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10 Signs of a Hopeless Romantic in a Relationship

What is a hopeless romantic?

There is one group of romantic people; the one’s who will bring your flowers after work or plan a birthday surprise. But then they are people who’re not just romantic but hopelessly romantic. I can safely call them the extremists in love, and I am one of them.  But, I don’t mind it because at the end of the day it makes me happy. Here are 10 common signs of a hopeless romantic in a relationship. Are you one of them? I am!

I firmly believe that hopeless romantics are big-hearted, givers, and pain soakers. It’s like, we keep doing things that most times go unnoticed. And yet we don’t learn; we keep doing it. The word “hope” in hopeless puts into perspective our behavior that even though something isn’t happening, we still keep going… we still keep hoping. Of course, there are days when even a hopeless romantic ends up asking, “Why am I like this?”

But not everything about being so hopeless is pain. There’s also sheer, utter, unfathomable joy! Let’s take a look at some signs. If you’re like one of them, or, like me, for that matter, let me know in the comments so I can heave a sigh of relief.

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Signs of a Hopeless Romantic

1. Lyrics are Moving

music for hopeless romantic

You know that moment when you hear a song and feel like it was written for you? Yeah? Then you are a hopeless romantic. Vocals, lyrics, music are so moving that we’ll either dance it out or tear up. Either way, it’s just what keeps the mood going.


2. Gestures matter: Big and small

gestures of a hopeless romantic

So here’s the thing about a hopeless romantic. It’s not at all about receiving, but mostly about giving. So, such people will keep themselves busy planning gestures, both big and small, to prove how much we love our person. So, be it checking on their health twice or day, leaving some love notes in their tiffin or taking them to their dream places, hopeless romantics do it all!

3. Random Hookups? No! No!

hopeless romantics

Hopeless romantics never fall for random hookups. They are the serious kind of lovers who will wait for the “one” with whom they can sing and dance in the joys of love. But the best part is, they also are more loyal than others since they are highly committed to the person they call “theirs.”

4. Destiny and Fate are real

destiny for hopeless romantics

“If he’s in my destiny, we will get back together.” A hopeless romantic doesn’t give up. For them, things eventually get better, the right one is always around the corner, and we would have never become one if it wasn’t for fate are shared beliefs. When in a relationship, they let fate decide their decisions and don’t mind waiting it out till destiny calls.

5. “Our song” exists

our song

There has to be an “our song” for a hopeless romantic in a relationship. The one song they can play to please, forgive, or apologize with, no matter what and when. It also becomes that one song they dance to wherever they go, because, you know, it’s “our song!” Sadly, the song becomes a floodgate of tears if the relationship ends, God forbid. Other imaginations like the world is stopping to see them; the wind is perfect, the scenic background is picture-perfect, and so on.

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6. Valentine’s Day is a Festival

valentine's day for romanticsValentine’s Day is a festival for every hopeless romantic (somehow, this phased out for me after a few years!). There’s redness everywhere… like literally. The clothes, the decor, the blush on the cheek, it’s all cherry red. A perfect dinner date is always on the plan with the perfect bottle of wine to celebrate their love. Some hopeless romantics do it all, the teddy day, chocolate day, propose day… Gifts, chocolates, and flowers are a given.

7. One meal a day- “It’s a date.”

dating a hopeless romantic

Lives are busy, and even a hopeless romantic has to go to work. But, even you get to have one meal a day or a meal in a couple of days together, it automatically becomes a date. They want to cook something special, set the table, scale up the mood with some music, and decide which movie to watch that day. Not that it’s like a typical date-date, but they treat it like one.

8. Your pain, their pain

hopeless romantic means

A hopeless romantic cannot help feel your pain. When you’re upset, angry, sad, or feeling anything else for that matter, they’ll feel it too. Of course, they don’t ever receive the same treatment, which is why they’re sometimes called hopelessly in love. But even if hurt, they will still make sure you receive the same love and care the next time too. Let’s not limit it to pain; even your happiness is theirs. They’ll tell the world of your achievements! That is cute, isn’t it?

9. Going out of the way is their thing

what is a hopeless romantic

If a hopeless romantic has to do something, they will, and there’s no limit to the extent of it. Their love language includes going out of the way for the people they love, and all they expect in return is a warm hug and some acknowledgment for the effort taken. It is when people fail to acknowledge or appreciate when a hopeless romantic feels hurt.

10. There is always hope

a hopeless romantic

A hopeless romantic, as the name suggests, is always full of hope and optimism. There’s always hope for things to get better, and they’ll cling to. Surprise, surprise, things to get better! That’s just how life is; we remain hopeful, and ultimately something beautiful unfolds. For a hopeless romantic, there’s hope even in hurt.

Which of these signs do you relate with the most if you, too, are a hopeless romantic? Tell me there are more like me! If you are, let us know in the comments below, tag us when you share this post on social media, and also like and rate this article. You can also subscribe to Love Smitten for free! All you have to do is register with your email ID, and we’ll send your regular, tiny doses of love.

Until then! Cheers.

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