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8 Movies that Celebrate Independence in Love

movies that celebrate independence in love

To watch or not to watch? Who doesn’t like visiting theatres and binging on popcorn while getting their dose of entertainment? Well, we all do! But sadly so, the pandemic has snatched that opportunity from us. While we are still trying to adapt to the new normal, our lives are somewhere adhering to the nuances of monotony. The OTT platforms have taken over that distress by providing entertainment that is just a click away. To be honest, they are sloshed with new releases. It is like being stuck in a maze and having to choose from numerous appealing options.

We’re sure you noticed how Love Smitten has themed all its posts of August around the theme “Independence in Love.” In the past, we have also established how our definition of love does not limit to just the basic love form of being in a relationship with someone. Love is such a broad perspective… Love is a choice! And so, we thought, why not collaborate our love for love, and love for movies in one article. We bring to you a list of movies back from the days gone by that celebrate independence in love.

These are some gems that we forgot with the introduction of newer sparkling diamonds in the world of entertainment. Our aim is to celebrate the lost freedom and try to find the beauty of independence in love through these masterpieces. So, take a seat, grab your bag of chips and get primed to binge into these movies!

8 Sublime Movies of All Time that Celebrate Independence in Love:


1. Jodha Akbar:

jodha akbar- independence in love


This movie that was released on 15th February 2008 created a historic, yet royal storm across the nation. Set in the 16th century, the film intricately portrays the story of Akbar, a true Muslim king, and Jodha, a fiery Rajput princess. Dancing hero Hritik Roshan and beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan play the roles of Akbar and Jodha respectively. A Rajput and a Mughal, is that a match in an era where the Rajputs and the Mughals were sworn, enemies? Their love blossoms amid dirty political games and the fight for power.

This movie is close to our hearts as the relationship between Jodha and Akbar begins with shying friendship. The escalation of subtle feelings is a delight to watch. The feelings are reflected phenomenally and dilemma, nervousness are meticulously portrayed by these characters. This movie celebrates independence in love because at no point the king forces his queen to convert her religion. She was set free to choose for herself. He respected her religion and their rituals. Her agreement was important for him, and so he goes out of the way and against many to give his Jodha the freedom she asked. His love became a pillar for her dignity and the source of her strength in the changed surroundings.

2. Chhichhore:


 Chhichhore, the blockbuster of 2019 stirred strong emotions in people since its first show. The movie stars talented artists such as Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Tahir Bhasin, Varun Sharma and many more. The story throws light on the H4 hostel boys who are recognized as losers because of their extremely below-average performance in the annual sports general championship (GC). Tired of the loser tag, they decide to put all the efforts to win the GC. Amidst all this is chaos, shy smiles, cute eye locks and that hesitant holding of hands transpire between Anirrudh and Maya. Their budding love is a treat for the audience. Whether they win or not, is for you to check out.

This movie tugs the strings of our hearts. The bonding between all the losers is worth all the challenges that were thrown their way. If you’re wondering how it speaks of freedom in love, then let us give you the standout point. While society has set its own rules and ideas of failure and success, Chhichhore teaches the ideology of loving what you do. When you can do that, the generic boundaries will not seem bothersome anymore. It changes the definition of failure and success to make it a very personalized idea. If you think you’re happy, then the “loser” tag will not bother you. Additionally, the movie also cherishes the bond of amity.


3. Padman:

padman- independence in love


The name of the movie says it all, doesn’t it? The movie saw its theatrical release on 9th February 2018. It sealed the deal with amazing artists playing the characters scrupulously. Actors like Akshay Kumar as Lakshmikant Chauhan, Radhika Apte as his wife Gayatri and Sonam Kapoor as Pari Walia make the story so realistic. When Lakshmikant observes his wife and other women using cloth during their periods, which is not hygienic at all, he determines to provide safer alternatives for better health.

He sets off on a journey to make sanitary napkins, despite facing the boycott of the society. During this trip, he meets Pari Walia. And this is where we will leave you to watch the movie and unfold what happens next. What you should know, though, is that it is a true story of a man so in love with his wife!

This marvelous feat made us emotional. It celebrates love gracefully. The love of the husband for his wife, his concern for her health despite her protests is overwhelming. When you decide who you want to love & how, when you decide what is best for you and your partner, the world doesn’t matter so much. Lakshmikant’s love for Gayatri reflects the same. It speaks about that of independence in love when nothing else matters but “your person.” The society, their boycott, their abuses, their judgments… nothing will matter! This is the power of love; this is the freedom of love! We loved it and it has our hearts.


