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10 Routine Ways to Nurture a Relationship

An important question between two people in a relationship after a while is how to nurture a relationship. Relationships without nurturing can eventually fall apart. A relationship doesn’t only mean a romantic one; it includes all our relationships, the ones with our family and friends.  

A healthy relationship requires people to invest time, love, and understanding to reinforce the partnership. If your relationship is stuck somewhere, take some steps to improve. Make an effort to work your relationship and you will be rewarded with a deeper connection.

When you find somebody you love all the way through, and they love you even with your flaws, your weakness, everything starts to click. And if you can talk to them, and they listen, if they make you laugh, and make you think, make you want, make you see who you are, and who you are is better, just better be with them, you would be crazy not to want to spend the rest of your life with them. 


The main question then arrives- how to nurture a relationship and why? Humans are different in their way. Our minds, hearts, and habits vary. We all need time to understand someone else who might be completely different from herself. Everyone needs to take some steps to understand other people- investing some time, trying to know other people, etc.

So here are 10 routine ways to nurture a relationship that can even help to know your partner better.

10 Routine Ways To Nurture A Relationship

1. Gratitude 

A simple thank you can change your relationship. Say thank you in advance for what is already yours. Research shows that adopting an attitude of gratitude simply expressing appreciation and being more thankful can measurably improve your overall relationship. If you think you had a failure to nurture a relationship then the first and most important point to nurture a relationship is gratitude.

Not only to your partners but to everyone who is around, who helped you- Say thank you to everyone. Thank the person who is always with you, your parents who love you unconditionally, your friends who help you get past even the shittiest of times. Here is one thing that you should do in your routine- remain grateful for absolutely anything we have.

Robin Roberts explains this perfectly. She said that if we throw all our problems into our pile rush to grab our own back and when we start with gratitude and see everything is fortune and grace we can receive much more deeply.


 2. Forgive 

It’s a human tendency to make mistakes. To forgive doesn’t mean to forget because if you don’t forgive you shall carry bitterness within yourself, which will damage your life. You will become angry, hateful, destroying the course of your life completely. So let’s first establish that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting because if you forget you will walk into the same pit again and again.

When we talk about forgiveness there are different levels and dimensions to it. In some cases, it’s very easy to forgive if the person is very close to you and if he/she has done something grave against you then it’s really difficult to forgive.

But God has given us this commandment and for our good, because when you forgive a person you are lifting a burden from your heart, you are removing the hatred from your heart, making you feel free, peaceful, and happy. Forgiveness is the strongest tool of happiness.


3. Communication

What’s more important in communication? What you say or how you say it? Generally, the consensus tends to lean more towards how we say things- Our body language or our non-verbal behaviors as social scientists call it. If you look online, you will quickly find this to be true. Communication is very important; the words that we use are very important. Each word holds with some certain strength and has a certain meaning to it. We can either bring someone up and empower them and our words can be honey in that sense or we can hurt someone’s feelings.

We can bring someone down and our words can be venom. One of the biggest problems, when people try to talk to each other, is that the person listening is simply waiting for their chance to counter your agreement. They are waiting for their chance to hit you back, are waiting for a chance to defend themselves and that is not going to produce healthy communication. When someone is speaking, the goal should be to try to understand them. And if you don’t understand you don’t go attacking or ignoring them.

You go to ask for more transparency, you go to ask more questions to try to dig deeper so that you can have a clearer understanding of how they are feeling and what they are trying to communicate. Communication is key to nurture a relationship.


4. Apologize 

The three-letter poisonous word which becomes such a challenge to cooperate and be in a relationship is “ Ego’. All relationships have problems because of ego. People experience a failure to nurture a relationship because of ego. Why? Because we cannot say sorry. Why can’t we say sorry? Ego! SORRY is a magic word when genuinely spoken from the heart. It is most important to nurture a relationship.

When you say sorry to someone, that doesn’t mean you are wrong. That just means you value the person more than being right. You prefer to save the person than being right. You are willing to keep the ego aside and transform the ego into humility. A lot of conflicting situations arise because of ego. When a person says sorry when he is wrong, it’s called being honest. When a person says sorry when he is not sure, it’s called being wise. When a person says sorry when he is right, it’s called being in love.  An apology is the way to the heart when wanting to nurture a relationship. 


