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8 Reasons why you SHOULD “Love Your Body”

8 reasons why you should love your body

The world can be a pretty mean place unless you don’t learn the art of self-satisfaction, confidence, and ignoring. People will come and go and spew their opinions as we need them. But unfortunately, we have no control over their actions. Fortunately, the command of our minds and thoughts belongs to no one else but us.  Why give anyone else a chance to rob that right from us? And that is why you should “Love your body” at all times.

Colors, sizes, looks, etc., don’t matter until you allow them to define who you are. Who made the rules, anyway? Do the scriptures have anything about the stupid idea of a “perfect body”? Is there a leader who scores us based on how you look? Oh, and does heaven have separate lines for the skinny, healthy, fair, and dark? NO! The answer to all my questions is the same- a big, fat (I can say fat here) NO! Why then, shouldn’t you love your body the way it is?

Worrying about how you dislike your physical features is an utter waste of time. The world will be a better place when we have a law against body shaming, wherein we don’t just call out to shamers but also punish them by law. But that is a dream that many who’ve encountered bullying see. Do you know why they have the guts to do that? Because you’ve given them the idea that you don’t love your body. There’s no reason they should love you in that case.

I’m going to reveal to you ten reasons why you SHOULD love your body and why everything else that suggests otherwise deserves no attention!

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Reasons why you SHOULD “Love your Body”

love your body

These points may have occurred to you before, but you might have shrugged them off thinking it’s just “you.” Here’s what I say about this- It SHOULD always be about you when it comes to loving yourself and your body.

1. Perfection is a Myth 

body love

Can you point towards one person around you who’s life is perfect? You might think that they have everything that you don’t, but trust me, they’re thinking the same about you. Life doesn’t give everything to everyone, and you should be happy with what you have. The “grass is always greener on the other side” theory is beneficial to none! You’re probably better at something else, have better friends, or see more miracles in life than anyone else. Love your body with all its imperfections. Does everything have to be perfect, or is this enough is a question you should ask yourself when you feel down.

2. Health is MORE important 

why you should love your body

I don’t intend that you eat whatever you like and in whatever quantity you want. But, brooding about a body or skin doesn’t deserve your time either. Make an effort to stay fit if weight is your issue. Trying is all you can do. But the idea should be to remain healthy so that you avoid physiological problems. The mind is something you have to fight that tells you things like, “You’re ugly.” It’s the thought that is ugly, NOT you. Love your body because it is healthy!

3. Your achievements define you 

i love my body

You should love your body because it did not come in the way of your achievements. Did the grades slip from your report card because you didn’t match a particular standard of looks? You’re successful in life because you worked hard, because of your talent, and because you deserve to reach the top, no matter your love handles or the shade of your skin.

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4. You are God’s masterpiece

you are God's masterpiece

Being who you are is so natural. But what is even more natural is how you look. You are a human being who God designed. How can you think less of something that He made? You are his masterpiece, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Smile at snide comments and forgive them for what they say. If only they knew that life was above muffin tops and a concealer. Love your body because God loves you just the way you are.

5. “Looks” are short-lived 

how to love your body

Age catches up on everyone. One day, the once beauty pageant winner will succumb to the same old age as you. Their later years will be no different than yours when it comes to looks. In the end, what will matter is how well you’ve taken care of your body. I repeat, take care of your health more than your body. Love your body the healthy way because the looks you’re worried about today will anyway fleet tomorrow.

6. What you think matters the most! 

learning to love your body

I said it right in the beginning- people give opinions because they have a mouth. But don’t you also have ears that can block things you don’t want to hear? Besides the fact that you feel your looks lack beauty, does your life make you happy? You have people who love you, and nothing else matters. If you identify that you want to work on your body, there’s no harm. But make sure you’re not doing it because of what others say. Do it because you love your body and only want to fall for it more.

7. You only have one life 

i love your body

We don’t know what the future has in store for us. In that case, does the present deserve your tensed time? Absolutely not. Go out and seize the day! Make your presence felt wherever you go, not because of the way you look but because of the charmer that you are. Build your personality around your confidence. When you start doing that, you will love your body no matter what or who.

8. Love your body because it deserves love

learn to love your body

Your body deserves love, and you deserve love. If you have people around you who feel you aren’t loveable because of the way you look, dump them! Friends, a partner, or anyone else, don’t let such toxic mindsets get to you. The more you love yourself, the more people will love you. It will make you blind to those people who love you for the way you look. And that makes your life beautifully yours.

There’s so much more to loving your body than just these reasons. But my entire point is that you don’t need reasons to love your body. It is uniquely yours, and so it deserves as much adoration as you can give it. Confidence is sexy, so flaunt it. People who think otherwise will quit your path automatically.

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