4. Tanhaji:

tanhaji- independence in love


Tanhaji Malusare, the great Maratha warrior, was one of the unsung heroes. Until very recently, when Ajay Devgan produced and enacted this story. His real wife, Kajol, also plays his reel wife, Savitri, in the movie. Saif Ali Khan adds glamour to the negative role of Udaybhan, while Sharad Kelkar as Chhatrapati Maharaj is an absolute treat. The movie is the journey that Tanhaji embarks to win the Kondhana fort to strengthen the roots of Swarajya. Was the surgical strike successful or did Udaybhan crush the spirit of Tanhaji to win Kondhana back?

This movie has our hearts soar with pride and it raises immense respect for all the warriors fighting for us even today! Savitri gave Tanhaji freedom by being his strength and letting him go to accomplish the mission. We can all relate to a warrior’s dilemma of choosing between his country and family. The independence in love gave Tanhaji the golden opportunity to do something for this motherland, with Savitri making the choice so easy on him. Tanhaji became immortal in the pages of history.


5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan:


bajrangi bhaijaan- unconditional love

The depth in the name of this movie is very special to us. It brings together two religions, which is a very noble idea in today’s date. Pawan Chaturvedi(Bajrangi Bhaijaan) is taken up by Salman Khan. Kareena Kapoor Khan adds a lot to this fantabulous picturization by playing the role of Raseela. Harshaali Malhotra perfectly stepped into the shoes of Munni, a little Pakistani girl. The movie struck the picture palaces on 17th July 2015, only to become a blockbuster. The main plot revolves around Pawan trying to reunite Munni with her parents.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is not just a movie, but a celebration in the name of independence of love. Pawan’s’ love for Munni gave him the independence to see the ultimate power of humanity that is beyond any religion and it’s practice. The unnamed relation had enough power to break all the religious myths. The love between Raseela and Pawan is commendable. If you feel that you are losing your roots with humanity, do watch this movie to connect with them again.


6. Luka Chuppi:


luka chippi- independence to live life

We all have played the game of hide and seek during our childhood, and it surely was exciting as ever! And the movie Luka Chuppi lives up to the same excitement in its own unique way. In this 2019 release, the audience witnessed the pair of Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aryan for the very first time. Guddu, a news reporter falls in love with Rashmi, the daughter of a powerful politician, who wants to experience being in a live-in relationship before getting married. How do they save their glasshouse of lies? And that is where Luka Chuppi grips the audience till the end.

The movie opposes the traditional social system of marriage, but it in no way demotes it. It showcases the struggles of people trying to break free from the ideologies that Indian society otherwise considers a taboo.  The love between the modern couple stuck in the aura of traditional promises gave them the freedom to choose the course of their life and not adhere to societal pressure. It gave them the strength to be together and fight for their love.


7. Ki & Ka:

ki & ka- independence in love


Ki & Ka? Kiya and Kabir! This is no prank, we promise that. Kareena Kapoor Khan stepped into the shoes of Kiya whereas Arjun Kapoor kept the character of Kabir soaring high in this 2016 release. Kiya is an ambitious, career-oriented woman, on the other hand, Kabir likes being idle and doesn’t mind taking care of household chores. It can’t get more interesting! There is a reversal of gender, which the society usually finds hard to digest. What happens when their eyes lock? Will their love pass the test of society? Or will it kneel down to the whims of envy and societal pressure? To quench this curiosity, watch Ki & Ka.

This movie is a revolutionary step against the patriarchal society. It shows that men can be good homemakers as well. Their love gave them the freedom to not succumb to the traditional gender roles. There is independence in love to be themselves with one another, not to care about society and live life on their own terms!

8. Dear Zindagi:

dear zindagi- freedom to love self



We live once, die once, fall in love once, and also marry only once. This is a famous dialogue from an equally popular movie directed by Karan Johar. Any guesses? But is life that simple? Living in this hectic, ultra-advanced world, where things are available only a click away, we have lost the true essence of life and are living robotically. Dear Zindagi brings us the story of Kiara(Alia Bhatt), who is a cinematographer, someone who captures the beauty of the moment. After facing a major heartbreak and a series of disheartening events, Kiara is trapped in the web of insomnia. She meets Dr. Jhengir (Jug) Khan(Shah Rukh Khan), who tries to help her out from the mess.

This movie gives us one of the most salient life lessons on self-love. We will face heartbreaks and problems all our lives, but if we don’t love ourselves enough, we won’t be able to fight the sadness and shine again. Dear Zindagi is important because Jug teaches Kiara to give herself freedom, to love herself, and not hold herself accountable for others’ mistakes. And thus, she learns to live again, bloom again, and be herself with a bang. It sure left us craving for more!

We are very happy to bring you movies that celebrate independence in love. Even if these movies remotely inspire you to love yourself again, to give your loved ones freedom and space, we’d feel jubilant. Which movie do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, do let us know your favorite movie that celebrates and cherishes freedom in love.

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