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20 Greatest Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER revealed!

valentine's day gift ideas for her

It’s time you start thinking about pampering “her” with nothing but the best, because, no prizes for guessing, Valentine’s is only 2 weeks away! Our revelation of the greatest valentine’s day gift ideas for her is far from the ordinary chocolates and flowers because we believe that variety is the spice of life. We want to bring about a revolution in the gifting world by normalizing giving gifts that are above and beyond ordinary or that satisfy a necessity. 

The best gifts are those that come from the thought of giving something that you would like your partner to use. Of course, it is important you keep certain points in mind, like what she likes, her color choices, her lifestyle choices, etc. These valentine’s day gift ideas for her will surely help narrow down your purchase to EXACTLY what she will love! (This is so exciting!) 

Things to Remember: 

  1. Gift her from your heart and not only because you HAVE to! She would hate that! 
  2. Make sure you gift her something that she will enjoy or like, not what the WORLD thinks she will like. 
  3. Surprise your woman! Instead of making it obvious that you’re getting her something or asking her what she wants, give her what you want her to HAVE! 
  4. Give it with love- Either keep the gift in a place she’ll find it or give it to her with your hands. Don’t do the boring and unromantic- take the parcel and open it by yourself kind of thing. If you’re away, make sure you’re in a video call so you can see her expressions. Trust me when I say this, it’s priceless! 
  5. These Valentine’s day gift ideas for her are a help guide. But if you get more ideas, list them in the comments so other men in love can benefit from it too. 
  6. The cost of the price doesn’t matter. It’s the thought that counts! All of these items are available at different prices depending upon the brand. Doesn’t matter. Do what you can do best. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER revealed!

1. Home Plants

home plants gifts for her

I know this is one of those valentine’s day gift ideas for her that you never imagined would be on our list. I’m guessing it has never been on your list either. But why not? A home plant adds vibrance to a room and she will love to walk into the room and think about you every time she sees it. Leave happy notes with the gift that as waters the plant it’s like nourishing your relationship too. She’ll love it! 

2. Lounge Wear 

lounge wear gifts for her

Women love comfortable clothes at home no matter how stylish they want to look outside. Say, loungewear is stylish too, isn’t it? Give her those velvet or other material lounge wears that you think she will find most comfortable. If you want to take this up a notch, personalize it. Get your names or pictures printed on the t-shirt and she’ll hug it to sleep every night, making it one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for her. 

3. Temperature Control Mug 

temperature control mugs for her

There’s a high possibility that your girl is a chai or coffee addict. This temperature control mug will be something she’ll be very thankful for every time she settles down for a cup of tea or coffee. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of her daily routine even when you’re not around? I know what you’re thinking. This item never occurred to you until you read this list of valentine’s day gift ideas for her! 

4. Coffee Maker 

coffee maker gift

When you have the mugs, you probably also need the best of coffee. One of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for her would be a coffee maker where she can try out different kinds of coffee types and you never know, she’ll make a cup for you too! Of course, coffee makers are a little pricey, so if you have the budget, go for it! 

5. Jewelry Organizer 

jewelry organizer

If your lady love is a fan of accessories, then she’ll be ever so thankful for a jewelry organizer because there’s space for everything. Trust you me when I say this, THERE IS NEVER any space for it. If you give her this, you’ll find her gleam in joy! 

6. Spa Gift Coupon 

spa gift voucher for her

Next on our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for her is something that you probably have never thought of before. Send her away to a spa retreat and let her unwind just before she prepares for your date together. I’m sure she’s stressed out as hell with the routine challenges life throws at all of us. She’ll enjoy the hell of this time with a body massage where she can spend time rejuvenating. 

7. Fluffy Slippers 

fluffy slippers

Let her carry you in her thoughts around wherever she goes in her house. Fluffy slippers are one of the cutest valentine’s day gift ideas for her. The ones that come with cartoon characters or animals characters only add to the charm. 

8. Engraved or Personalized Accessories 

engraved jewelry for her

I remember how happy I was when my husband gave me earrings with my name on it. It made me feel special. Truth be told, it wouldn’t have been on my list of the greatest valentine’s day gift ideas for her had I not got one of these! It’ll make your girl feel special too. Try engraver her name on any piece of accessory- a pendant, earrings, bracelet, any of it! It is one of those valentine’s day gift ideas that express how you invested a lot of thought into the gift. 