5. Stop judging 

Always remember, when it comes to judging other people that you are not the only one who does it, pretty much everybody is judging everybody else. It’s very natural to automatically fall into the pattern of judging people. Judging others may be blocking you from experiencing true happiness in life. But we need to stop judging people as we don’t know what the other person is experiencing. It is one of the best ways to nurture a relationship. 

We don’t know their past, their history, or their current circumstances. But at the end of the day, none of us are perfect. We are all just humans trying to figure these things out. It is not about people being right or wrong. It is just that every human being is acting and living life according to their understanding and their intelligence. Not everybody can perceive and understand life to the same extent.

If you see people are the way they are because of the limitations that are there, you should strive to help them to break their limitations rather than making a judgment of right and wrong. To nurture a relationship, it is important to understand other people rather than judging them.


6. Creating a bucket list

Lists are magical. Whenever you write something down, the marvel just happens. They are also magical because you can think of something that you want. You allow yourself the space to strategize your life. So, make a bucket list with your loved partner as a means to mutually nurture a relationship. Like, go cook an exotic dish together, fly together (It can paraglide, parachute, or air rhodium).

Walking any kind of trial together will help you understand your relationship and how it can get in the wild and very unexpected situations. Share some common goals that you can do and achieve together like house makeovers, having a child, or traveling to a certain place together. It just needs to be something that spices up life for both of you. Studies have found that eye gazing is the best thing on the list. You try to look each other in the eyes every day for a month and see how it’s going to nurture a relationship. 


7. Support

Total acceptance, total love, total support. When your partner feels down or has failed in something it’s your responsibility to support and make them stand with more courage. Support is something that you understand each other’s priorities, dreams, and goals. It means to love someone from the bottom of your heart and accept their flaws. No matter if you don’t stand with them in happiness but always stand with them when they are low. Talking through cell phones isn’t as effective as your presence. The person who truly loves you will surely support you to nurture a relationship.

8. Hug wholeheartedly

One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug someone you love and they hug you back even tighter. Sometimes, a hug from a person very close to you is worth more than a thousand words. Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication that allows the other person to know beyond a doubt that they matter. After working the whole day or being stressed out and when you get a chance to hug someone you love the most, is the best medicine we can ever get and also the best one of the methods to nurture a relationship.

When you hug someone for longer, you forget whatever else is happening around you and just feel the peace soak in through their arms. Hugs are so memorable, especially when you feel the other person’s heartbeat and for a moment everything feels so calm and safe like nothing can hurt you. Giving daily hugs or casual hugs can help nurture a relationship even better.

9. Compromise

Why are simple things becoming complicated? Why are the same relationships that are the cause of our happiness and love also the cause of our stress? Unknowingly we know the answers and so we need to ask ourselves- what’s the reason? Why is it not as smooth as you wanted? Relationships are how we talk to each other and behave. We have all focused a lot on what we have done for each other and sometimes we felt we have done a lot for the other person.

And the other person feels the same that they have done a lot and yet despite having done so much we feel we are over compromising( means you are adjusting to everybody and every time). Yet, they are not happy. At some time neither of us wants to compromise and will end it by breaking up. Compromising for a person whom you love is worth it. Make sure that you compromise and are respectful of one another’s time. To nurture a relationship, compromising comes secondary. As understanding is the first key to nurture a relationship.

10. Truth

Truth doesn’t always mean to speak the truth but to be loyal towards ourselves. Truth is not something that you establish; the truth is something you realize. So, should you stick over the past or should you come over new things? Take an example that you store garbage in your house and your whole house will be a garbage bin isn’t it? Every day we need to throw out the garbage to keep our house clean. Similarly, in our lives, many things don’t work, we must throw them out daily.

Always speak the truth, no matter if you have to face them or fight with them. REMEMBER, your one lie can destroy your relationship and will strongly affect the effort to further nurture a relationship.

One of the best feelings is finding someone who gets you and tries to overcome every hurdle in your relationship. A person who lets you be vulnerable and honest. The kind of a person who encourages you to push your past, your flaws because they accept you as you are. Because to them, you are just enough of everything they love. NEVER EVER LEAVE OR LET GO OF THIS KIND OF PERSON.

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