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25 Romantic & Passionate Types of Kisses

different types of kisses in relationship

What is love, really? The feeling of respect, attachment, affection? And a lot more, you would say, and we agree. Romantically speaking, love also means the jitters that run down our spines when in close physical proximity to the person we like/love. And what better way to express these feelings of newfound love than a kiss? There’s so much to explore about one another’s fun quotient by trying to experience the different types of kisses

That moment, when lips connect and refuse to disconnect until there’s a need for breath, they’re the most passionate ones. While the kisses that begin with a gentle kiss on the forehead before leaving to work are the most caring. But that’s not all; there are many types of kisses people practice around the world. You ready to get the oxytocin active? We heard you scream, “Hell, yeah!” 

Let’s go for it then!

25 Different Types of Kisses and their meaning

The different types of kisses are not just different in the way they’re practiced but also different in their significance. When you want to show that you love someone and want them to hang in with you, a kiss would be the perfect activity to let them know you’re also falling for them (only if you’re comfortable!).

1. The Forehead Kiss  types of kisses

forehead kiss

The kisses on the forehead give one the feeling of love, emotional comfort, and importance. Let’s face it- not all types of kisses are meant for passion. Some simply mean romance, care, and affection. A small peck on the forehead perfectly conveys such emotions. When someone kisses us on the forehead and vice versa, it’s like adding more clarity to the relationship, that they’re not in only for the sake of it, and that they genuinely care. It could also indicate the feeling of protection towards one another. 

A kiss on the forehead before taking off for work or when simply cuddling when couched before a movie at home is just what one needs every once in a while to remember they’re loved!

2. A Kiss on the Cheek  types of kisses

kiss on cheek

You’re working on something at your home desk, in the kitchen, or are simply scrolling on your phone, and your partner quickly pecks you on the cheek as they pass. Feels special? Well, it’s just one of the many types of kisses. Who doesn’t love some sweetness every now and often? But, of course, a kiss on the cheek is not always a romantic one. People also greet one another this way in several countries as opposed to a formal handshake.

Of course, this is only the case when people know each other well and are more than just acquaintances or became they belong to a fraternity. A kiss on the cheek is also common between friends to show fondness for one another. This type of kiss usually means you have a good foundation with a solid friendship, built around your love.

3. French Kiss  types of kisses

french kiss

One of the most popular types of kisses, this dreamy action screams passion, fiery romance, and intense love! And why? Because it’s the kind that expresses with the tongue! Explore away- the tongues touch the tongue and the lips, and there’s a lot of intimacy that comes with a French kiss. 

In other words, a french kiss is also called makeout, and it’s the kind that expresses profound attraction towards one another. Some experts even claim a French kiss to be an art that everyone should master. Hands down, it is the most romantic type of kiss for the majority of people. 

4. Kiss on the Neck types of kisses

kiss on neck

Does your partner enjoy planting kisses on your neck? If you enjoy kissing, then you probably already know that the neck region is very sensitive. The moment the lips touch any side of the neck, it grabs the person’s attention, and rightfully so! Kissing on the neck is amongst those types of kisses that also reveal passion and intimacy. 

5. The Single Lip Kiss types of kisses

single lip kiss

If you’re one who likes staying focused even during moments of romance, then a single lip kiss is your thing! It means, focusing on only one lip at a tip when you kiss. It is, of course, a little more than just a peck. Mostly, people madly in love end up planting single-lip kisses during casual dates, dropping the partner home, or when they see each other after a long day!

6. The Eskimo Kiss types of kisses

eskimo kiss

An Eskimo kiss is different from the other types of kisses. Why is it different? For starters, it doesn’t use the lips to kiss. Partners only rub their noses with each other. Cute, right? Apparently, people living in frosty countries practice this kind of kiss to avoid frostbites while African countries also practice the Eskimo Kiss instead of a handshake with some people. 

7. The Lower lip Bitetypes of kisses

lower lip bite kiss

Intense… how else can one define a lower lip bite? It’s that sensation that oozes out from within you when in the deep passion of physical intimacy. Could call it a more passionate version of the French Kiss.

8. The Vacuum Kisstypes of kisses

vacuum kiss

Much as the name suggests, the vacuum kiss is one of the unique types of kisses that involves, no prizes for guessing, air! In this type of kiss, people suck the air out of one another’s mouths when kissing leading to a vacuum in the mouth. Try it, but, do it gently. With a lack of air, there is a possibility that the lips get stuck to one another, and you could end up bruising one another’s lips.

9. Body Kisstypes of kisses

body kiss

Body kiss is amongst those types of kisses that people use when in the mood for foreplay. It often leads to more than just kissing. Clearly, a body kiss is when one or both the partners kiss each other on different parts of the body than just the lips, neck, or other common kissing places like cheeks and forehead. Bodies are very close (of course) for this kind of kiss.

10. The Quick Kiss

types of kisses


When in public, when saying bye in a hurry, when meeting someone you’re attracted to after a few dates, a quick kiss is what works best. It’s simple, your lips, their lips, both closed, and very quick. In some countries, even a pair of close friends indulge in this type of kiss. 

