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10 Scientific Secrets to Grow in LOVE! 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏼

how to grow in love

The love and romance that overtook all our emotions the past few days have still kept us energetic in love. What’s highlight-worthy is that to fall in love is not the same as to grow in love. Falling in love is only the first stage. The time for the butterflies, the blush, the newness, they’re all features of falling in love. But growing in love is the next step. It’s the stage where you maintain these things while taking your relationship to the next level.

To grow in love means that things are getting serious. It means you don’t want to stay in the “we’re seeing how it goes” phase. It simply means, “Hey! I like you. Let’s take this ahead.” So, one clarification we receive here is that it’s only for those couples who are willing to commit and invest in one another than those who are in it for the fun.

Although, it’s easier said than done. It asks for more than just the commitment. But science reveals 10 secrets to grow in love by doing simple, everyday acts that will intensify your feelings for one another. Preferably, share this article with your partner, so you can do this together.

Scientific Secrets to Grow in Love 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏼

scientific secrets to grow in love

You ready to grow in love? Here we go!

1. Ask, respond, ask

Clearly, growing in love means you’re unwilling to stagnate your relationship in the same place as before. The process would require getting to know each other better. So, ask questions. Frequently. Explore more about each other. The more you ask, the more you have topics to converse with. It’ll help know each other’s habits, triggers, likes, dislikes, and more!

2. Empathize, it’s not that difficult.

Some might think that showing empathy to someone who you know very well is difficult. It is not. Show empathy to each other. Show you care. Show it matters. It helps bond. And to grow your love, bonding is vital.

3. Provide & Seek undivided attention

As life becomes busier, it becomes complicated to give each other the same attention you once did when the relationship was new. But to grow in love means never taking that undivided attention away from your partner. And ensure that the attention is an undivided one. Especially, keep that phone away!

Notice the little things. If they’re wearing something new or looking good, a compliment. If they’re not doing okay, ask, bring them something they like. It’s simple if you make your relationship an important part of your life.

4. Couple time is important

growing in love

No matter what your gang says and how much they coax you to spend literally every weekend or holiday as a group, your couple time is important. It doesn’t matter if the people around you judge you, your colleagues make fun of you for not hanging out after work every day or anything else for that matter. Don’t overdo it, but don’t underdo it either.

5. Make Eye Contact

When you have deep conversations, are asking questions as in point 1, are having a meal together, or any of this, ensure there’s eye contact. Don’t look here are there. Don’t look away. Don’t look into the phone or any other device. Look at each other. Smile during the conversations. Science claims that making eye contact is one of the greatest ways to grow in love!

As your focus is on growing in love, don’t forget to take a look at the relationship red flags you shouldn’t avoid. 

6. Respect, Appreciate

Is there any relationship that lasts without mutual respect? But sometimes, we tend to take one another for granted because we cloud ourselves with the unsaid comfort that they’re always going to be there for us. There’s a difference between comfort and granted. Appreciate the things your partner does for you, if not every day, every once in a while. Respect their needs. Don’t expect everything to work your way. Build these values in your relationship to grow in love.

7. Embrace problems as a couple

how to grow in love

Problems are inevitable. It’s not like any couple or any human for that matter is free from problems. But embrace them as a couple. When you’re two, you’re not alone. You can embrace it and solve it as one. Don’t think of the problems as any one person’s responsibility alone. Science has proof that couples who solve problems together grow closer together, and thus they grow in love!

8. Bask in each other’s joys

While being a couple makes you one, you’re still two different individuals. Your hobbies could be different and the way you like spending your free time/weekends could be different. Don’t be rigid about the things you want to do. Find joy in the things your partner does and ask them to do that too. You never know, you might enjoy it too, and it could become your “thing.”

9. Apologize and mean it!

Arguments will happen. Who doesn’t argue? The best thing to do at the moment is to talk it out. Walk away for a while. Think. Reflect. If you think you’ve had a part to play in how things turned out before the argument, then apologize. Once you do, live up to it. Don’t keep throwing it in your partner’s face. Once you say sorry, you don’t take it back or use it to prove a point.

10. Monitor your growth

It sounds like a pen-and-paper kind of job but it is so not! Monitoring how you planned to grow in love together and measure how far you’ve come. Talk about it. Express your joy. Set goals for your relationship much like you set goals for every other aspect of your life.

Grow in love as a couple and grow in love as individuals. There will be so much to learn along this journey. The bonding will be far better than you expected. As you grow older together and think about taking your relationship to the next stage, there will be no inhibitions left. Only joy. Only love!

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