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20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for MEN -Surprise him!

valentine's day gift ideas for men

When we think of valentine’s day, a major part of the population puts pressure on our macho men to plan, ideate, and gift. But who made the rules? Men deserve to feel as much special as we women do and that’s just how it should be. When we say equality, I assert that it should work both ways. We decided to help you surprise HIM with these 20 valentine’s day gift ideas for men.

Let’s take some pressure off the men and make sure we work on our gifts for them this year than anticipating what they’re doing for us. It is both of our responsibilities to make the other partner feel special, men and women! Although, gifting men comes with a challenge. There are a plethora of items women use. But men, they’re limited with their needs even though they may need too many of that item. That’s what sets apart Love Smitten’s list of valentine’s day gift ideas for men.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for MEN

1. Beard Trimmer

beard trimmer for valentine's day

Not all of us like the clean-shaven look, do we? At least I don’t! And running off to the salon every time the beard is making its way to the floor is also not an easy thing to do. The pandemic times taught us that! Unless you or your man is not a fan of the various cut styles that some men are flaunting, especially on television, then a beard trimmer will save you a lot of time and bucks!

2. Perfume

perfume for valentine's day fifts

Smelling good is always important. Not smelling good is in fact a pet peeve for many around the world. A nice bottle of perfume, and when I say perfume, I don’t mean deodorant, is one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for men for reasons that are already obvious. Most men also appreciate an expensive bottle, but let’s not put a price on your gift, right? Do what you can do best and someone who loves you will love it anyway!

3. A pair of Sneakers/ Crocs

sneakers for men

Yes, yes, crocs are expensive, I get it. That’s why the option of the sneakers! Any comfortable pair of footwear works as an amazing gift for men since, unlike women, they don’t have too many choices. Do what fits your budget but if your man is someone who’s on his toes all day (no pun intended), then all he needs is a comfortable pair of shoes.

4. Grooming Kit

grooming kits for men

We all have to groom; there are no two questions about it. One of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for men is a grooming kit that he could remember you by every morning. If you’re a couple that doesn’t live together yet, then this is probably a great gift since he will begin his morning using the products you gift him. Sounds smart so he doesn’t miss out on the ritualistic good morning messages, right? 😉

5. Loungewear

loungewear for men

Now that you’ve reminded him to wish you good morning, how about something that will help him remember he’s supposed to call you at night. Hence, the loungewear. Comfortable pair of tracks and tees that he could effortlessly step into will leave him thankful for the gift.

6. Personalized Wallet

personalized wallet for men on valentine's day

Where else will he keep all that money he earns? Wallets are on the list of many considering valentine’s day gift ideas for men, but personalized wallets, that’s unique. You can either personalize his name, your names, or a short hashtag that combines your names. Before ordering, ensure that the color doesn’t throw him off, it’s not too big for his pocket, and it has enough space for his cash and cards.

7. Power Bank

power bank gift for men

We all drain out… of batteries! Men, especially those who are always on the go could use a branded piece of power bank that could come in handy, almost every day! An out-of-the-box idea, this item surely lists among the top 5 of our valentine’s day gift ideas for men!

8. Beer/Whiskey Mugs

beer mugs for gifts

What does your man enjoy more? Beer or whiskey? Whatever it is that he likes, if he likes it, he has to have HIS OWN glasses for it. Just any glass is not good enough for a beer or whiskey fanatic. Buy him a pair or set of these that he can enjoy when with you or even otherwise.

9. Massager

neck massager for men

Next on our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for men is a massager that your hardworking man will appreciate with all his heart. Not that women don’t work hard. But we’re not here to weigh who is more important than the other right now. The fact is, he works hard too, and a back and neck massager is all he needs at the end of the day.

10. Gift Card

Some men are choosy (much like my man) about the things they use and often prefer buying something they like. Not what they receive. And that’s totally okay! A gift is something the receiver should enjoy, and if they’re not going to enjoy it, why invest the time, money, and effort into something he’s not going to like. A gift card it is!

