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8 Tactful Tips to Make a Good Impression on a First Date

Recently, we shared some Upbeat First Date Ideas and we hope that you have discovered your dream date. Planning the first date could be pretty nerve-racking. But now that we have the ideas sorted, why not look at some ideas to create a good impression on a first date. One might think, “Can’t I just be myself?” YOU SHOULD! But there’s a possibility that some parts of our personality might come on too strong on the first date itself, and we might want to tone it down.

There’s also the possibility of behaving in a manner that isn’t likable for people of the opposite gender, and there’s no harm in changing for the better. Is there? Fret not! There are little mindful things you can do to make a fabulous first impression on your first date.

8 Tactful Tips to Make a Good Impression on a First Date 

good impression on a first date

1. The Glamorous Grooming

Are you wondering how basic grooming can be glamorous? Don’t be so confused about it! Often, we are so engrossed in ticking major boxes that we fail to pay attention to the detail. Grooming is one such extremely important detail. We might have progressed all we like but ultimately, we all return to the staple basics time and again.

It gets down to a good old shower, getting rid of bad breath, and smelling good. If you are sure of these, you have won half the battle. Next, it’s time to select an outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down. But be mindful of keeping the place in mind and wearing something that makes you feel confident yet comfortable. Pay some extra attention to nails and hair. Last but not least don’t forget to amp up your outfit by choosing the correct accessories! Finally, you have got the first step right to make a good impression on a first date!

2. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

good impression on a first date

Now that you are all set for your first date, it is time to reach the venue. It would be useful if you check certain details beforehand and make the preps accordingly. Reaching on time or even a couple of minutes prior to the decided time plays a huge role in making a good impression on a first date.

So, to achieve this, figure out whether you would take your own vehicle or opt for public transport. Next, check maps for traffic and leave for the venue accordingly! Psst… because hardly one believes that someone got late because of traffic. Also, if you choose public transport, check their availability and plan things based on that. It would be great if you have a plan outlined so things flow smoothly and either of you doesn’t have to play a waiting game!

3. Kindness Goes a Long Way

We see that you have met your date and are ready to thrive on the adventurous journey but here is a major something that can bug them off and will leave you wondering what went wrong in making a good impression on a first date.

We are hinting at the quality of kindness. Don’t be fooled just because it is an underrated quality. Kindness reflects in more actions than in words. So, to tick this box, be kind to the staff of the place you visit. For instance, talk politely to the waiters and don’t be too harsh on the valet parking people. Trust us these are small things but they make a whole lot of difference!

4. Bid Farewell to Your Phone

good impression on a first date

Electrical appliances have become an integral part of our lives. A mobile phone is no exception to it. Even better, it stays with us almost 24*7! Making calls or calculations, browsing the internet, or watching a series, the phone does it all. Thus, we heavily rely on it.

But to make a good impression on a first date, steer clear of your phone. It might make your date feel less important and send a message that you are not much interested in them! So, to avoid entering such precarious waters, follow this tip without a second thought. In case of an emergency call or situation, let them know so there is no room for misunderstandings.

5. Wear Confidence with a Smile

We are halfway done with making a good impression on a first date. But the battle has just begun! The initial giddiness and nervousness are quite reasonable owing to the thoughts of a first date. But it should fade away once the conversation starts flowing. It is difficult to vibe with a nervous person. Body language is a dead giveaway whether a person is anxious or confident.

Believe us, none is more attractive than someone who knows how to flaunt their confidence with a smile! Confidence is definitely not underrated and if portrayed correctly, you are in for a win. Make sure you have the correct body language and it matches theirs to create a comfortable environment. Avoid getting touchy and try to get your nerves under control to dodge awkward situations altogether.

6. Dodge Narcissism and Fears

good impression

Our previous point highlights one way to steer clear of awkward situations. This point will add more to it and throw more light on how to make a good impression on a first date. Just imagine how annoying would it be if an individual just goes on and on about themselves or their lives! No one would want to sign themselves in for such a date. If we cannot bear it, it is only fair that we don’t put others through the same.

Something extremely contrary to it would be that one hesitates to share even the basics! In such cases, it would be better if one tries to overcome their fear so they can be comfortable and make their date feel the same. To sum it up oversharing or not sharing at all will see you in trouble. Make it about them too and not just yourself. This will ensure a smooth flow in the conversation while your date lasts!

7. Evade the Ex-Factor

Kudos to you if you have successfully managed to follow the above-stated tips! But pay close attention as we are about to state another tactful tip to make a good impression on a first date. Avoid talking about your past dates or mentioning your ex again and again. This will lead to no good.

If this happens, your date will feel that you have not moved on from the past and are using them just like a rebound. No two individuals can be the same, if you find your date similar to an ex, don’t be too quick to judge and jump to conclusions because first impressions are not always the last impressions!

8. Cheque Mate

first date

Finally, what we hope was a memorable date, comes to an end. But the last step to make a good impression on a first date is still not taken! Now arises the crucial question of who pays the bill? The guy, the girl, or is it a split?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Traditionally, the guy pays the bill but now people believe in splitting it equally. Many are of the opinion that the one who initiates the date should pay the bill. Some people believe that it is not always necessary to split the bill and seldom girls can pay it all. The answer is subjective and it would be good if you both discuss it beforehand.

We hope that these tips aid you in making a Good Impression on a First Date. Sometimes, despite making a good impression, things might not work out and we might just have to utter the consoling words of letting go. But it is better to let go and be more hopeful for second chances rather than being heartbroken.

With this, we come to an end of ‘8 Tactful Tips to Make a Good Impression on a First Date’. We hope that you can resonate with these tips. Let us know what according to you is essential to make a good impression on the first date in the comments below!

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