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5 Amazing Daily Relationship Check-In That Can Change Your Life!

At a certain point in life, we all would have prepared a daily check-in list to juggle numerous tasks and maintain a record of things that are accomplished. This exercise just makes things a lot easier to handle and prioritize, doesn’t it? Now just imagine if we could prepare a similar daily check-in for our relationships! It would bring a lot of ease to our relationship and it would be relatively uncomplicated to figure out what went wrong.

If you have guessed that it is a relationship check-in then you are absolutely correct! Today’s post is all about how daily relationship check-in can strengthen your relationship and have a positive impact on your life. This is just a sneak peek! To quench your curiosity on this topic, stay tuned with us till the end of this post.

But before we jump to the interesting part, let us get a hang of the basics and understand what is a relationship check-in.

What Is A Relationship Check-In?

relationship check-in

We have stressed this time and again that constant communication is a strong pillar for a solid relationship. But the process of constant communication can be hampered because of several reasons ranging from horrid work hours to the crazy schedule of handling family and kids. During such times, it becomes all the more important to take out some time daily with your partner and spend some time together discussing the daily routine, addressing the issues, and hustling together for a brighter future. A daily relationship check-in facilitates the same.

It might sound simple but underneath the simplicity lies all the complexities as it becomes difficult to retain consistency with the passing time. It also enables couples to spend prioritized time with each other where they learn something new daily to improve their communication and keep their relationship thriving. A relationship check-in also ensures that a couple is present for each other emotionally in times of need. The couples can raise both good and bad topics that seem relevant and concern their relationship. It is not necessary that this time should be spent formally. Couples can perform this daily relationship check-in while having dinner, spending some time on the couch, or even while having a walk.

This exercise is not only to work on communication skills but also to increase the comfort level between the couples. It is a human tendency to focus only on the negative aspects of life and relationship at the cost of side-lining the positive ones. A daily relationship check-in will ensure that couples get a space and an opportunity to put forth their worries and throw light on the happy episodes of their life. The consistency of this exercise will eventually cast a positive impact on a relationship which in turn works to solidify and strengthen the base of the relationship.

We would also like to mention, though the name suggests daily relationship check-in, initially it might be difficult to carry out this thing on a daily basis. If the couples are not used to having some exclusive time out to discuss the issues, it might get a little awkward for them. They also might not have enough issues to address daily which are completely normal. To jumpstart a daily relationship check-in, couples can try it once a week, once in two weeks, or even once a month to get used to the process and become efficient in it.

Also, some couples might find it weird to just talk on a one-to-one level. Such couples can do a daily relationship check-in while performing some daily chores to get more comfortable with the idea and process. Now that we are aware of what is a relationship check-in and its benefits, let us focus on how to practice a daily relationship check-in.

How To Practice A Daily Relationship Check-In?

how to practice a daily relationship check-in

You might be a bit puzzled seeing this section in the post. But trust us the answer to this question would make the process of a daily relationship check-in much easier and more convenient!

First, it is crucial to set a time for a daily relationship check-in. Keep in mind to not schedule it after a long day at work or just before you have to give attention to some important commitments. This will ensure that the check-in goes with the flow and is not the result of any frustration or hurry. Second, decide a time span that you would dedicate for the same. For beginners, a time span of half an hour should be a good start. Next, it is important to hold onto some comfort and have some things that are special to you or make you feel good.

Lastly, it is essential to commence and end on a good, light note so you always remember the good times and do not focus excessively on the negative aspects of your relationship. If the issue is unresolved, it is up to you both how you get back to each other and resolve it. Also, note that if your relationship check-in is far apart, a long format would be ideal and if the check-in is frequent, a short format is recommended. But there is no compulsion as such and you can experiment with the formats according to your liking and preference.

5 Amazing Daily Relationship Check-In That Can Change Your


daily relationship check-in

1. Undivided Attention

Undivided attention, as basic as it might sound, is an important relationship check-in. You and your partner might share everything with each other. But either of you might not be very attentive while the other person bares out their feelings, emotions, and certain recent developments owing to overlapping time schedules, managing kids and family, or professional commitments.

Thus, removing some time out of your busy routine to shower them with undivided attention is an essential daily relationship check-in. This step will also facilitate attention to detail which couples tend to overlook with the passing years. You both might be in a gathering and either of you is uncomfortable. If you two practice daily relationship check-in, one will be able to notice it sooner and ease the other person out of the situation.