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11. Joggers

joggers for men gift for valentine's day

Because you want him to come running to you? Ahh, that’s one romantic way to look at it. Mainly because joggers is a comfortable piece of wearable art and he’s going to want to carry comfort on his body and in his heart while in love with you. Indeed, joggers are one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for men.

12. Sunglasses

sunglasses for men

A sexy pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes from the raging summer that we’re about to welcome is one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for men. Either take him to the store, let him try on a few, and buy what he likes. Or, if you think you know what will suit his face or has something picked out already, get those.

13. Pool Table

pool table for valentine's day gift

Do you have a big budget for your man this year? If you do, then invest in a mini pool table that will not take up too much space in your home. It’ll be something to enjoy during your time together, because, let’s face it, we don’t always snuggle every time we meet. Even though not so common and expensive, it is a worthy item from our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for men. Let the fun begin! There are variations on the lower price end available.

14. Docking Station

docking station for men

If you’re living together, then you might feel the need for a docking station. So, he returns home from work, and you, after a tiring day yourself, have just tidied up your space and throws all his stuff around. You know, the usual, pen, wallet, keys, etc. A docking station is just what you need that you can place on your side table where he can put all his stuff. Now he won’t have an excuse to throw things elsewhere!

 15. Books!

books for valentine's day

This is not one of those valentine’s day gift ideas for men that is applicable for everyone. If your man is an avid book reader then he will not appreciate anything more than a good collection of his favorite genre or author’s books. Wrap them up with love.

16. Jackets

jackets for men on valentine's day

Let’s all say it- MEN look amazing when they style different kinds of jackets. It gives them a break from the regular jeans and tees and gives us a new avatar to look at. He can wear it for your date night, an outing with friends, or just about anywhere for that matter. But a cool jacket will be a fab addition to his wardrobe and so it is one of our coolest options the valentine’s day gift ideas for men!

17. Barbeque Grill Set

barbeque grill set valentine's day gift for men

Some men love cooking and want to make an event out of it. TBH, I do think that men also have magic in cooking unlike the same old “women cook good” theory! That’s too old-school. I’m sure your man would love to host a dinner for you or for your gang with this amazing barbeque grill set, which is one of the most unique valentine’s day gift ideas for men.

18. Laptop Bag

laptop bags for men as valentine's day gift

And there are soooo many varieties of these! The kind you pick should depend on the work he does, the comfort he needs, and the frequency of him carrying his laptop around. For some people, it’s just once in a while, so a cool laptop bag like in this picture should be a classy pick. Otherwise, a backpack-style laptop bag is also a great choice.

Have you chosen your gift from our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for men already? Take a look at the last two.

19. Spa Coupon

spa coupon for men's valentine's day gift

Men deserve to unwind too much like us women. If he’s planning to gift you the same (because we’ve covered this in our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for her), then opt for a couple’s spa retreat and enjoy your gifts together. If not, send him away for a few hours where he can spend time in solace and come back to you feeling on top of the world.

20. Travel Mugs

travel mugs for men's valentine's day gift

The last item on our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for men is a travel mug that he can carry when he’s on the go. This way, he keeps thinking of you even when he’s not with you. Pretty sly, huh? Jokes apart, everyone could use a travel mug since it makes carrying hot drinks convenient. They can keep getting refills wherever they stop on the way.

That’s a wrap on our list of some valentine’s day gift ideas for men. Do you have any more ideas? I tend to stick to items that are more useful than those that will be pleasing to the eyes for a couple of days and then lay in some corner of the house. That’s just not me when it comes to giving or receiving gifts. That said, if that’s what you think your man will like, there’s no stopping you!

Make sure you give him these gifts from our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for men at a time when he is not preoccupied with other thoughts so he can genuinely appreciate them. That’s an area many women struggle with and I’m starting to think because men are pretty wired to think and do only one thing at once. (I’m speaking of a majority and not all. Some are exceptions and that’s awesome).

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