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राजे का प्यार -A Painful Hindi Love Poem

Raje ka pyar is a painful hindi love poem

राजे का प्यार, sounds romantic, isn’t it? But does love always means romance? Doesn’t it sometimes only mean gut-wrenching pain, especially when one partner hides behind silence and cowardice to even end things mutually?

The destiny of every love story or lover doesn’t always meet a happy ending. Break-ups have become common in today’s day. People talk about it more openly than before. But what about the feelings? They’re still the same, right? The feelings of the time when you know that your love story is turning towards a dead end, of when you know your lover will become somebody you used to know & nothing more… sucks, right? राजे का प्यार is one such Hindi love poem that expresses the pain of a man who has made up his mind to give up on his lover.

The pain of losing someone you love lingers for long. But we have to hold on to the strength in the feelings of separation when we realize that there’s nothing more left to do. At such times, we resort to some harshness to help cope with the pain. But the source of these harsh feelings is not bitterness. It is the inexplicable pain that forces us to be STRONGER than ever and let go! The poem राजे का प्यार is a flawless flow of emotions of that very harsh pain.

राजे का प्यार

a painful hindi love poem

वक्त ही वक्त होगा महफ़िल जमाने को,
जब ये सिरफिरा ना फिर मिलेगा सताने को,
ठुकरा के चाहत राजे का, तू ही बता,
फिर बचेगा क्या, तुझको हक़ जताने को।

तू सुन रही है तो सुन ले,
मेरी अनकही बातों को,
अब जी नहीं करता मेरा,
हर रोज जी जलाने को,

चल बैठ आज ये खेल खत्म करने को,
मेरी बेचैन शामों का चैन–ओ–सुकून ढूंढने को,
तू जीत, मैं तैयार आख़िरी दफा हारने को,
पर हरा के प्यार राजे का, तू ही बता जाना,
फिर रहेगा कौन, तुझको अपना बताने को।

तुम जा रही हो, तो चली जाओ,
पर इतना सोच लेना,
पूछे कोई मेरे बारे में तो,
कहोगी क्या ज़माने को।

चल बहुत हुआ, अब नज़र–अंदाज करते हैं,
वक्त हैं ही कहां, रूठने–मानने को,
जो दी है यादें, उनको समेट ते है,
सांसें भी बेचैन है तुझको,
सीने में कहीं दफनाने को।

राजे का प्यार Summary

painful love poem in Hindi

The poem राजे का प्यार begins with the poet directly stating that his lover would have all the time in the world when he wouldn’t be around to make her feel loved and entertained in his presence. But he also raises the question of what is that she can rightfully call hers after rejecting his love?

In the second stanza of the Hindi love poem राजे का प्यार, the poet urges the woman to lend an ear and even listen to his unspoken words and feelings. He wants to say everything at once so he doesn’t have to revisit those feelings every day and hurt himself anymore.

And then the poet comes straight to the point by asking the love of his life to sit across him and end this game of love once and for all. Even though direct, the feelings that come across are sharp enough to make anyone in love sigh for the poet of the poem राजे का प्यार.

He asks her to finish things so he can do away with his restlessness. “You win,” he says, “And I am willing to lose for you one last time.” But not without also asking her another question of who will ever love her as much as he did?

As the poem राजे का प्यार progresses, we unearth more profanity in the broken-heart poet’s feelings when he straightforwardly asks her to leave him, if that is what she really wants. Although he does again raise the question of what she will tell the world about his great love after losing him?

If you understand Hindi, then you’ll agree that the last stanza of this painful poem राजे का प्यार says the most amount how broken the lover feels. He tells his woman to neglect everything because there is no time to cry and console in this fast-moving world. The poet ends the poem by asking her to collect all their memories that his agonized breaths want to bury in his heart’s abyss.

break up poem in Hindi

राजे का प्यार is one of those poems that will speak the language of your pining heart while giving you the strength to pick yourself up and travel far from it. Sometimes, there’s no choice but to let go. Holding on will only escalate the pain!

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