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30 Special Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

anniversary wishes for your husband

Anniversary is a special moment for every person who’s committed to someone. And we wanted to play a part in making your next anniversary more special than it already is with these special anniversary wishes for your husband.

Marriage is the union of two individuals who either love each other or wholeheartedly believe in the institution of marriage, hoping that they’ll fall in love, ultimately. The relationship is one of the purest connections one can have. It is a life-long commitment that we willingly give to our partners, promising to love them in sickness, and in health. It is not easy to maintain a happy and long-lasting marriage. It takes two of you to make it full of love, care, respect, and happiness.

The relationship you share with your partner is as loving as Tom and Jerry though they keep fighting, teasing, and annoying each other they can not live without each other. Marriage is not always about love; it is a beautiful combination of various emotions like equality, respect, understanding, and compassion.

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30 special Anniversary wishes for your husband

anniversary wishes for your husband

Celebrating one year of togetherness with someone is a special day, we can an anniversary. People who are in a relationship or are married tend to make this day as special as possible for their better half. Although, we at LoveSmitten believe that every day you spend with your partner in joy is special. Days like Anniversary and Valentine’s simply add more spark to what you already have.

Nonetheless, a beautiful message to go with the day will be the icing on your cake. We’ve got you a collection of such wishes for your man titled special anniversary wishes for your husband.

Special Anniversary Wishes for your husband 

1) “The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.”

2) “Thank you for being you. For sharing your love with me. For inspiring me to accept myself. For helping me see the unique beauty in imperfection. For showing me that love is something you do; something not to just be said, but also to be shown.” -Steve Maraboli

3) “Forever is a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.”

4) “Love is not about how many days, weeks, or months you’ve been together, it’s all about how much you love each other every day.”

5) I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is the best day of my life. Happy Anniversary to you my dear.

And this is just the beginning! Here are some more anniversary wishes for your husband, which he is sure to love.

6) I want to thank you for being my husband and my soulmate and my biggest supporter of me. Happy anniversary dear! I am proud of you!

7) Happy Anniversary, love. You are the reason for my happiness! Thank you for being mine.

8) Today is the most special day of my life. I have spent a wonderful year with the person I love most. Nothing could make me happier than this. Happy first wedding anniversary!

9) Sweetheart, you are the man of my dreams! I love you so much. Happy wedding anniversary!

10) My wonderful husband, thank you for putting up with my mood swings; and for always lifting my mood when I feel down. I love you so much, Happy Anniversary!

Ready for some original anniversary wishes for your husband? Here we go!

Love Smitten Orignals

We’ve also penned down some original anniversary wishes for your husband that you can freely use! If you tag us @love_smitten with your social media wish, then it’ll only encourage us all the more.

1) It is the best day of my life. It’s the day I said “YES” to the most genuine person, who has loved me through my ups and downs. Thank you for always being there with me. Happy Marriage Anniversary, love <3.

2) You don’t go out and look for love; Love automatically finds you. I am so glad I found you and you found me. I still remember the moment we looked at each other and realized, “this is it, that’s the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.” I love you and I will always love you. Happy marriage anniversary, my prince charming.

3) Thank you for making every day of our years together full of love and care. I love the way you admire me, adore me, and look into my eyes with so much respect. Just a reminder – I will remain clung to you till death do us part.

anniversary wishes for husband

4) It’s been one year together and we have been inseparable. I cherish every moment I spent with you and tend to do the same for the rest of my life. Happy marriage Anniversary, love.

5) You are one of the people who believed in me when I gave up on myself. You picked me up and helped me gather myself. All I needed was support and you became my support system. I love you. Happy Marriage Anniversary.

Awww, aren’t these anniversary wishes for your husband simply adorable? There’s more!

6) You are not only my husband but you are my best friend. I am blessed to find both, a husband and a best friend in one person. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

7) Heyy Gummy Bear! Thanks for comforting me and giving me time to adjust to our new life together. I never imagined meeting someone this incredible in my life. Anniversary Wishes to you.

anniversary wishes for husband

8) You will always be mine forever. I love you. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

9) Do you know, what you mean to me? You are my sunshine, my ray of hope, my friend, and above all, my lover. So let’s celebrate our love on our wedding anniversary, and let’s just value all the moments we have spent together.

10) My whole life, I have been wandering around to find the “perfect husband.” But little did I know that he was by my side all this while. Eventually, my best friend became my husband and that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Happy wedding anniversary, darling.


I love you every waking moment of my life; I am over the moon to be your wife.

Any girl would be more than happy to find a good person to be her husband. The person she devotes her life to. Every girl would like to have someone in her life who she can trust. If you find someone then hold on to that person. Here, make them feel special and enlighten their mood by sending these special anniversary wishes to your husband.

Anniversary Quotes for husband

That’s not all. We have 10 more quotes on our list of anniversary wishes for your husband. Oh and by the way, feel free to use the images above!

1) Dear husband, you are a true and loyal man who supports his wife in every aspect of life! I love you. Happy Anniversary!

2) The older we get and the longer we’ve been married the more convinced I am that we were made for each other. Thank you for being all I could ever want in a husband!

3) You add cheese to my life and that’s pretty delicious, you know! Happy anniversary xoxo

4) I love you more than I can express. Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

5) You and I go together just like peanut butter and jelly, like silver and gold, like a hand in a glove. Thank you for being my perfect match!

We’re down to the last five on our collection of anniversary wishes for your husband. Have you selected one already?

6) I can never tell you enough how beautiful you are, how much you make me smile, and how much you mean to me. Happy anniversary to my one true love.

7) Love is the most precious thing you gave me in my whole life. I love you not just for who you are but for how you make me feel. A very happy anniversary to my dear husband.

8) With you I know I can always be myself and I never have to worry that you’re going to judge me or try to change me. Thank you for loving me just the way I am. You’re amazing!

9) Life wouldn’t be so wonderful If you weren’t there to hold me up every time I fall. I feel very happy to be with you every moment. Happy anniversary.

10) In the millions of questions about the meaning of life. I chose to answer only one, and that is YOU. My love. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

Writing is one of the most effective ways to express your emotions, and it makes the partner feel very special when there is a special written note of love. These specially anniversary wishes for your husband are sure to ignore the mood that you’ve planned for the day. It will bring an instant smile to his face, bring about a day full of happiness, and set you guys in a lovey-dovey mood.

We have some ideas for sharing these anniversary wishes for your husband- You can either write them inside a greeting card, paste a note on the gift, or simply leave more than one of these anniversary wishes at different places, like inside his shirt, in the lunch box, paste one on the laptop, and so on.

You can easily express your love and care through our collection of anniversary messages for your husband. Do let us know how it worked out!

If you liked our article on the 30 special anniversary wishes for your husband, leave a like below. Share it with your gal pals who will soon be celebrating their anniversaries. For more such interesting reads, subscribe to us! Stay healthy, stay safe, and enjoy reading.

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