’d like to eat and makes sure I get it all. My father-in-law is no less loving either with making all the local delicacies available.

On her birthday this year, I felt like gifting my mother some of my creativity that she could cherish more than any other physical gift ever. I now fondly call my “mother” “momma” and she loves it. Here’s what I would like to dedicate to her.

My Mother (in-law)

A Gripping Poem Expressing A Son’s Love

my mother (in-law)

The sky was red and the sun cried.
I lost a mother and the ocean dried,
The night was scary, I had to hide,
an unbounded love, that God denied.

There wasn’t anything I hadn’t tried,
I looked around for my pain to subside,
I searched and found no one beside,
Little did I knew, that I was lied.

The earth was calm and the moon smiled,
I opened my heart and you just dived,
you filled that place, which was a void,
I found that love which had died,

Marrying your daughter was well destined.
Coz, you were the one that God had to provide
let’s just keep everything aside,
you are my momaa and I am your child.

When I wished her birthday at 12 in the night, I read out the poem to her and everyone in the family. It left everyone baffled that I would ever write something so meaningful and emotional for my mother. I’ve never been able to express how much I love her too. But this time I got the opportunity to express at once how much I respect and value her presence in my life. 

English poem

Feel free to use my poem for anyone you think fits these words. I’ve realized one thing, that life goes on. The pain lessens but the memories never leave our side. But finding love and togetherness in the people around us is of utmost importance. When anyone leaves for the heavenly abode, they should have people around who’ll miss them. Bond with those around you, especially your family.

Our culture expects a woman to make their husbands’ family their own. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But reciprocating the same feeling of making her family your own isn’t a bad idea either. I did it, and I’ve only found profound love from every single one of them.

Life is too short to stick to what people ask you to do. Rather do what makes you feel happy and loved.


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