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50 Dynamic & Positive Affirmations for Couples

Affirmations have an inhuman power to attract what we want from life. They’re the most dynamic ways to put into action the law of attraction. Many people make affirmations a part of their meditation routine or a bedtime routine, but mostly these affirmations are personal. But don’t you think that our relationship or marriage is also one of the most personal aspects of our lives? Shouldn’t we also say some positive affirmations for couples to attract all the positivity for our relationships?

Relationships of any kind sometimes hit rocky paths. During such times, we resort to prayers, meditation, introspection, and other such things to understand how we can fix things. When we’re already doing so much, why not add some customized positive affirmations for couples to take our relationships to the next level? They also help us work on our problem areas and weaknesses.

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How do affirmations work?

affirmations for marriage

We don’t want them, but they still make their way through our minds, sabotaging our positive selves and relationships. What are they? They’re the negative thoughts that slowly eat tiny bits of our positivity until we have very little left of it. And when these thoughts make enough room to replace all the positivity, we start self-questioning and damaging our own image.

Affirmations are positive statements that help cope with the stress that negative thoughts have on us. Constantly repeating these statements fills our subconscious with enough positivity to fight back the negativity and make lifestyle changes. Based on research, affirmations take a minimum of twenty-two days to work. You just have to keep saying it consistently.

Scientifically speaking, affirmations activate the reward centers–ventral striatum (VS) and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC) in the brain, responsible for creating happy and positive thoughts.

It’s tried and tested- these positive affirmations for couples work! Affirmations work!

In this article, we’ve compiled some positive affirmations for couples that they can either say together or during their “me time,” meditation, or introspection time. Keep going on with them without losing hope and ultimately revel in the joys of its results.

Positive Affirmations for Couples

positive affirmations for couples

Let’s take a look at some dynamic and positive affirmations for couples. You can pick what suits your situation and relationship at this moment and start saying them every day.

Initially, you can also write down some of these positive affirmations for couples in a place where you can read often. There will come a point when you wouldn’t need reference anymore. Nonetheless, let the write-up remain. There’s no harm in reading it every once in a while to remind yourself of the “wowness” that you’re working upon.

Here are some common positive affirmations for couples-

  1. I will practice the pause. I will pause before reacting to something.
  2. I will appreciate my partner whenever he/she does something for me, others, or himself.
  3. Trust will never fade from my relationship/marriage.
  4. I will not complain as much as I do.
  5. I am loyal, honest, and faithful to my partner.
  6. I will forever support my partner in everything he/she does.
  7. I accept my partner for who they are and not who I want them to be.
  8. I respect my partner/spouse for who they are and what they do.
  9. My relationship is growing stronger everyday.
  10. I will priorotize my marriage/relationship above materialistic needs.

How about some positive daily affirmations to say during difficult times?

11. I will not think twice before apologizing to my partner after a fight.

12. I will be open to communication with my partner.

13. I will not resort to damaging statements during conversations.

14. I will always discuss for a mutual decision between my partner and me.

15. My partner is not perfect. Neither am I.

16. I will not blame my partner for a situation but rather find mature ways to express my feelings.

17. I will NOT let any third person speak in between my marriage/relationship.

18. I will not gossip or speak ill about my partner/spouse when among my friends/family.

19. I will not give my partner a cold shoulder and rather ask for space to heal.

20. Bad days are a part of our lives. Tomorrow will be better for us.

affirmations to heal a relationship

We’ve got you some self-boosting positive affirmations for couples to add to your list.

21. I will love myself the way I love my spouse.

22. Self-blame or self-victimising is not healthy for me.

23. I am an equal in my relationship.

24. I will always state my needs clearly.

25. I will not allow anyone to hurt me.

26. I cannot change him/her. I cannot change myself entirely for him/her.

27. I believe in my marriage/relationship.

28. I will always stand up for myself and my partner/spouse.

29. I will not obsess about my marriage/relationship.

30. I am amazing. My partner only enhances this personality.

It’s time for some positive affirmations for couples that you can say together.

31. We are a couple made in heaven.

32. We are love magnets.

33. We will respect each other’s needs and try fulfilling them.

34. We are grateful for each other’s partnership.

35. Our love is enough to win all battles.

36. We will not disrepsect each other among people or even when we are alone.

37. We will not be the cause for each other’s distress.

38. We will communicate our feelings and appreciate each other’s presence.

39. We will stand up for each other during good and bad times.

40. Neither of us will ever quit on each other.

And now for our final 10 positive affirmations for couples that will make you stronger individually and together.

41. I will focus on the positives when things don’t go right.

42. I will create a homely environment for my partner/spouse.

43. I will be an example for my partner.

44. I am flexible and open to new opporunities with my partner.

45. I will not impose my decisions/habits/lifestyles on my partner/spouse.

46. I am an understanding & compassionate partner.

47. I will not make my partner feel left out from my life.

48. I will not let my partner/spouse feel avoided, unwanted or unappreciated.

49. I attract positivity for my relationship.

50. Love will always prevail before anything else.

What do you think of these positive daily affirmations for couples? It’s time, isn’t it, to start with these from today itself. At the end of the day, love languages are different, and so finding the perfect place for our relationship/marriages will be different. But by constantly working on our subconscious, we’re paving the way to happy, long-lasting, and loving relationships!

Sending you all the joy in the world while you begin saying these positive affirmations for couples. Do like our post if it helped you or leave us a star rating. Subscribe to us for more on love, relationships, dating, and marriage.

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