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10 Best Places for Destination Wedding in India

destination wedding in India

Destination weddings are the in thing, and we CANNOT not talk about it as we open our arms to embrace the wedding season peeking at us! For all we know, if you’re among the would-be bride and grooms, you’re already decided about where you’re getting married (Congratulations, by the way, <3). But for those who’re planning to tie the knot in the wedding season that resumes post 15th January, this might interest you. And hey, in case you decide to change your wedding location, let us know (hehe)!

We decided to bring you a list of some of the best places to hold a destination wedding in India. FYI, there are many! But let’s stick to our list of top 10, shall we? Before we go ahead, we just have to say how love should be the predominant feeling at a wedding. Remember, it’s the marriage you should look forward to than the wedding. While it is the happiest day of anyone’s life, it’s the after of the wedding day that means the most. So, a destination wedding or not, what you need is someone to love and someone who loves you back.

Even a small-budget, a home destination wedding will be as beautiful when you’re smiling and have people to bless you! Don’t you think?

Alright, so, here goes.

10 Best Places for Destination Wedding in India

1. Shimla- Himachal Pradesh

destination wedding in Shimla

It isn’t a surprise that weddings tend to make one pretty hot. The clothes, the running around, the anxiety, everything makes one feel very hot. Why not have the wedding at a chill place then? Imagine reading your vows or making promises around the holy fire with the cold winds bringing you some love from the mountains! Sounds picture perfect? Well, it is! It’s the kind of destination wedding that’ll come with the guarantee of pictures that will be nothing less than frame-worthy.

2. Mandu- Madhya Pradesh

Mandu might not be on the list of many destination wedding plans, but it is on ours. Why? It’s historic, heritage, and happy a place that offers an essence of Indianness. If you want to boast of a rustic vibe at your wedding, then the forts in Mandu are THE places for you. Explore the area, and the localities will gladly help you select some places. Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome to conduct a destination wedding at a place where not many people have? Make it a memorable one!

And don’t you worry, there are a lot of stay options in and around Mandu to accommodate your guests.

3. Havelock Island- Andaman

destination wedding at Havelock islands

Wasn’t on your list, was it? Well, it’s on our list of destination weddings in India, and why not, huh? The beauty of the crystal sand welcoming the splashing waves that mirror the crystals is hands on one of the most beautiful places to get married. Get in touch with the resorts around the beach, and they’ll actually help you arrange it all! But, of course, you cannot have the wedding exactly during the wedding season but between May and September.

4. Goa… the home of parties!

Is it possible that we talk about the sea and don’t have God on the wedding destination list? Absolutely not! God is home to the best of the parties, and if you’re looking forward to having a funky, modern, but Christian wedding, then this is the place to head. It’s just perfect- have a bachelor/bachelorette and all other wedding functions at the beach, and then have a typical Christian wedding at one of the many beautiful churches of Goa. Do we hear you make some calls?

5. Udaipur- Rajasthan

destination wedding in Udaipur

Traditional, paradisiacal, and warm, Udaipur is the place to be when wanting to conduct a royal wedding that’s one of its kind. In fact, most of the big fat Indian weddings happen here. Well, you must have heard about that already. But getting married at the palace-like hotels does have some kick it.  Udaipur is indeed on the list of all those who plan a destination wedding in India. Why else would people call it the Venice of the East?

6. Kerala- God’s own Land

There’s a reason why people call Kerala “God’s own Land”- it’s modestly beautiful, and one cannot get enough of Kerala in one life. The tea-smelling locations, backwaters, and even the treehouses are the major attractions of the state. But a destination wedding in Kerala? Hell, yeah! People do indeed get married in the midst of the backwaters with nature attending the wedding alongside other guests. If anything, you can describe the wedding as one of the most “Indian” as can be!

7. Jim Corbett

destination wedding at Jim Corbett

Not many people know yet, but Jim Corbett is also open to letting people celebrate the most important day of their lives too. If you’re someone who loves visiting forests or is an animal lover, then get in touch with one of the resorts here, and they’ll gladly welcome you and your guests with pomp and vigor. The cooling trees will overlook your wedding while the rustic feel will make your wedding unique.

8. Amritsar- Punjab

Spiritual, serene, and quiet, Amritsar is one of those destination wedding locations in India that’s not for everyone. The place is all-embracing for people who want to celebrate the joy of their wedding in the land that’s dedicated to God. People consider it very lucky to get married and seek blessings at the world-renowned Golden Temple. If you’re looking forward to a subtle wedding, Amritsar is the place to go.

9. Mussourie

destination wedding at Mussourie

From large-scale weddings in five-star hotels to small-scale weddings that overlook the mountains, Mussourie is one of the hot famous wedding destination places in India. The chilly weather that’s more pleasant than uncomfortable, the open area locations, and the feel of the wedding in the mountains are splendid as ever.

10. Mathura

For those who want to mark the beginning of their new lives in the land of the Lord, Mathura is the best to have a destination wedding. The resorts in Mathura ensure arranging a royal, romantic wedding for their guests. Moreover, everyone gets to visit the temples and beauty in and around Mathura, all thanks to the wedding. People also would love for young couples to begin their journey with the blessings of the Lord in the holy land, much like Amritsar.

Which wedding destination in India did you like the most? Are there any other such places on your list? Let us know in the comments below.

What we’ll leave you with saying is, no matter how big or small the wedding, it’s your compatibility and happiness that’ll matter the most. If that takes precedence, the beautiful wedding day becomes the cherry on the cake. In fact, we also published a quote yesterday that read, “Weddings are temporary. Marriages are permanent.” (All of this action takes place on our Insta page. Follow us now so we can stay more closely connected.)

Isn’t that true, though? Here’s the link to the quote. If you think that it is, indeed, the marriage that lasts, and that a wedding is just the day that marks the beginning of the beautiful life ahead, then don’t forget to hit Like!

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