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7 Ways to Apologize Creatively after a Big Fight!

We were spending some quality time with ourselves, trying to find a moment of peace. A trip down the memory lane made us realize that some of our best memories were the ones we made after reconciling with our loved ones after a heated argument or a fight. Trust us it might sound silly or unusual to some of you but that’s not the case. Hold on here and take a moment to ponder some of your best memories. A handful of them are bound come from the moments when one of you decided to apologize!

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Confrontations are always a bummer, right? A total mood spoiler! We feel so low. There is a desperation to talk but the anger and annoyingness do not let us patch up with our beloved so soon. But when the sudden realization hits us that you are at fault, placating our partner seems like a tedious task, right? This resonated with us and we thought why not pen down the trial and errors we made on how to apologize creatively?

So today we bring you this post ‘7 Ways to Apologize after a Big Fight!’ We are sure that many of you will be able to relate to it easily. But before talking a jumpstart into the post, Aren’t the minor details that cause an argument important? Any guesses?

So… Why’d you fought?


Over the years we have comprehended that no two people share the same opinion. A difference of opinion may lead to some disagreements. But it becomes essential to learn the art of restricting these disagreements and not letting them escalate into huge fights. By making this statement we nowhere are trying to imply that expressing opinions is not important. It surely is! But we should learn to respect others’ opinions too.

Similarly, at times, we are so involved in our perspective that we neglect the fact that there might be other sides to the situation too. Often, this leads to a fight. It is crucial to be inclusive and broaden our insight to avoid undesired disputes.

Adding on, it is salient to understand the link between bad mood and fights. When our mood is sullen or we are frustrated, we take offense to the silliest of things. What follows is a huge dispute! The mood also reminds us of something. We have often witnessed that during some playful banters, we argue and disagree just to tease one another. But just a few hurtful words can cause arguments. And then, one of us ends up hurt, hoping for the other to apologize.

It is said that jealousy and insecurity are an indispensable part of every relationship. But sometimes it might get the better out of us. We might commit the mistake of uttering rude, harsh words to our partner. But after realizing our fault, is it too late to apologize?

Well, it is said that “Better Late than Never”! So here let us take a look at 7 ways on how to apologize creatively.

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7 Ways to Apologize Creatively

fight- apologize

By now we are sure that mutual clarity is established- fights are inevitable. They are a part and parcel of every relationship. When escaping is not a solution, making amends is always our rescue. But does that imply we repeat the same mistakes, fight on them and apologize repeatedly? NO. Definitely not!

Learning from our mistakes and not repeating them is a life lesson. It is not only beneficial for our relationships but it also enriches our life experiences. Making errors is human, but making the same errors again?

Well now, let’s assume that one of you made a mistake, and you’re in the middle of a big fight; let us take a look at the creative ways to apologize.

1. Sorry- No ‘ifs & buts’

If apologizing is the pinnacle of this article, then why are we refusing to say the big word? Let us start with the basics first. Just say sorry and do not start to justify right after the argument. Explanations might fuel the argument instead of cooling them down. Sometimes we need to give the person their space, their time to cool down. Understanding each other’s love languages is of utmost importance. If your partner needs to be hugged soon after a fight, then do it. If they are one of those who wouldn’t want to have a confrontation for a while, respect it!

If they love you, they sure aren’t going to go anywhere!

Once they are calm you can explain your reasons, your viewpoint, and your perspective of the fight. In anger, a person often may not be able to accept or understand the situation. Most importantly, just don’t apologize for the sake of doing so. Say “sorry” only when you mean it.  Accept your mistake if it is your fault. This gesture is by far the simplest, but the most effective one!

2. Food- The key to a better mood

fight- apologizeWhen just a simple sorry post the fight does not work, some efforts and personal touches can do wonders! Though the all-time favorite fancy movie date or romantic candlelight dinner often works, some personal efforts will surely add a magical touch to your appeal. Then see what happens… you apologize, and your partner will run into your arms!

One of the ways to make your partner feel special after the fight is you can cook their most-liked dish. Good food does not only lift one’s mood but also portrays the effort one has invested. Don’t say you don’t know how to cook! If online maps can take us places we’ve never heard of, recipes available online can make you an amateur chef! Don’t worry about making a perfect dish. Worry only about making up with your loved one. Your efforts and love will never go waste. Your partner is bound to appreciate it. Isn’t that a fab idea to apologize creatively?

3. Sticky notes- The quirky ones

fight- apologize creatively
Be it post a fight or any normal day, making your partner feel special should be on the top of your to-do-list. Hmm, you might think that how would a sticky note help? But do not let your worries hinder your creativity to apologize and make sure you win their heart again.



















Sticky notes might be a small gesture, but sometimes, even the smallest gesture is enough to bring a smile on someone’s face. Just that, when you apologize, makes sure it comes from your heart. Mere gestures are not enough at times; words become indispensable to express your guilt and so does your partner’s importance. Put up small sticky notes indicating your feelings for them. Bravely put across their priority in your life and how much you respect the. Stick them somewhere they are bound to notice. Not only will you receive forgiveness, but also win your partner and relationship all over again.

4. Sorry t-shirt – The cutest 

apologize creatively- fight

Cute, isn’t it? Well, if you are at fault, your partner has a full-fledged right to have your undivided attention and not forgive you easily. It doesn’t matter whether you are the man or the woman. Your undivided attention will surely make them feel cherished. It might help your case and make them ponder that you are truly guilty about the fight.

A cute t-shirt and a genuine smile, who will be able to resist that? More than the fancy ideas, add your unique touch. Recreate some of your best memories, do what they like, and make sure that the fight does prolong. This is surely a creative way to apologize; isn’t it?

5. A red rose- The simplest

apologize creatively

Be it a huge argument or a small fight, the acceptance of a mistake is the first step towards rebounding. Understanding your partner and what hurts them the most is the key to earn your apology. Do what their heart desires. Most of the time, expensive gifts are of no value but the smallest of the gestures like presenting them with flowers, stealing kisses, etc. are priceless. A cute note with the flower is definitely an asset.

Their love for you is most precious; do not let some expensive gift decide the value of your love for them. Fight or not, money cannot win the heartfelt forgiveness that you long.

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6. Say Sorry in 5 different languages

Where there is love, language can never be a barrier. If you are battling with the aftermath of a fight then this adorable way is without a doubt going to be at your aid. Here’s a fun way to apologize- try saying “I am sorry” or “I love you” in 5 different languages.

This might seem absurd to some of you. But trust us that is a super charming way to apologize. For instance ‘Je suis desole’ means I am sorry in French. Try other languages and this is sure to bring a smile on your partner’s face. (Check out our post on 15 Ways to say I Love you in Different Languages.)  Sweet and simple is the best, isn’t it?

7. Cuddles- The best way to resolve the fight fight- apologize creativey

When there is a big fight, cuddling may uplift your partner’s mood. Well, we know that they might still be upset. Gift them a new cuddling partner. The cutest teddy bear will surely come at your aid. This is one of the most winsome ways to apologize.

The joy when we see our partner’s smile after a huge fight is the most exquisite feeling in this world. Where there will be a fight, there will be a compromise. But make sure that you both patch up the same day and not take your fights to the next day. Be it a fight or any heated argument, do not let that affect the trust, the mutual understanding, and the respect that you have for your partner and vice versa.

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