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10 Best Romance Novels to Read in 2021

Romance novels to read in 2021

On a beautiful evening, with some raindrops pouring down your windowpane, you’re in the mood to read something romantic. With a cup of coffee in your hand, you settle down on the couch on your balcony, wanting to sink into some steamy romance novel 2021. But deciding which one to read first isn’t easy. But Love Smitten is all about love, and we collected names of some of the best romance novels to read in 2021.

If you’re a reader, you know how sometimes, connecting with a book is one of the most blissful feeling in the world. Some sizzling lines could also bring back your youth. You’ll find that some of these steamy romance novels 2021 will drive you into another world. With every page you turn, the excitement, the level of romance, and the sensual feeling will intensify, gradually leading you to a lighter mood.

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10 Best Romance Novels to Read in 2021 (Till June)

10 best romance novels to read in 2021

The pandemic has given us some extra time to spend time with books, and you’re going to want to read every one of them from our list of the best romance novels to read in 2021. All of these are so intriguing, that it takes courage to put the book down to do anything else.

As any dedicated romance novel reader, we guess you’ll also enjoy reading some intense, passionate, and steamy romance novels in 2021.

You’ll find a short description of the novel with the names, helping you decide which of these 2021 romance novels you want to read first.

1. The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by xiao Axelrod

Xiao Axelrod has written this unique romantic novel “THE GIRL WITH STARTS IN HER EYES,” based on the life of female protagonist ANTONIA BENNETT. This story has the capacity to pull your heart and break it with a sledgehammer owing to the heart-wrenching plots jotted by the author.

Antonia is a music lover blessed with a delightful voice. She has the potential to become a famous singer but struggles with coping with bitter life experiences. Antonia dealt with her mother abandoning her, her father mistreating her, and the one person she loved leaving her without an explanation. Suffering is a part of her life.

Despite that, Antonia has the caliber to fascinate a listener’s heart with her soulful voice. But after all the things she suffered, she is insecure and afraid about her future with thoughts of feeling trapped in the fame of her success and ecstasy of the power of achievement.

Everything changes when the man who broke her heart and trust joins her band. She didn’t want to lose control over her feelings; she is tarnished but somehow she gathers the courage to face the reality. Does she really face him? How do things work out with him?

In her eyes, the girl with stars is an emotional, rock band romance, unusual from the other romance novels we otherwise read, making it one of the best romance novels to read in 2021.

2. A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo

A Reluctant Attraction is a final book in the author’s series about three brothers. They are the owners of a construction company and are the stars of a Toronto-based TV show.
Rosanna Leo does a fabulous job in passively relating every character in a manner that a reader cannot put this book away halfway.

The emotions, feelings, fights, naughtiness, and all other emotions in this story are simply great. Amongst all other top 2021 romance novels, “A Reluctant Attraction” has a significant position in the reader’s heart.

3. Happy endings by Thian-Kim Lan

Streamy romance novels 2021

HAPPY ENDINGS is a Romantic novel by Thian-Kim Lan, yet another beautiful novel that a romantic person cannot put away. The author has undoubtedly penned down one of the best romance novels to read in 2021. Trixie Nguyen, the female protagonist, is the center of attraction of this story.

Trixie Nguyen is an energizing, sex-positive female protagonist who makes her living selling adult toys. She unquestionably eulogizes her job briefing women about how to make sex a more pleasurable, sensational experience. Trixie is making a new fresh start to her life in Washington, D.C. after a heart-wrenching distressing breakup.

After making a fresh start she meets Andre, her ex, and realizes that she still harbors feelings and every bit of emotion for this person who once ditched her.

Mama Hazel restaurant the soul food restaurant of Andre’s parents was in danger under gentrifying developers and he has to save his restaurant from them. Andre teams up with his ex who has a brilliant mind full of marketing ideas to save the restaurant. He subsequently turned his restaurant into a vibrator pop-up shop.

Happy Endings looks at sex very positively with some unique plots to keep one intrigued. It’s a fascinating novel that contains an extraordinary storyline, making it one of the best romance novels to read in 2021.

4. Hot Copy by Ruby Barred

Ruby Barred, a fantastic writer, has brought to us one of the best 2021 romance novels to read, which can bring delight to our moods and bring back some romantic remembrances. “HOT COPY” comprises an office romance between the boss Corinne and the intern Wesley, scripted by the author Ruby Barred.

Wesley is a devoted, polite, innocent, and pure, decent boy striving to adapt to his old life and socialize with old friends after the death of his sick mother. He is struggling to save his family house and lives there with his twin sister.

He has been working as an intern under CEO Richard, one of his father’s close friends, for two years. When trying to adjust himself to the working environment, he meets his chief Corinne Blunt, in the elevator, at the same time some of his colleagues were making humiliating comments about her.

Corinne, an elegant workaholic, seems like a ruthless boss but she is exactly the opposite of it, with an innocent look, strong aura, caring nature; she is a unique personality in this story. The office romance between Corinne and Wesley put the pages of the novel on the fire with their extraordinary chemistry.

This book among the top 10 romance novels to read in 2021 because it is hot, emotional, and heartfelt, beautifully narrated by the author.

5. The intimacy experiment by Rosie Danan

the intimacy experience 2021

The Intimacy Experiment is one of the best seller novels by author Rosie Danan. The story balances between sex, sweetness, and feminism so seamlessly, that you will surely love it. This book is one of the collections of the steamy romance novels 2021 while depicting some of the best romance reads this year.

