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12 Trending Indian Wedding Hairstyles 2019


The wedding season is here, and we have every reason to be happy. If you are one amongst those who love this dress-up month, then you are here for the right reasons. While most people invest most of their time in finding the best outfits, it is equally important to complement your look with an excellent hairstyle.

Whether you want to be a simple bride with a classic wedding hairstyle, or a close friend/relatives, you are sure to love one of these trending Indian wedding hairstyles. These hairdos belong to Mumbai-based beautician Dimple Joshi, who has been many bride’s best friend for the wedding day with impeccable looks (me one amongst them! Wink) She has also worked in a few television shows as a make-up artist and is passionate about spreading glamour to every wedding. Take a look at 2019’s wedding hairstyles!

Wedding Hairstyles 2019

1. Low Bun with Gajra

wedding hairstyles

A bun is one of the most-loved wedding hairstyles that has lasted in our generations. To make the look chicer, it is a marvelous idea to streak your hair to get some chiseled lines of hair in the front falling into a bun. A gajra is an all-time favorite for Indians who like to keep it traditional. Most Indian moms sport this hairdo, and amazingly, it is still trending!

2. International Rose Bun

indian hairstyles for wedding

Looking for a way to twist the classic? Go for the very trendy International Rose Bun, which is an appealing one amongst the various traditional wedding hairstyles.

3. Creese with Rose Bun

2019 wedding hairstyles

Take your bun up two notches with this spell-binding new look, which includes more than one rose. This hairdo is a hit amongst the youngsters attending a close one’s wedding.

4. Twisting Bun

wedding hairstyles

You know by now, that weddings are less an occasion where you can enjoy your hair let down. Most people prefer keeping it neatly ties so that the overall look can enhance the makeup, rather than hiding the face with falling hair. The Twisting bun is an intriguing upgrade to the usual hairstyles. Let your hair confuse the onlookers figuring out the twists!

5. Messy Bun

best wedding hairstyles

Why should the youth get to experiment and not our beloves mummies and aunties? Here’s another bun with an elegant reformation. Go ahead, and flaunt the best of you with this messy bun, a favorite of many amongst the wedding hairstyles collection. The messy hair concept belongs to every age now! Don’t forget to style it up with your preferred flower.

6. Messy Choti


From a messy bun to a messy Choti, mess up your hair the way you want to! Notice how the colored flowers in the middle give this hairstyle a fanciable look. The Messy Choti is one of the highly trending wedding hairstyles this year with its heavenly simplicity. It might take a while to achieve this one, but it is totally worth it for the pictures!

7. Messy Choti with Artificial Rose


How about we mix the roses from the Rose Bun and the Messy Choti to come up with something so appealing? Take it from us, you will have people coming back to take a look at this wonder made out of your long hair. See how splendid it looks with an Indian wedding wear?

8. Tail Curls

wedding hairstyles

If you have the volume, then you should flash some curls this wedding season. It works well with evening functions like Sangeet or a Reception. What more can we say except, ‘we love the hair on you!’

9. Soft End Point Curls

2019 wedding hairstyles

You love the curls but not so much? Let’s straighten some out for you with this Soft End Point Curls hairstyle. It is a simple one for those who like to maintain an effortless yet elegant look.

10. Soft Curls

wedding hairstyles

Here’s another one of the evening or engagement look for the bride-to-be. This is amongst those bridal hairstyles that need no explanations; it is straightforward, gorgeous in itself and, artistic.

11. Tall Curls with Original Hair Rose

wedding hairstyles

Apart from the buns, curls have had a lasting relationship with the wedding looks. That is why we keep their variants coming! Sisters, cousins, and friends might want to steal the tall curls with an original hair rose.

12. Straight Hair with Fish Braid

hairstyles 2019

Okay okay; we get the hint! There are some like me, who just like the straight hair look, and cannot do without it. Then let’s do a newer version with the long straight hair. Here’s one amongst the wedding hairstyles that teams up the straight hair with the fish braid.

If you liked these hairstyles, then you can also get styled by Dimple Joshi. Feel free to reach her on 9769133988. Check out her fabulous work on her Facebook Page.

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