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6 Times You SHOULD Hug Your Partner

times you should hug your partner

I am a big-time hugger! The moment I see someone I love and have missed, reflexively, I’m in their arms the next minute. Moreover, for me, a hug is the only remedy to make me laugh or cry. I guess most of us feel that way. When I was younger, my parents formed the habit of hugging one another when we see each other at the end of the day or when we leave out of town. The habit clung to me, and I can happily say I’ve passed it on to my husband too! In my experience, I’ve observed seven situations when you should hug your partner.

Is There A Science To Hugging?

Why yes! Apparently, the body releases oxytocin- the happy hormone- every time the human body receives physical contact. We’re also in an era where immunity matters for survival. The pandemic hit those with low immunities. Science apart, hug it out! Scientifically, hugging also improves one’s immunity. That seems like a fun, and non-expensive way to enhance our immunities, isn’t it?

And then there is of course the most famous impact of hugs on slashing down stress levels. We’ve heard that one before, but, I for one, have also experienced it. That moment, when you get comfortable in your partner’s arms after a stressful day or event, sure makes one feel lighter and happier.
But we’re not all about science, are we? We’re all about LOVE! So let’s get into why we’re really here- 7 times you should hug your partner, and I insist! (Lol)
Might I add again that this comes straight from the heart and based on personal experience?

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When to Hug Your Partner?

Technically speaking, we don’t really need someone to tell us when we should hug our partners. But where I am really going with this is, when exactly you should never miss hugging them! There are times in our relationships when we do feel at a loss of reactions to certain situations. A hug is not a big deal, we do it all the time. But are we also doing it when our partner really needs it?

I gathered some situations when I felt like a hug really did wonders for us. But then, it is also best to understand your partner’s love language before you decide to take my advice on one of all of these situations.

1. Into Sleep and Out of Sleep

hug your partner

Sounds weird? I come from the school of thought where the first and last feeling I want at the end and start of the day is the comfort of my man. Most of us stay away from each other the entire day due to work. And then, life’s mundanity also takes away a lot of our time. In such situations, the bed, or your bedroom is one place that is just yours. If you follow the habit of going to bed together (which is really good, by the way), then make it a point to hug each other a long good night. Repeat the same next morning before you begin your day.

The essence of having someone next to you while you end your day and when you see a new morning is blissful. Try it! Hug your partner away!

2. Melt down the anger

hug your wife

Anger and fights have a very disturbing effect on our relationships. Earlier, I would also sulk until both of us felt better and then talk it out. But I also realized that if you hug your partner the moment the fight erupts, it helps soothe things much before you actually take it too far. Initially, there might be resistance to that hug. But then, gradually, you can talk it out and suggest that we hug each other every time we find situations going out of control.

The point is, fights are inevitable. But hugging one another at that time is reassuring that you’re still together and that things will be okay. Even though the fight might require some time to resolve, at least the heart knows that neither of you is going away.

3. To celebrate achievements

hug your husband

Ego kills every relationship. You should hug your partner to celebrate their achievements. Not that your hug is the validation of your success. It is more like telling your partner that you’re so proud of them. Don’t take even the smallest of things lightly. You know, like many of us have this habit that we say, “God bless you,” every time we hear someone sneeze? We’re conditioned to say it. Condition yourselves to celebrate even a new cabin, a small certificate, or even a pat on the back.

A hug during the smallest of achievements also is very reassuring to your love that you are with them, and that what you do makes them happy!

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4. When on their periods!!!

period hug

Okay, so this one is a little biased towards the females, but someone had to say it. Thankfully, men have become more casual about their girls being on their periods. Trust me, she needs the hug whenever you can. The body and mind are already not in sync, and then not having anyone to feel protected or comforted in isn’t a very good feeling. It’s not possible to care for her throughout her cycle, but hugging her when you see her in pain or lying down exhausted will lift her spirits up for sure. And you might know already that it is hard to stay high-spirited during those days.

5. After a stressful day

couple hug

Some days at work are really bad. And we need all the help we can collect to get over them. Coming home to someone who will hug you and tell you it’s over and tomorrow will be better is indeed magical. Hug your partner when you see them return home all worked up. It is calming enough to forget half of what happened throughout the day.

A friend of mine was having such a tough day at work that she almost typed her resignation letter. Her super-sweet husband drove to her workplace during lunch, called her down to the car, only to hug her. I remember her telling me that he said, “I hope this gives your strength.” There was nothing he could do for her at work, but there was everything he could do for her emotionally, and it did. The hug gave her everything she needed to last that day and smile when she felt angry.

That sounds fab, doesn’t it? How many “Awws” did I get on this story?

6. No reason

Wouldn’t it be amazing that you’re engrossed with some work, and your partner stops you for a hug? Hug your partner for no reason. Sometimes, no reason is the best reason. It keeps the emotional, romantic, and relationship bond strong. Hug your partner all over the place, whenever you feel like it, or see them around. Especially, make the most of your holidays.

More than anything else, hug your partner when you feel like hugging them. Understand each other’s love languages, and be there. The world is going through a lot already. In that context, don’t just hug your partner, but hug everyone you think needs strength.

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