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Will you take our 15 Days Grow in Love Challenge?

grow in love challenge

In the past week, we’ve discussed what it means to grow in love and how things pan out when we don’t choose to evolve. If you agree, that growth equals evolution, both personally and for your relationship, you need to take our 15 Days Grow in Love Challenge!

I’ve always communicated that relationships require effort. It’s not like going to work every day or completing our chores at home. The efforts that a relationship necessitates are subtle and ultimately it becomes a part of our lifestyle. Over time, it doesn’t feel like effort anymore. Rather, it feels like the one thing you need to stay in love- BONDING! 

Love Smitten’s Grow in Love Challenge helps couples communicate consistently, bond better, and ultimately grow more in love with each other than before. It’s a tried and tested method that investing in the little things yields greater benefits. This challenge resonates with just that idea.

💪🏻15 Days Grow in Love Challenge💪🏻

Paste these challenges in a common place where your partner and you can see them every day. No sooner do you complete a day’s challenge, than you can strike it off the list and witness the magic of these efforts. The Grow in Love Challenge is specially designed for those who want to take their relationships to the next level and only need direction.

I also suggest you write down your observations of that challenge anywhere you like- in a journal, on your phone. 15 days later you’ll go back to these notes and realize how far you both have come.

Note: Begin the challenge in such a manner that Day 6 turns up on a Sunday!

Day 1

grow in love

“Text your partner something that will make them smile today!” 

The first task on our Grow in Love challenge is simple! You know your partner well. What is it that will make him/her smile? Think!

Day 2

grow in love challenge

“Spend 30-40 minutes of undisturbed time with each other.”

So, you might have to get your partner to agree on this one. But, it doesn’t seem that hard, does it? Come on, here’s Day 2 of the Grow in Love Challenge.

Day 3

love challenge

“Create a relationship goal and share it with your partner!” 

Goals aren’t just meant for your career or personal growth. Your relationship should also have goals about where you see your relationship achieving in the future.

Day 4

grow in relationship challenge

If you’re looking for ideas on what to write on the LOVE NOTE, click here!  So, how’d it go on day 4 of the 15 days grow in love challenge?

Day 5

love challenges

“Take a fifteen-minute walk together. (Hold Hands!) 

Are you keeping up with the challenge? It requires some effort, I agree, but doesn’t every relationship require constant efforts to keep the spark alive? Plus, these are very simple things to do.

Day 6

relationship challenge

Make your partner breakfast in bed.” 

Will you do this? Even something simple like coffee and toast would do. It’s the thought and the intention to evolve with the grow in love challenge that counts.

Day 7

love and relationship challenge

Cuddle and watch a movie together after work.” 

We heard you! Yes, it’s not a Sunday! But, who made the rules? Do what you have to do for your relationships much as you do for your work. See the difference and happiness it pours into your lives. We do it! You can too. ❤

Also in our Grow in Love Series: 5 Stages of a Relationship to Grow in Love, How to Grow Individually in a relationship? 6 Pro Tips!, and 10 Scientific Secrets to Grow in Love. 

Day 8

grow in love challenge

“Plan a vacation together and set a time/month to make it happen! Even a 2-day holiday is perfect.”

it’s not that difficult. Setting goals for your relationship involves taking time off from the routine. A vacation doesn’t mean you spend an excessive amount of money or take a long trip. Even a weekend away if combined with 1 off day from work is enough to rekindle the romance!

How well did you do so far on this grow in love challenge? You’re successfully heading towards the end! Keep going.

Day 9

grow in your relationship

I will give my partner a random hug today until we both feel at peace.” 

It’s easy, right? So easy! Whether you’re having a good day, bad day, or just another day, there’s no mood a hug cannot fix. The best hugs are those that are spontaneous and unplanned. I mean, why do you need a reason to hug??

Day 10

relationship advice

Ask your partner about their favorite childhood memory. Then, share yours!”

A simple conversation that will connect you both on a deeper level is your childhood. Talk about your favorite memory and let the bonding happen! 💑

Tell me, you’re thoroughly enjoying the progress in your relationship as you’ve reached day 10 of the grow in love challenge, aren’t you?

Day 11

love challenges

Click two selfies after dinner and post them online with a loving caption!” 

You know when people say that even relationships require effort? It’s these simple things! It’s the little things. Don’t think or bother about the extravagance.

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram on @love_smitten when you post these pictures.

Day 12

love challenge

Play a board game together. Preferably, offline!’ 

We all invested in board games during the pandemic? Did you? No? You should keep one at home, and every once in a while, ditch the devices and spend time playing a game!

The conversations will automatically become significant and you’ll enjoy the joys of playing like a child all over again. The teasing, the cheating (my partner always steals carrom coins), and so much laughter! Try it! Grow in Love.

Day 13

grow in love

Play a song you both love and dance it out! Moments of enjoyment contribute to bonding!”

Slow dance, fast dance, any dance! Break into it with your partner. If you’ll are far, do it over a video call. Soon you’ll realize how such fun moments will contribute to making you’ll more comfortable with each other.
Don’t believe us? Try it while on this journey of the Grow in Love challenge. 

Day 14 (Almost There)

growth in relationships

Take a relationship affirmation today to work on any area of your relationship.”

Affirmations attract the positive changes you wish to implement in yourself and in your relationship in a manner that benefits both of you. Soak the positivity in today, and take an affirmation that’s best for your relationship and yourself! 🤍

Day 15 (You made it!)

growing in love

Surprise your partner today! Do anything, get them something, cook their favorite dish, even a rose works!” 

The last day of the 15 Days Grow in Love challenge, and if you lasted all 15 days, you’re pretty invested in this relationship! You have no idea how you’ve grown in love and it’ll all show in the boosted bonding with your partner. 👫

The end of the challenge doesn’t mean you stop trying. Encourage your partner to take up the challenge too! ❤️
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