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7 Must-follow Steps to a Loving Relationship

7 steps to a loving relationship

When we say “steps to a loving relationship,” it might sound like too much work. You’ll be surprised to know that it is nothing but work. Love comes naturally to people. Then why don’t the things we have to do in love come to us naturally? I truly think that sometimes we either hold back too much, think too much, or give our personal needs too much attention, thus affecting what could otherwise be a loving and romantic relationship.

Romance doesn’t mean running after each other or painting one another’s toenails! Mature romance means being so comfortable with one another that when something you connect with each other happens, an exchanged smile is enough to convey a lot. It’s about the hugs, the doing things for one another, the respect, the attention plus the other acts of love! Let’s understand the 7 steps to a loving relationship and make a difference in what we already have!

7 steps to a loving relationship 💗

steps to a lasting relationship

1. You be you; they be they!

Every individual is different in their own way. Upbringing, nature, personalities, love languages- practically everything varies, and that’s for the best. Imagine being with someone who’s just like you all the time. Wouldn’t it be interesting to flaunt two strikingly vibrant personalities? You can both teach each other so much when it comes to your individual ideas of fun, entertainment, and everything else about life, for that matter! One of the most basic steps to a loving relationship is to accept each other and not expect one another to change the basics of who they are as long as it is a toxic trait.

2. Notice, appreciate, and thank!

Maximum relationships die with the lack of appreciation. I see appreciation as the water to a plant. You stop providing it and it starts withering. You don’t want that to happen to your relationship. Why let things get into the boredom zone? Of course, things change with time. Responsibilities double, your time together starts feeling like routine. But if we look at this in this way- my love for my partner is the constant among the temporary. Things cannot change for something that’s constant.

No matter how many years you’ve been together, if they’re still important to you, you’ll notice the things they do, appreciate their presence in your life, and thank them in ways they like being thanked!

3. Practice the Word Watch

When we’re angry, we tend to get carried away. We don’t even mean half the things we say when frustrated. But what we should also remember is how what we’ve said hits our partner’s ears, and it’s much difficult to forget the things you hear at times. When in an argument, be mindful of the things you say. Pause and reflect before you let anything come out of your mouth. Practice the word watch. Be watchful of the things you say. The lesser you resort to such hurtful words, the more loving your relationship because you’ll have lesser damage to fix!

Among the many, this is one of the most serious steps to a loving relationship.

steps to a loving romantic relationship

4. Give value to spending time

One of the most effective steps to a loving relationship is valuing the time you’ll spend together. Don’t make it feel so regular. When you spend time, make sure it is the kind you remember when you’re away. Make the time qualitative. Leave your phones aside. Snuggle up. Watch something you’ll both enjoy than spending separate time on the phone. This doesn’t mean you do this every time you’re together. But at least once a day, you should be able to arrange for some private “us” time.

5. Share, talk, express!

Also a combination of three positive habits, ensure both partners include sharing, talking, and expressing a part of your lives. Talk about all the things you feel, share what you’ll did throughout the day, talk about work, express how you feel, share experiences from your past, and a lot more. Add value to your relationship by knowing each other better. It is indeed one of the most enjoyable steps to a loving relationship.

steps to romantic relationships

6.  Be equals in love but not in giving

Equality is an essential ingredient in a happy relationship. Both of you should have a voice, choice, and say. But that doesn’t work with giving. The “tit for tat” theory could ruin the best of relationships. When you do something for each other, do it because YOU want to and not because you want them to do it for you too! Be equals in love and not in giving.

 7. Love like there’s no tomorrow!

Live in the present, guys. Who has seen what tomorrow holds for us? Live and love every day like there is no tomorrow. The present is in our hands and that’s the one thing we should all focus upon. If you feel the love, then express it. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Make every single day count. Be it with your presence, appreciation, snuggles, gifts, or with anything else your partner loves. 💗

Start following these steps to a loving relationship and share them with your partner so that both of you are on the same page. Give priority to one another and your relationship as a whole. It’s the two of you that matter the most and chuck the rest. Take affirmations (you’ll find some help here), as a couple and make your relationship a loving one! Stay in love, now and forever. Let your relationship sets the goals that take you to the next level. Yes, don’t just set goals for your life, but also for your relationship.

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