Naomi, a former porn star, wants to elaborate her studies to become a sex educator.
Ethan the protagonist is a youthful, ambitious person, full of ethics and integrity. For some specific reasons, he paired up with the ex-porn star Naomi for his seminar who already has some experience in conducting a sex and relationship seminar; she has it in her to attract a younger demographic.

Naomi and Ethan’s chemistry sprouts from their particular initial meeting to the very end of the book. Every plot is so clearly gripping, that you simply cannot put the book down. The Intimacy Experiment describes the most significant beauty of lovemaking, consent, respect, admiration, dating, and breaking up skillfully.

6. Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

Accidentally engaged is a typical Indian wedding story by Farah Heron. It is a story about two vivid characters, a sexy hero with a British accent and a cute innocent, strong, easy going female protagonist. Their many secrets and gossip sealed within their identities reveal as we go ahead in this enjoyable read.

Reena Manji is passionate about cooking and was once a successful food blogger after being destroyed by her fragile sister. As common in every Indian family, her family also urge her to marry. But she wants a different life, independent life.

Nadim is a sexy man, also passionate about cooking. To resist his charm is quite difficult for her till he is the arranged husband her parents expect her to marry. They were selected for a competition Reena wants to participate but unfortunately, that competition was for couples. She has the naughty idea to pretend to be Nadim’s fiancee so they could participate in the contest.

And Nadim accepts her proposal to be her fake fiancee throughout the competition and there the actual story started. The romance between them sprouts during the competition and the author narrates it very beautifully, bringing to us one of the best romance novels to read in 2021 for all of you.

7. Love at first by Kate Claiborne

love at first 2021

LOVE AT FIRST is another passionate love story by Kate Claiborne. It is a beautiful addition to the list of the best romance novels to read in 2021. Love at first can turn your heartbeat into a lub-dub race. Kate has written this story very contrarily; it’s just different!

Will and Nora are the main characters in the ink of her pen and she had a beautiful imagination, which she has beautifully expressed in this book.

Both protagonists met each other 16 years ago when they were teenagers. Will didn’t see Nora’s face; it was a dark situation to clarify her figure and face but that meeting was unforgettable. She leaves a beautiful and love at first sight impression on him.

And after 16 years, they meet at the same building. The face was quite recognizable for Will but the incident was a bit foggy in his mind. That is when the actual story begins. Love at First stores beautiful feelings of romance and emotions, making it a perfect romantic read.

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8. The Secret Bridesmaid by Katie Birchall

The Secret Bridesmaid a heartwarming story written by Katie Birchall. The main character of this story is Sophia Breez, a professional bridesmaid who loves her job. She finally meets her life partner, her match at a high society wedding. The author has narrated the wedding day, the decorations, the panic attacks, the planning of the wedding, and a lot more very eminently.

The secret bridesmaid is one of the top 2021 romance novels. Its story is about Sophia’s magical ability to assure every bride which is not working for her. Every romantic layout comes across as a beautiful piece of emotion. This book is simply very awesome.

9. The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

A dating, passionate love story by Christina Lauren, THE SOULMATE EQUATION is yet again a charming love fiction. This story is about the romance between Jess, the single mother, and Dr. Riva Pena, an outstandingly charismatic, sexy human robot who is a workaholic. His most fascinating characteristic is he is the originator of a genetically creative version of a dating site.

Both main characters have some similar qualities like they both love mathematics, equations, genetics, and sometimes enjoy talking like a talkative robot in a specific genetical Gibberish language.

An alluring, seductive, hot chemistry between both of them puts fire on the pages of this novel straight till the end of the book. From being enemies to becoming lovers, The Soulmate Equation is one of the best rom-com formulae where both cannot stand each other but also crave to pull each other’s attire.

The most exquisite character is Juno, the seven-year-old daughter of Jess, who is an exceptionally adorable little girl. The Soulmate Equation’s story mentions every bit of drastic life experiences, a seductive romance, some crazy fiction & fantasy too, standing tall on the list of the best romance novels to read in 2021!

10. While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory

while we were dating book 2021

Jasmine Guillory is an incredible writer in the world of novelists. She has her imaginary world and she can portray any story very beautifully. No one can resist reading her work, including this one of her steamy romance novels 2021.

While We Were Dating is a love story between a God-gifted, talented ad executive Ben Stephens and movie star Anna. The hero, Ben Stephens tries hard to reach the topmost level in the world of the advertising industry. Workaholic and smart, Ben is also hot, powerful to charm any girl around him. Although, he continues to deal with family drama.

His life changes when he encounters Anna, a successful, hot, beautiful Hollywood star, as his client and some specific demand want to work with him. When working together, Ben realizes that Anna is suffering from anxiety issues and the shiny Hollywood star image is just a cover, shielding the actual Anna.

The small fights, romance, seductive flirts, and extreme love is depicted very placidly.
Their fake relationship is one of the most romantic couples in the world and their true friendship ultimately transforms into an intense connection of love.

While we were dating is undoubtedly an entertaining, heartwarming, love story, and one has to put it on their list of the top 10 best romance novels to read in 2021.

Which one of these are you going to pick up first? Tag us when you post your next book read on @love_smitten. If you liked our article on the 10 Best romance Novels to read in 2021, leave us a like below, and do share it with your bookwork friends. Subscribe to us to receive such daily doses of love straight to your inbox.

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