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10 Insane & Helpful Dating Tips for Introverts

dating tips for introverts

Finding people is always a struggle for introverts because they’re unable to unveil their amazing selves to the world. Be it making friends when in school/college or finding a date and then having a conversation that leads somewhere, there is a little extra effort than extroverts. Introverts also fret about how they should behave on a date, so they don’t come across as underconfident or meek when meeting someone for the first time. Let’s rub the lines of worry of your head with these insane dating tips for introverts!

When on a date, several introverts feel like they’re able to explore a lot about the person they’re meeting through information they share themselves and body language. Much like extroverts, introverts don’t feel comfortable enough to ask questions or share information about themselves. The socially awkward moment could ultimately lead to not being able to be with somebody you genuinely liked. Let’s not let that happen, okay? Take a look at these dating tips for introverts, designed only to kick up your dating game!

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10 Insane Dating Tips for Introverts

dating tips for introverts

Alright, so, first things first- these dating tips for introverts only work when there’s an acceptance that you feel socially awkward, that you’re willing to try them with all your heart, and that being introverted is not morally, ethically, or socially wrong! It’s just who you are, and your silence is proof that you’re talented as hell. Let’s dive in, then.

1. Baby Steps- Prefer a short Date for starters

introverts dating tips

Maybe, dinner might be too much on the first go. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you met the person for a short time, get to know their vibes, and become comfortable around them, so dinner doesn’t seem too intimidating? Opt options like a small stroll through a garden, a live show where you can get to know your fun sides, or maybe just visiting an exhibition. Try picking a place wherein you don’t have to sit face-to-face with the person and feel all the nerves. Keep it casual and smooth-sailing. Once you’re through this date, you’ll feel a lot comfortable around the person to actually sit across for dinner or coffee and enjoy a conversation.

2. Imperfection is perfect!

dating tips to help introverts

You’re human, and so is the person you’re going to see. So, quit pressurizing yourself about being perfect because they aren’t perfect either. The best part about these dating tips for introverts is this- we’re always going to tell you to be yourself! Instead of focusing on your flaws, why not focus on your positives? You know more than anyone else that there’s something in you that nobody else owns. Flaunt your imperfection, baby. Be you!

3. Ask open-ended questions

dating tips for introverts

Next on the list of dating tips for introverts is asking open-ended questions as opposed to close-ended questions. The point is, you may be too shy to talk, but, since you have to ask questions, why not ask them in a manner that keeps the conversation going. In this manner, the person might not feel out of place or feel like there’s nothing to talk about. For example, don’t ask, “Do you like having pizzas?” A better question would be, “So, what do you enjoy eating the most?”

When you do that, the person will come up with a list of things they like eating, and then you’ll have lots of follow-up questions ready where they continue to do the talking. For example, “Oh, me too! Where do you think should I go for my next pizza (or whatever the item is)?” One thing will lead to another, and before you know it, you’ll be a part of the conversation without having to say much!

4. Go on a practice date

tips for introverts -dating

These dating tips for introverts come straight from the intent to not let dating be a selective option. Everyone deserves to find love, and not being an extrovert shouldn’t come in the way. Ask a friend or sibling to go on a practice date with you. If you don’t have anyone, hop in front of my best friend, the mirror! Wear some pretend clothes, and see how you imagine this date going. Feel confident, about the way you blush, the questions you ask, those you answer, and your body language.

You’ll see how wonderfully you’re doing, and the practice will help when on the actual date. Of course, this is among those dating tips for introverts who’re just starting off in the dating game. So, you could try this before your first few dates, and then you wouldn’t have to go on these imaginary dates anymore!

5. Wear comfort

helpful dating tips for introverts

Nope, you don’t want to go on a date wearing clothes that’s only eye candy but actually makes you feel like it’s not you. And that’s one of our highlight dating tips for introverts. Dress for the occasion, definitely, but only how YOU would dress for the occasion and not how people EXPECT you to dress. That, of course, doesn’t mean you go on the date in your PJs. You do have to look presentable after all. But if a short dress is not your thing, then go for a sexy pair of jeans and a comfortable evening top. If you just cannot stand formal trousers and pant, then a jeans and smart t-shirt is more than enough.

It’s the person you’re supposed to like and vice versa. Not wearing your comfort clothes will not allow you to feel you, this dismissing all of the above dating tips for introverts.

6. Don’t be afraid to make the move!

tips to help introverts in dating

So, you’ve had a comfortable first date. You really like the person and are hoping that there’s the next date. Don’t refrain from making the move. Wait out a few hours, and then text- “Hey! It was fun meeting you again. Can we get together sometimes again?” What’s the worst that could happen? That they don’t like you back? Treat it as a practice date then! Don’t be afraid to make the move, is all we’re saying on our dating tips for introverts.

7. Say bye-bye to your overthinking vibes

overthinking introverts in dating

You went on the date, and you did your best. If it works out, then awesome, if it doesn’t, do you overthink? About the thing, they said, about the things you did, about what you should have said instead, and how this is all your fault? Might we remind you in the words of Bruno Mars that ” coz you’re amazing just the way you are!” (And this goes to the men and women, both!) Say bye-bye to your overthinking vibes because if it did not work out, it’s only because there’s somebody who’s going to get you better than this person. Learn, enjoy, and move on!

Isn’t this one of the coolest dating tips for introverts? Let us know in the comments below!

8. Don’t lower your standards

dating for introverts

Being an introvert is part of your personality, not a flaw you should compromise with or hide. Just because you cannot say things like extroverts do, doesn’t mean you settle with less than what you deserve. You set your standards high and don’t let go of it for someone who thinks it’s okay to push you into discomfort just because you cannot comfortably talk about it. Call it one of the strictest dating tips for introverts on our list because we do not want you to feel lesser. Introversion and inferiority are not the same!

9. Be Honest about your feelings

dating help for introverts

Not being able to speak everything you feel could also go down badly in the longer run, making either of you uncomfortable. Don’t nod along to everything the person says. If you’re feeling otherwise, gather your words, and say what you feel. If they offer to extend the date for a few more hours, which is not something you want, say you’ve somewhere to be early the next day and that you’ll meet up in the evening again. Be it the food you’ll order, the place you go, a personality trait, or just deep-rooted opinions, if not anything else, or that you don’t think this would work out, be honest about your feelings.

Say, aren’t these dating tips for introverts helping you already?

10. Ask friends and family to help

introverts dating help

Your inner circle plays a very big role in stepping out for your first few dates. Seek feedback from them about how you come across as a person if there’s something you should know about how you approach or present your thoughts or anything else for that matter. Take this criticism in a positive light because humans don’t come with an expiration date to learn. If there’s a way you can improvise on yourself, why not? You could also introduce your people to these dating tips for introverts, so they know how exactly you’re planning on taking these steps.

It would mean so much to us if you’d let us know how these tips helped you! We ascertain what we’ve been saying throughout these dating tips for introverts- be unapologetically you. What’s destined will happen, and it’s best you find someone who gets you and your reservations than going ahead with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

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Happy Dating! Xoxo

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