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50 Cute Couple Instagram Captions for 2021

Looking for some cute couple Instagram captions? We’ve got you!

Instagram has taken the world by storm. Posting photos and videos on Instagram has become the “in thing,” just for sharing our world on social media, but also for marketing our small-scale and large-scale brands & businesses. But sometimes, we get tired of coming up with an attractive caption for our posts to go with our incredible photos. And what do we do then? We look them up online! Since Love Smitten is all about love, we thought, why not give you 50 captivating & cute couple Instagram captions to go with your next post.

We believe in spreading love, and love comes for free. So, feel free to use any of these cute couple Instagram captions for absolutely free!

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50 Cute Couple Instagram Captions for 2021

couple instagram captions

If you’ve got your images ready with your better someone, then we’ve got the captions ready for you! Some of them are not just cute, but also funny if that’s what suits your personality. Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes, some pictures just speak for us. But sometimes, we feel so in love with our partners, that at least a one-line of these cute couple Instagram captions will charm your partner and the scroller.

Love aside, Instagramming is a whole new world indeed. So our captions have to be right, and these cute couple Instagram captions are here to rescue you out of this caption dilemma.


  1. There are times when I simply don’t want to be with you. But you nasty creeper, you crawl right back into my heart!

2. You continue to blow my mind, even though you claim I’m not mindful enough. Lol.

3. I’m the fire, you’re the water. We’re perfect together. <3

4. Look at us! Do you still think we need to work on our spark?

5. I never thought I could love anyone more than I loved myself. But then, you came along. Now I love both of us equally.

Don’t forget to add the monkey emoticon with the eyes closed expression for the fifth one of these cute couple Instagram captions.

6. Oh, you sexy photobomber! Is it you that gets me all the likes?

7. Are you not human? Why can’t I ever get enough of you?

8. I thought you were a sweet person when I first met you. But damn… do I love that spice in you!

9. My lover, husband/wife, or friend? Who cares? You play all three roles majestically.

10. Hey, you! You’re under arrest for stealing my heart and not giving me yours.

love instagram captions 2021

The tenth one is for a one-sided lover. What do you think of our first 10 Love Smitten originals cute couple Instagram captions? This is just the beginning, my friend. Your love isn’t limited, why should our options be limited then?

11. What’s darkness? Forgotten all about it since you came into my life. You shine bright, my munchkin.

12. There will come a time when we’ll wake up next to each other. Until then, let’s shake the world up with our pictures.

13. Sassy me; Sexy you!

14. The night belongs to us; you belong with me.

15. Your love pops me open like a bubbling bottle of champagne.

You see, our collection of cute couple Instagram captions has something for all kinds of lovers- married couples, long-distance lovers, or just the couple next-door lovers.

16. You’re a charmer; no wonder you make me dance to your music. Hahaha!

17. You asked me to stop pranking you from TOMORROW. I’ll obey. So, I’ll post all our prank photos TODAY.

18. I love you more than your eyes can see, heart can beat, and soul can keep.

19. I’m the storm, you’re the calm. I gush things up in your life, and you clean all the mess after.

20. People are jealous of us; can you tell them I am more jealous of your phone and that colleague of yours?

20 down, 30 more to go; say, which one’s your favorite from these cute couple Instagram captions? Will you tag us @love_smitten as caption credit if you use one of our captions? It will be so encouraging for us.

new couple instagram captions

21. I asked God to make me a part of someone’s life. But you made me your world instead.

22. You hate this picture; I love doing things you hate. LOL

23. Call it destiny or God’s divide intervention, but we were meant to be together.

24. You came along and I became me again.

25. We don’t need to be #relationshipgoals as long as we’re madly in love with each other.

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Simple, God-loving, or just random, this is a collection of varied cute couple Instagram captions. Let’s take a look at a few more of them.

26. I look into your eyes and I see a future filled with love, laughter, and loyalty.

27. We don’t do anything extra for our photographs. We’re already extraordinary!

28. I told you, let me pick your clothes. Now see how I’m not getting any attention in this picture.

29. You’re my horizon; my heart and soul meet when I’m with you.

30. If I could teleport, I’d never let you go out of my sight. (I better not catch you catching other sights… if you know what I mean 😉 )

31. You brighten my life. You’re my northern lights.

32. We’re crazy, curvy, and creative. We like it even if you don’t.

33. Captured you in my selfie when you were so engrossed in your book. Next time you hold the book instead of holding me during “our time,” I’ll leak the spoilers to you!

34.  Coffee wakes up my mind; you awaken my soul.

35. You, showstopper. Where’ve you been all my life?

Keep going; we’re still far from the end of these cute couple Instagram captions.

36. Your heartbeat is the only music I want to dance to.

37. I finally gave you one post-worthy picture. You owe me a massage!

38. First, second, third… I want to dance all my dances with you.

39. You’ve got to stop checking me out; give others a chance at least 😉

40. We don’t need to say those three magical words. Your teary eyes and my blushing cheeks say it all!

We’re down to the last 10 of our list of cute couple Instagram captions. Why not share this article with your partner so they can caption your pictures together with some caption from our list?

41. Everytime I click a picture, I want you in the frame.

42. You love me, I love you; there’s nothing left do, it’s just me and you.

43. What fate… I didn’t kiss a 100 frogs, but still found my prince.

44. We redeem each other; what better to do in life?

45. Hot like fire… no, he’s not cold like ice. He’s freaking hot too!

And we’re at the last of this countdown of cute couple Instagram captions. Wuhoo!!

46. I’m the matte finish, she’s the glossy!

47. Who needs alcohol when we’re so drunk in love?

48. There’s no better meal than the one after dropping things in your car and then clicking a fun selfie of us with you fuming with anger!

49. Not scared of growing old anymore as long as we’re together; after all, people love old wine 😉

50. I hate it when you hug me all day. I hate it more when you don’t!

And this is the end to the list of the internet’s new couple Instagram captions; tell us which one’s your favorite in the comment section below. If you liked this article, then hitting the like button will bring us so much joy! There’s so much more happening and coming up on Love Smitten. You can become a LoveSmittener too, by subscribing to us here.

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