Giving undivided attention and paying attention to details is not as difficult as you think! You can give this undivided attention to each other by having dinner together without any interruptions or taking a small walk together post dinner where you both calmly express and listen as well. If you cannot remove any special time, then you can just give them undivided attention when they bring up something serious and maintain eye contact throughout. Paying attention to detail is also a subtle way of showing appreciation and care to your partner.

2. Appreciation

We firmly believe that maximum relationships die with a lack of appreciation. It is like nourishment that is needed to strengthen your relationship. While paying attention to detail might be a subtle way of showing appreciation towards your partner, it is just not enough. Including appreciation in the daily check-in retains the spark and charm of a relationship with the passing years.

Removing some time every day to give them undivided attention and to appreciate them for the small things they do for you can have a major positive impact on your relationship. Appreciation draws focus toward the good qualities of both partners rather than paying attention to the flaws. If you are someone who does not compliment your partner often, then you can start by complimenting them casually or during some conversations. Once you both are used to this, you can spare an extra minute or two for the same which might make your partner feel special and appreciated.

3. Assertiveness

what is a relationship check-in

Being assertive is absolutely pivotal for a relationship. Being assertive is maintaining the balance between being passive and being aggressive. Sometimes, you might be too concerned about your partner and even frustrated at them for not informing you of certain things. This might cause you to become passive or aggressive. If you react passively, it might send a wrong message to your partner that you do not care enough. If it’s the latter, your care and concern might get diffused with the aggression which can hurt your partner.

Thus, it is absolutely important to be assertive and show your care and concern in an appropriate way. The assertiveness relationship check-in will remind you to not get aggressive when your partner puts forth certain opinions that absolutely contradict your belief system. This check-in will aid you both to become more tolerant of each other’s values and belief systems. One efficient way of practicing assertiveness is to use ‘I’ instead of ‘you’.

4. Practice Active Listening

We cannot stress enough how much listening is important to establish constant communication in a relationship. Hear us out. Listening is not the same as hearing. Hearing is totally effortless and happens because someone is expressing it. But listening is more focused, voluntary, and intentional. Practicing active listening makes it to our list of daily relationship check-in due to several reasons.

First, couples often just hear each other and don’t listen. Paying undivided attention makes the process to practice active listening smoother. Next, couples who understand and practice active listening just do not listen, they form judgments and jump to conclusions which might make their partner apprehensive to express everything they would like to. Thus, it is crucial to listen and not judge your partner instead provide them comfort and unconditional support. Lastly, when one shares, they might listen but they might just be too eager to express their opinions. Hence, one should listen and introspect before expressing their views and opinions.

5. TeamWork

A relationship can function smoothly only if the couples fight the issue together rather than quarreling with each other. Thus, teamwork comes in as our last daily relationship check-in. Sometimes unexpected situations might arise and the couple might blame each other for the situation. But they should practice putting their differences aside and focusing on resolving their issues first. Once the matter is solved, they can communicate what went wrong according to both of them respectively and make peace.

If the issue is on a personal front, then one should reach out to their partner and seek help before things get out of control. Working as a team on daily basis ensures that the couple might bend towards teamwork when the situation is unexpected and serious.

These amazing daily relationship check-ins have the ability to change your life if practiced regularly. But if you cannot practice these regularly, we have something for you which is quicker and is also a great exercise to perform daily check-in. We would like to leave you some daily relationship check-in questions so that you grasp the process better and you can implement it with ease.

Daily Relationship Check-In Questions

daily relationship check-in questions

  1. Do you like/dislike something that I am doing now?
  2. Do you think I should do something differently to improve our communication?
  3. Are we comfortable with the way we have divided the household chores and responsibilities? Or do we need to change certain things?
  4. Are we on the same page about the quality and frequency of our sexual intimacy?
  5. How is our friendship thriving amid our relationship?
  6. Do you feel I have restricted you to do something that you adore?
  7. What is one thing I do that makes you feel appreciated?
  8. Which of my traits do you enjoy the most?
  9. Does our relationship have any unresolved issues?
  10. What about our interaction today did you like the most?

Remember to take these answers with a pinch of salt and not personally. Both of you should utilize these answers to strengthen your relationship and improve your communication. Do not hold grudges based on these answers as it is just your partner’s opinion and something that has the ability to impact your relationship in the long run.

With these last words, we bid farewell to yet another post of “5 Amazing Daily Relationship Check-In That Can Change Your Life!” We hope that this amazing daily relationship check-in proves to be useful to enhance your communication skills and deepen your connection. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We would also love to know what would you like to read next via the comments!

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