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Hindi Love Poem-नाराज़गी (Narazgi)- About Moving On

नाराज़गी! (Narazgi!)

Often in relationships, the partners may not live in a similar space as the other. Over time, when they don’t communicate this gap that they feel in several situations of their interactions, one goes ahead, and the other may feel left behind. That leads to नाराज़गी (Narazgi), that is, feelings of resentment or dander.

These lines from the Hindi love poem, नाराज़गी (Narazgi), transpire the pain of the one who felt left behind, who felt lonely in a relationship. The poetry infuses a healthy spirit of moving on, with the right amount of ‘vulnerability with strength.’ He loved dearly and lost bitterly, and he knows he doesn’t deserve it, and yet accepts that it is a part of his transaction. He explains how one can accept and embrace one’s natural reaction to loss i.e., sadness with strength (not by being strong).

Dard hai, dard hota hai, dard mera nahi hai, par ab mera hai. Isse apnaya, apna banaya. Dard ke ehsaas ko alfaazon mein pidoya. Kuch tukde apne paas bhi rakhke, aur unki yaadon se ek nayi seher dekhe, jinme inn tukdo ki seekh hogi, jinse inn tukdo ko marham milega, jisse inn tukdo ki izzat badhegi.

Apne dard ko apnao, woh dard apne aap sambhal jayega

नाराज़गी! (Narazgi!)

Love poems

कल शाम से दोहरी जिंदगी जी रहा हूँ,

मैं खुद ही खुद से बेवजह लड़ रहा हूँ।

ये नाज़ुक सा दिल जो, नाराज है तुझसे,

ना जाने किस बात पर, इतरा रहा है।

ना वक़्त था, ना कोई इरादा था,

मेरा साथ निभाने का ना ही तेरा कोई वादा था।

उलझन में हूँ मैं, मुझे सुलझाने दो,

बेख़बर मुझे आज़माने कि, अब तुम कोई तरकीब ना दो।

ना तुम हो अभी, ना ही तेरा कोई एहसास है,

अब तो तुम्हारी बातों में भी, ना पहले जैसी मिठास है।

सोए है ख्वाब मेरे, सोने दो इन्हें,

बेमतलब इन्हें जगाने की तुम कोई उम्मीद ना दो।

ना खत है, ना कोई संदेश तेरा,

मेरे दो सवालों को भी, ना मिला जवाब तेरा।

बेचैनी है थोड़ी, मुझे बेचैन रहने दो,

बेवजह इन्हें सुकून की, अब तुम कोई वजह ना दो।

ना इश्क़ था, ना वो मोहब्बत थी,

जो मुझको मिली, तो बस तन्हाई थी,

तन्हा हूँ मैं, मुझे तन्हा ही रहने दो,

बेफ़िक्र मुझे जीने की, अब तुम कोई दवा ना दो।

कदम थे तुम्हारे, जो थक गए,

रुक गए तुम कहीं, और हम बढ़ गए।

लौट रहा हूँ मैं, मुझे लौटने दो,

बेपनाह मुझे मोहब्बत कि, अब तुम कोई कसमें ना दो।

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Translation of नाराज़गी (Narazgi- A Hindi Love Poem) in English

Move on poems dard

Since last evening I am living a double life,

I am fighting myself unnecessarily.

This delicate little heart, which is angry with you,

Don’t know what is waiting for it.

There was no time, no intention,

Neither did you promise to stay with me.

I am confused, let me sort stuff out,

Unknowingly, don’t give me ways to test me.

Neither are you with me, neither do I sense your presence around me anymore,

Even your words are not as sweet as they used to be before,

My dreams are asleep now, let them rest,

Do not give them any unnecessary hope of waking them up.

Neither is there a letter, nor a message from you,

None of my questions got an answer.

There is some restlessness, let me be restless,

Don’t unnecessarily reassure them with peace now.

Neither was it love nor was there any passion,

What I got was just loneliness,

I am lonely, let me be a loner,

Don’t give a dose of medicine to live carefree now.

They were your steps that got tired,

You stopped somewhere while I kept going.

I am returning now; let me return,

Don’t make me any more promises for this unguarded love.

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