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शिक्षक महान हैं – a Teachers Day poem

Happy teachers day

Teachers Day is a very important day of celebration in India; mainly because it commemorates the adoration and appreciation we have for the educators in our lives. With Teachers Day falling in between our 15 days of poetry, we only feel it apt to introduce a stunning poem on teachers to everyone.

teachers day


The poem, aptly named ‘शिक्षक महान हैं’, is a beautiful lyric on the importance of teachers in our life, of how they help in molding us to be the person who we are and in essence, are a very integral part of our lives. However, before we go into the poem, let’s take a look at why 5th September is celebrated as Teachers Day in India!

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Why 5th September?

5th September is National Teachers day in India since 1962 even though the world celebrates it on the 5th of October. Why you may ask? Well, it’s because the 5th of September is the birth anniversary of the renowned scholar and teacher, recipient of the Bharat Ratna, the first Vice-President and the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Dr. Radhakrishnan was born on 5th September 1888, in a Telugu speaking Brahmin family in Madras. He studied extensively even though he hailed from a middle-class family, and did his education in the subject of philosophy.

teachers day

Dr. Radhakrishnan was renowned as a teacher. He was appointed to the Department of Philosophy at Madras Presidency College in 1909. In 1918, he was selected as a Professor of Philosophy by the University of Mysore and he taught at Maharaja’s College, Mysore. He also became Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University from 1931 to 1936 before immersing himself in the political struggle for India’s Independence. He has also written several papers, articles, and books on philosophy and ethics and was extremely loved by all his students.

He had a great love for academics and teaching. He loved his students and in turn, they adored and respected him and his teachings. This is partly why he is more famous as a teacher than as the President of the nation. In fact, when he became the President, some of his students and friends requested to celebrate his birthday i.e. 5th September. However, so great was his love for the profession of teaching that he replied that it would be his proud privilege too have his birthday celebrated as Teachers Day. Thus goes the story of how the 5th of September came to be known as Teachers Day in India!

teachers day

Now that we know the story of how the day came to be known, let’s take a look at this beautiful poem. The author of the poem is anonymous; however, it is evident that his love and respect for teachers is immense, and, thus we bring this poem to all of you today!

शिक्षक महान हैं

शिक्षक महान हैं, हमें देते जो ज्ञान हैं।

शिक्षक का सम्मान करना, अपनी ही शान है।

हम फूल है चमन के, शिक्षक बागवान हैं।

शिक्षक ही से महकता ये सारा संसार है।

शिक्षक की इज्जत करना, अपना गौरव है।

शिक्षक की आज्ञा मानना हम सब का धर्म है।

शिक्षक को सम्मान देना, यही छात्र कृति है।

शिक्षक का ही दिया हुआ जीवन का दान है।

जो खत्म ही न होता वह देता ज्ञान है।

शिक्षक की इज्जत करना अपनी शान है |

शिक्षक ही तो दुनिया को सन्मार्ग दिखाता है।

प्रभु ने भी किया सदा उसको ‘प्रणाम’ है।

शिक्षक को इज्जत देना अपनी ही शान है।

गिरते है जब हम, तो उठाते है शिक्षक

जीवन की राह दिखाते शिक्षक।

अंधेरे ग्रहों पर बनकर दीपक

जीवन को रौशन करते है शिक्षक।

कभी नन्हीं आँखों में नमी जो होती,

तो अच्छे दोस्त बनकर हमें हँसाते है शिक्षक।

झटकती हैं दुनिया हाथ कभी जब,

तो झटपट हाथ बढ़ाते शिक्षक।

जीवन डगर है जीवन समर है,

जीवन संघर्ष सिखाते शिक्षक।

देकर अपने ज्ञान की पूँजी,

हमें योग्य मानव बनाते शिक्षक।

इस देश और दुनिया के लिये,

एक मुकम्मल समाज बनाते शिक्षक।

नहीं हो कहीं अशान्ति, अशान्ति,

बस यही एक पैगाम फैलाते शिक्षक।

Author: Unknown

Teachers Day: Why is it important

As the common adage goes, the future of the country lies in the hands of its youth, and teachers, as mentors, are ones responsible for molding them into future leaders. They play an integral role in the formation of our personality and help us become a good person and a model citizen of the nation. Teachers Day is celebrated to acknowledge the challenges, hardships, and the special role that teachers play in our lives.

teachers day

Teachers Day is one such event for which students and teachers equally look forward to. It is important for the students as it gives them a chance to understand the efforts put in by their teachers to ensure that they receive valuable education. Similarly, teachers also look forward to the Teachers’ Day celebration as their efforts get recognized and honored by students and other agencies.

Teachers nourish and prepare students for their future as they are the real icon of knowledge and wisdom. They create awareness among the students and common people. They are the source of light in the world that has been darkened due to ignorance.

Our teachers are the true pillars of our success. They help us garner knowledge, improve our skills, grow confidence as well as to choose the right path to success. But, despite playing such a crucial role in the lives of students and nation-building, they rarely are shown the gratitude that they deserve. So, as a student, we must thank them at least once a year and Teacher’s Day gives us an ideal opportunity to do so!

teachers day

Malala Yousafzai said, “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” and we think that’s true. The poem ‘शिक्षक महान हैं’ helps us realize the same and is a lovely rendition that should be read by everyone! We hope you liked the poem and encountered all the feelings of joy, respect, and love for teachers that were conspicuous in the beautiful words of the poet.

How do you like our new concept of ’15 days of Fabulous Poetry’? Do leave your comments and suggestions below! For more lovely articles on love and relationships, do subscribe to ‘Love Smitten’  to receive regular ‘Love Doses.’

Here’s saluting every inspiring educator around the world, who have adjusted to the online schooling system.

Happy Teacher’s Day! 


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