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9 Reasons to Flirt with your Partner

reasons to flirt with your partner

People say Salt has a unique character. “Its presence is not felt but its absence makes things tasteless.” Similarly, flirting is the salt of a romantic relationship. One might not be able to recognize the importance of flirting but its exclusion makes a relationship lose its charm. Flirting is pretty basic right? But often the partners don’t flirt with each other, especially when they get more used to each other! We simply had to give you “9 Reasons to Flirt with Your Partner” so you too can spice up your relationship and relive many beautiful moments.

By no means do we vouch that flirting is the ONLY factor that helps retain the charm of a relationship. But certainly, it is one of the most crucial factors. Couples often understand the value of trust, love, care, empathy, constant communication, etc. But they fail to understand the worth of flirting and the wonders that it does to a relationship!

Are you thinking about the reasons to flirt with your partner? We suggest you maintain some patience and read ahead….

9 Reasons to Flirt with Your Partner

reasons to flirt with your partner

1. A Reason to Smile

Well, there is no compulsion to flirt with your partner but upping your flirting game can definitely be fun! Just like Yin and Yang complete each other, some silly and amusing moments complete a serious, deep-rooted relationship. It is also one of the quickest ways to bring a smile to your partner’s face or brighten their mood. For instance, “What are your favorite letters of the alphabet? Mine are U and I.” Or “We’re better together than peanut butter and chocolate.” It is a very simple gesture but it can be the highlight of someone’s day.

2. The Deja Vu

A good dose of flirting is equivalent to a relationship-strengthening portion. You are perplexed, aren’t you? Well, don’t be! You chose the companionship of your partner for their qualities and the person that they are. But often with the passing of time, we get used to each other’s company and fail to pay attention to these qualities and their gestures. Having a good flirt with your partner serves as a reminder that can take you down memory lane and nudges you to recall all the sexy and desirable traits of your partner. This might seem trivial but it does wonders in nourishing your relationship.

3. The Fun of Anticipation

reasons to flirt

It is a human tendency to always think of what’s next rather than living in the present. Similarly, when you and your partner decide to kick start your flirt life again and are having flirty banter, the mind hops onto the thought of “what next?” The answer might be known to most of you all out here, it is sex. There is a build-up of tension and anticipation of when things might go south which makes the sex even better. Thus, one of the many reasons to flirt is to boost your sex life.

4. Rekindling the Spark

A relationship is no plateau but a rocky terrain that always leaves ample space for bumpy experiences. Grasping the reality while dealing with the situation can be tough and tricky. In all this hustle, there is a major possibility that you and your partners are turning into best friends and not companions. Now there is nothing wrong with having your best friend as a partner but sometimes the void of the partner can be only filled by your companion, your life partner. Flirting is a great way to rekindle the spark in a relationship and it also provides an opportunity to live and experience the initial days of your relationship.

5. A Burst of Youthfulness

We have mentioned this time and again and truly believe that there is no age to experiment and try new things. Even though flirting is not necessarily a new concept in a relationship, it starts getting subtle over time. Sometimes to get the feel of the initial days of your relationship, you can make some conscious efforts to behave and flirt in the way you used to when your relationship was new and you both were just getting to know each other. This will not only make you both feel nostalgic but also make you feel young as you were at the commencement of your relationship.

6. A Confidence Booster


A relationship should be like a safe haven where a partner can confide in their feelings, emotions, and what is bothering them as well. But sometimes, despite this safe haven, a partner cannot share all the passing thoughts. Your partner might be a very strong individual but sometimes they might just need some extra affection and attention. You can provide them with these in some ways and flirting is definitely one of them! Winking them stealthily or whispering sweet nothings while cuddling or mumbling some affirmations? Trust us, these might serve as a great confidence booster for your partner when they are feeling low.

7. Steer Clearing of Seriousness

As and when one starts getting comfortable in a relationship, they tend to become true to themselves and shed off any façade. Amidst all these one explores a new side of their partners; they might have some change of opinion with the added load of responsibilities that knock on the door with the evolution of any relationship. Sometimes while dealing with all of these, things might get heavy. No couple can experience a trouble-free time together. Flirting can take the load off temporarily and make one realize that their partner is the same person with whom they can have the most fun.

8. The Patch-Up

One of the many reasons to flirt with your partner is to have a smooth patch-up after a fight. No two individuals can be the same or share a similar opinion all the time on a topic. It is natural to have disagreements and arguments in a relationship. But these do not signify that your love for each other has faded or the attraction has vanished into thin air. Flirting playfully can serve as a measure to remind and reassure your partner that the arguments cannot weaken the base of your relationship or dim the feelings you possess for them. Also, spending some romantic time together post a fight is like a cherry on top of the cake.

9. A Boost of Intimacy

reasons to flirt with your partner

“What color are my eyes? Let me know if you need a closer look.” Have you come across this famous flirty line? Though it might sound very cheesy yet it is scientifically proven that looking into your partner’s eyes deeply can enhance intimacy, love, and desire in a relationship. Eye contacts are not only very romantic but it can also be used to tease someone! Also, it is crucial to be aware that intimacy is not merely physical. There are many types of intimacy in a relationship. Click here to know them all and get versed with some tips that can boost various intimacy!

Like all good things come to an end, our article “9 Reasons to Flirt with your partner” to ends here. We hope that this has proven to be a useful piece of information for all the couples trying to sustain or bring back the charm of their relationship. Also hoping that your flirt life comes alive as these reasons satisfy you. Let us know your reasons to flirt in the comments below.

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