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8 Tips For Safe Online Dating

Safe online dating

When everyone is busy in their lives or got locked down in the past few months, online dating has become the new way to find a partner. Millions of people are using dating sites like OkCupid, Tinder, hinge, harmony, and clover to search for love. Of course, there’s always the risk of sharing information with a stranger, or meeting them for the first time, especially if you found them online. Online Dating has become one of the most popular connections between youth. It’s cool to use a dating site and find a partner, but we have to be aware of everything we do or say, and take necessary precautions when online dating.

Safe online dating

No matter which online dating site we use, safe online dating should be our first and most important priority.

While online dating is getting popular, so is the crime rate when using these sites. It is, therefore, very important to ensure taking online dating precautions. The following article- 8 tips for safe online dating will share some insights on how you can be aware, and keep yourself protected from the hanky-panky that goes on online, especially if you’re just starting off. 

8 tips for safe online dating

1. Do Your Research

Do your research


While being on an online dating site we should know about the person well before investing too much. The availability of Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms makes it a tad easy to research a person’s profile. Just conducting a simple google search is one of the safe online dating methods to prevent any kind of fraud. And hey, this is not the same as stalking! It’s just gathering information about the person, just in case, there’s something to know before taking it forward to a physical meeting. It’s a considerable step to ensure we are not going to be cheated. 

2. Use a Google Voice Number Instead of Your Own

Use Google voice number

Hacking and blackmailing are very common frauds nowadays.  And by sharing our original phone numbers, we make it easier for such fraudsters to go about their illegal business. So to take a safety step; instead of using your original phone number, use a Google voice phone number. With the help of the Google voice app, we can check our calls, voice mails, messages without using private phone numbers. 

Online dating or meeting people through dating apps and websites can give us a feeling of overwhelming pleasure. It’s a chaotic mess but an interesting one. Similarly, the risk is also high. So by using a Google voice number instead of our own could ensure more safety than otherwise.  

3. Wait until you feel comfortable

Wait until you feel comfortable

Comfort is everything and should be our priority, no matter dating online or offline. When we are more focused on safe online dating methods, we possibly came across some profiles that say, “not looking for a pen pal” or “if you are not willing to meet in person swipe left.” You know what that means, and if you’re not someone who is immediately willing to meet, then go ahead and swipe left! 

We should not compromise our comfort just to make them happy. If they are not eager to give us that much time, then it’s probably for the best that you don’t connect with them at all. By waiting a bit longer, the person shouldn’t pressure you, and neither should we feel embarrassed about it. The right someone will give us the time we need, and that a significant rule for safe online dating. 

4. Don’t give out private info

Don't give out private info

Online dating is fun but also super-risky. It’s completely alright to be a little secretive than making the opposite person happy by giving in to all their quizzing demands. When you feel like some questions are too soon for the time you’ve known the person, DON’T answer! That’s very important for safe online dating because we never know when a person will use the information against us.  

Online dating precautions are necessary nowadays as deceivers and scammers are very common in this era. By taking a small precaution, we can safeguard ourselves then, then it’s the best safe online dating tip. Our private information is “private” for a reason and trusting someone too soon. Don’t EVER give away your exact address, family details, and other such banking information. If we are dealing with a deceiver and we don’t know about them, we could land into a big mess. So, rather prevent it!

5. Video Chat Or Talk On Call Before Meeting Physically 

Video chat

Why is talking on the phone or video chat before meeting on our first date a good idea? There are so many ways to get on a video call without giving out our private information like Instagram video chat, Facebook video chat, Skype, Google Hangouts are the best examples to talk to them. It’s a good idea to catch a glimpse of what the date would be like. This could also help us to reduce the risk of being cheated by the person insisting to be someone he or she is not.  

We should know how to protect ourselves from others. People can hide their wrong intentions in chatting but we can see it in their verbal and physical cues. Talking on call is also way better than texting because there’s a lot the voice can tell! You only have to be vigilant enough to catch it. 

6. Drive Yourself or Take Public Transportation; Let someone know where you’re going

Safe online dating

While dating someone through an online dating site, precaution is the best to prevent any mishaps. So, our next safe online dating tip is to be more independent in the initial few meetings. Letting someone close know the location of the meetings is a MUST. You might even like to consider giving them access to your location. 

Another online dating precaution is never to travel with them privately. We should be more careful when we are with them and never accept the invitation to carpool. Either travel by a personal vehicle or opt for public transport.  

7. Meet publicly

Meet publicly

When meeting someone you met online for the first time, invest some thought into where you should meet them. A lonely place or a far-off place will be too risky for the first few meetings. Safe online dating means being cautious until you are comfortable with the person and can trust them wholeheartedly. So, pick a public or crowded place like restaurants, movies theatres, coffee shops, malls, etc. 

8. Stay sober and when in doubt, bow out

Stay sober

Drinking liquor on the first date with a person you met online, a good idea? Maybe, that one time, you can decide on being sober. Yes, the person knows that you drink, and you’re also very comfortable with it. But, to be observant of the person, you need to be in the best of your consciousness, and so staying sober is a good idea. In case you do plan to have anything, make sure you get your own drink and not let the person bring it to you. 

An additional safe online dating tip is that bow out if anything makes you feel uncomfortable during any time of the date. We are in no way responsible for backing out if we feel awkward or afraid of the person. Instincts cannot be ignored, and sometimes our instinct becomes so strong that we begin to fear. Leave instantly!

Have you encountered any other experiences that could be yet another safe online dating tip for our readers? Share it with us in the comment section below. 

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