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11 Things Women Want in Modern Relationships

things women want in modern relationships

Sounds controversial and argumentative? The whole talk about the things women want in modern relationships? Not really, no!

People are different, hence the psychological theory of individual differences. Women, too, differ in their own unique ways, and that’s what makes them differently attractive for the unique men. But when it comes to understanding gender as a whole, some undeniable similarities could group them into having one conversation. One such conversation is about the things women want from modern relationships.

Needs and wants could differ when it comes to a person’s responsibilities. But chemically, women and men have some criteria when in a relationship. Isn’t that why we have girl gangs and boy gangs? Isn’t that where we have the conversations like, “Men, so typical!” and “Women, can never get them!”? It’s because we sometimes fail to understand the things we want from one another.

Over time, the things women want from modern relationships have evolved, much as they have in their lives. Yes, men have their needs too, but we’ll talk about that in another article. Now my points here are very neutral. And there’s a possibility that not all women want all of the 11 things women want in modern relationships listed here. But surely some!

Things Women Want in Modern Relationships

1. Freedom from Gender biased roles

gender equality in relationships

When it comes to the things women want in modern relationships, women don’t prefer allotting or being allotted gender-biased roles. The men don’t need to behave as just the providers and caring for the home, kitchen, and kids shouldn’t be just the woman’s job. This task division doesn’t belong to the criteria of a modern relationship. Not that women shouldn’t care for their homes since they’re independent. Not that men shouldn’t go to work and stay home. It’s just that, divide. If you’re both working, she wants you to take up some tasks at home or arrange sources for delegation. A modern woman doesn’t mind cooking, but she doesn’t mind the men doing the laundry either!

2. An empathetic and enthusiastic listener

good listener in relationships

Next on the list of things women want in modern relationships is an empathetic and enthusiastic listener. She wants to feel heard, she wants her partner to ask about her day, her work, her milestones, her goals. Modern women, whether working or not, still have a life. They’re not the typical hanging by the door till the man gets home anymore. And, when you come to think of it, modern men don’t enjoy that much either. Ask her enthusiastically about the things that matter to her. And when she has something to say, even it doesn’t interest you, listen empathetically. It’s important to her and so she’ll do the same for you.

3. Space!

what women want in relationships

Unlike what most men think, women in modern relationships also need their space. It’s the time when they get to enjoy their “me things” much like men. It is a misconception that only men need space and that women don’t understand the concept of space. You might think she’s clingy or that she wants you to be around all the time, but that’s not true. When both partners go to work, a woman also enjoys as much space as the man. Not just at work, but even with her gang. And so, space is one of the most important things women want in modern relationships.

4. Honest Communication

healthy communication in relationships

Women hate taking arguments, thoughts, emotions, or anything to another level. They’re modern enough to respect each other’s time. Why not set the practice of talking things through? If something’s bothering you, or you’re upset about something that happened, they want you to communicate. Not that you need to therapize each other. No. But talking things out and moving on from them is the best. And you don’t have to do this just when something’s not okay, but even when you’re thinking or planning something substantial. Honest communication is significant among the other things women want in modern relationships.

5. Respect- for them, for self, for everyone!

what women want in modern relationships

A respectful man is the sexiest! That doesn’t mean he should be uptight. He can be as fun-loving as he wants with a sense of humor that makes the woman trip in fun. That’s okay. What’s not okay is being disrespectful. A modern woman wants respect, not just for herself, but for people in general. If she belongs to today’s world, she would expect her man to be respectful of her, her feelings, each other’s time, and their commitment towards one another too.

6. As much affection as you can offer

things a woman wants in a relationship

As women continue to become more independent by the day and even stronger, men tend to misunderstand that for not needing affection. Women, no matter how busy, always love the affection and warmth that their man offers. It makes her feel emotionally comforted and protected. This could be one of the most basic things women want in modern relationships.

7. Equal Treatment

relationship equality

It’s not the same as gender-biased roles. Among the many other things, equal treatment is one of the most important things women want in modern relationships today. It means, equal rights to see and achieve dreams, to not let the traditions come in the way (respectfully, they can all be managed WHILE she chases her dreams), and everything else that the society claims “men can do!”

8. Stability and Consistency, please!

things women need in modern relationships

Funnily, several men always joke about how understanding women is a job for people outside the world. Enter the world of women, and you’ll see, women feel the same. Only, they don’t joke about it! Well yes, women to gossip about it. Come on, it has to come out in some way! Nonetheless, men do behave moodily.

One of the most important things women want in modern relationships is stability and consistency. For men to have control over their emotions, career choices, and expression. The staying in constant touch and then suddenly ghosting for silly reasons doesn’t work with modern women, just, FYI.

9. Friendship from the heart

what women want

If you think your partner cannot be your friend, that’s entirely wrong. Modern women adore being friends with their partners. I’m sure men love that too, to bond like friends and love like lovers, it’s just perfect. Not that you shouldn’t have friends outside your relationship or that your partner should be your BFF. No. You should have a social circle and some friends that are just yours. But befriending your partner means having common things to do, taking off the pressure that you’ve to be very man-like or lady-like all the time, and hey, even getting to talk as freely as we do with friends. Trust me, this helps when your relationship hits a rough patch.

A friendship that comes from the heart is one of the most enjoyable things women want in modern relationships.

10. A man who’s okay with being wrong!

accepting mistakes in relationships

Not that all men are like that, but among the many things women want in modern relationships, this always comes up on top of the list. At least, that’s what the research says. So, it usually happens that we sometimes react instead of responding, and that could lead to no introspection on the truth that one could be wrong. But of course, in all fairness, this is something that men would want too. So, we would put it on the things men want in modern relationships!

11. Emotional Intimacy

emotional intimacy in relationships

Lives are busy already and there’s so much we have to deal with already. Given this situation, emotional intimacy is something we all look out for in our partners. There should be enough comfort for one to share their emotions without feeling judged or too much to handle. Of course, the way of expressing these emotions is different for every woman. What matters is one isn’t too cold for the emotions. Simple as that.

You’ll find that a lot of these things women want in modern relationships are similar to what men want too. But in this article, we’re putting the women’s side of needs since we’re so close to celebrating Woman’s Day 2022. Not that we want to avoid the men. You can check which are the things among these that your woman seems to need too. Some, if not all, would sure match her needs!

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