9. Hair Dryer 

hairdryers for her

Who doesn’t need a hair dryer? Men, women, we all do! But a good-quality hair dryer is hard to find. If you can find it, a supersonic one, then you MUST buy it for her. 

10. Cosmetics Gift Box 

cosmetics gift box for her

Don’t give her one of the many things she uses. Buy her a gift box and drop all of her favorite cosmetic items. Cosmetics run a long time and they’re all expensive. Getting it as a gift once a year would be very helpful a gift! 

11. Set of Wine Glasses 

wine glass set gifts for her

Some of us females enjoy the taste of wine with cooking, with food, and during a weekend television binge. If she’s a wine lover, then she’s going to value a set of wine glasses like gold! That’s just how wine lovers are! Truly it is one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for her, right? 

12. Salon Spree

salon spree gift voucher for valentine's

She does have to get ready for the date you’ll have planned, right? But women can hardly decide what to get done at the salon and what not. Gift her a salon spree for valentine’s day where she doesn’t have to choose. A voucher will lift her mood much like her face will feel. 

13. Bags

handbags for her valentine's gift

There can never be too many handbags or… (we’ll cover that next). Handbags are one of the easy-to-find valentine’s day gift ideas for her. Starting from casual slings to totes and other handbags, she’ll absolutely love it! 

14. Shoes

shoes for her valentine's gift

As I said, there are never enough handbags or shoes! A comfortable pair of footwear is just what your lady needs this valentine’s since she’s running all day long- doing stuff or in your mind! Take her to the store and surprise her or you already know her shoe size, buy her something comfy!

15. Bath Set 

bath set gifts for valentine's day

Women love everything that has pampering involved. Create a bath set for her. Collect everything she needs in a beautiful box and wrap it with love. Include towels, shower gels, fragrances, oils, creams, or whatever else you think she’ll like. 

16. Facial Massage Tools 

facial massage tools

Cleaning up the skin and massaging it is an essential step for all women. Facial massage tools are some things she’ll use every day in her routine to let the skin breathe after a tiring day. It is one of the most different valentine’s day ideas for her but something that she’ll surely not be able to guess. 

17. Earphones/ Ear dopes/ Air pods  

headphones gift

Whatever her phone maybe, buy her a beautiful pair of earphones, ear dopes, or air pods if you think she needs it. Put them in a beautiful earphone cover and top it with a box that she can unveil. If possible, try getting them in her favorite color or in a color that matches her phone. What a cool item from the many valentine’s day gift ideas for her, isn’t it? 

18. Personalized Sipper 

personalized sipper gifts for valentine's day

There are several websites where you will find personalized sippers. Print your names or a combination of both of your names and send it over. It is one of the sweetest valentine’s day gift ideas for her. She probably won’t be drinking water in anything else after this. 

19. Watches 

watches for her

Whether it is a smartwatch or a regular watch, she’ll need it so she’s always on time for you. Right? A smartwatch is even better since it will allow her to stay updated with her fitness goals throughout the day. It is an absolutely useful item from our list of valentine’s day gift ideas for her. 

20. Sherpa Blanket 

sherpa blanket for her gift

During the winters or in the summers when we have the air conditioning working in full swing, a sherpa blanket will come in handy for you more than anyone else. Why? There will be no more blanket pulling! If you’re not together, then this super-soft blanket will make her feel warm, until you’re there to hug her to sleep. Isn’t it one of the smartest valentine’s day gift ideas for her? 

To get a better idea about these valentine’s day gift ideas for her, take a look at the pictures!

What do you think about these valentine’s day gift ideas for her? You think she’ll like any of these? As I always say, give whatever you want to with the love. If she loves you, she’ll love anything you bring her as long as you give it to her from the heart. Smile when you gift her. Hug her as she accepts the gift. Give her a kiss. Make sure she enjoys the gift. Click pictures of her and yourself with the gift and record the memory not just for social media but also for yourselves. 

These valentine’s gift ideas for her are just a guide to help you make your decision-making process faster. Although, I’m pretty sure your mind is already bubbling with ideas with things you want to do for the woman you love. Nonetheless, this list of ideas will prove to be pretty helpful if you’re having a hard time deciding. 

We’ve pooled in all our efforts on this article- 20 greatest valentine’s gift ideas for her revealed. Leave us a like below or rate the article so we’re encouraged to bring in our ideas for HIM in the coming days. Subscribe to Love Smitten so we can send you an update when you publish something new. 

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