11. Blowing a Kiss

types of kisses

blowing a kiss

Not all kisses are about physical intimacy. Some are all about emotional intimacy, and they’re a real depiction of affection and sheer love. Blowing a kiss is exactly one of those types of kisses. A random blow of kiss when seeing them off from the balcony or when parting at the airport- isn’t that just awww? There’s no better affirmation of your love than blowing a kiss. 

12. The Liplock Kiss

types of kisses

The lips stay locked… he’s not letting go, she’s not letting go. If anything, this is one of the most sensual types of kisses where the lips stay locked for more time than one can image.

13. The Angel’s Kiss

types of kisses

angel's kiss

So, you’re sleeping, and your partner, who is so in love with you that they want to show how much they love you even when you’re asleep. Or, you’re saying something, and they want to stop you with an angelic kiss that makes everything else go away. Feel that? Then it’s an angel’s kiss, which one gives on another person’s eyes. It is one of the sweetest types of kisses that exist! 

15. The Nose Kiss

types of kisses

nose kiss

A nose kiss or a tender nose bite is an interesting way to attract your partner’s attention that’s the cause of smiles. Besides, it’s a good way to apologize without saying a word. If you’ve upset or angered your partner, kiss them on the nose, and see if they melt. It usually works and also proves that you mean the apology. A nose kiss is considered the best kiss among the other types of kisses as it expresses better than words can!

15. The Ear Kiss

types of kisses

kiss in the ear

The ear is one of the most sensitive organs. But it is among those types of kiss that is also ticklish. If your partner is one among them, then this kiss might not be the best for foreplay. But if you’re just looking forward to having some fun or cheering them up, there’s nothing better than an ear kiss. 

16. Earlobe Kiss

types of kisses

earlobe Kiss

This type of kiss contains only intimate connotations as it’s an erogenous zone for most people. Such a kiss is one of the most romantic types of kisses that often serves as a prelude to more passionate actions.  

17. The Hand Kiss

types of kisses

the hand kiss

One of the most ancient types of kisses, the hand kiss is one that demonstrates respect and admiration. According to old traditions, only if a man is older than a woman can he touch her hand with his lips. In other cases, a man who wants to kiss someone on the other hand must always be on his knees. A kiss may also be accompanied by a compliment. 

Care to impress someone? A Hand kiss is a way!

18. The Vampire Kiss or Hickey Kiss

types of kisses

vampire kiss or hickey kiss

One of the wildest types of kisses, a vampire kiss is one that involves biting along with kissing. It usually leaves behind a sensual bruise. The red mark is usually the source of teasing one another, especially if your friends catch you with a hickey. One usually leaves such marks of passionate love on the neck, shoulders, back, and chest. By far, it is one of the hottest types of kiss.

19. Lingering Kiss

types of kisses

lingering kiss

Imagine the light spray of a perfume, the smell of which lingers for a long time. A lingering kiss is similar because neither of the two wants to let go of one another until they have to. Moments of passion, love, and romance tend to attack lingering kisses.

20. The Lizard Kiss

types of kisses

lizard kiss

As icky as the name sounds, the lizard kiss is one of those types of kisses that might not be for everyone. Even though romance and passion attract all kinds of people, not everything we do in the process is enjoyable for all. Individual differences and preferences, you see? A Lizard kiss resembles the animal, in reality, wherein both partners kiss one another by touching their tongues. Hmm.. what do you think about this one? 

21. Wet Kiss

types of kisses

wet kiss

Okay, so if there’s too much tongue, there could be too much wetness around the mouth. And this is a wet kiss. It’s all about what one likes or not. 

22. Butterfly Kiss

types of kisses

More than passionate, a butterfly kiss is for the cuddly times when partners come close to one another and bat their eyelids on each other’s skin. The touch of the eyelashes flapping on the skin like that of a butterfly is pretty romantic and attractive. Have you ever tried it? 

23. The Nibble Kiss

types of kisses

When the kiss finally lets the teeth get into action, it becomes a nibble kiss, wherein the teeth nibble on the lips. This should be done very gently so the person doesn’t get hurt or there is no tear on the lip. It is different from biting the lip because the nibble kiss is one of those types of kiss where you don’t just bite, but continue to playfully nibble on the lips.

24. The Jaw Kiss

types of kisses

jaw kiss

Here’s a little info you didn’t know- jaws also are a pretty sensual area for many, especially the men. Have you ever tried kissing your partner along the jawline? While it’s passionate, it is also one of those types of kisses that 

25. The Big Tease

types of kisses

A kiss that can last for hours. You tease your partner while getting to explore their body with your lips starting from their forehead. Sounds exciting? It is indeed one of the most exciting types of kisses on this list! 

A kiss can be one of the most magical experiences of your life. The moment the lips connect with someone else’s, it births a million emotions of connection and electricity. The kind of feeling that everyone gets to experience at least with their first kisses. Even though kissing becomes regular with time, it is in our hands to let it be as electrifying as before by keeping the spark and romance alive. What’s more? Just keep the kisses alive!

How many of these types of kisses from this list have you tried before? Did we leave you with some ideas? If yes, let us know in the comments below. ? Sit down and have a kissing marathon, guys. Try on all of these kisses and tick them for your personal, romance diary- one that belongs to just you two! 

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