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दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना- Hindi Rap Song

दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना

दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना is Love Smitten’s first venture into a Hindi rap song. Since it is the first try, we wonder if you, our lovely audience will connect with it. But then, we’ll never know until we don’t try, will we? This Hindi rap song is an original one, so we’d love to know what you think of it in the comment section below.

Before we go on to rap, let’s give you a little gist about this song. The song comes from a broken heart, who’s looking for new hope in their love life. It begins with the man speaking about how the woman his loves has not just left his life, but also his dreams. She doesn’t have it in her to make his heart race with her thoughts anymore. As we go further in the song दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना, we see how the guy made his woman the center of his universe. Although, we did not want to give the song the classic heart-break ring.

Hindi rap song

We’ve explored the new realm of appreciating the woman’s beauty in a new-age manner, hoping, the generation next connects with it. But as he raps further, he speaks about how everything she ever said or did was a bluff. Much like many other broken hearts, he is shattered with the way she left him and never looked back.

And then, there came a time in his life, when he knew he had to move on. She wouldn’t return, and her thoughts and memories no longer controlled his broken heart. And so, she doesn’t make his heart race anymore (दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना)

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दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना

दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना

मेरे ख्वाबों में अब तू आए ना,
मुझे रातों को अब तू सताये ना,
कैसी मोहब्बत तेरी, कैसा ये प्यार तेरा,
जो मेरे दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना।

जब मुझको तू मिली थी कली-कली,
तेरे ही चर्चे थे हर गली – गली,
तेरी चाल थी उफ्फ, तेरे गाल थे उफ्फ,
बेबी तेरी beauty के आगे,
तो फीके थे सारे stuff..

तेरी याद थी, हाँ तेरी बात थी,
रात दिन मुझको, तेरी तलाश थी,
तेरे नखरे थे सौ, तेरे जलवे भी सौ,
ओ बेबी तेरे smile के आगे,
तो सब करते थे aww…

अब तू खोई है, मेरे बिना तू चैन से सोई है,
मेरी क़ीमत अब ना कोई है ,
ये तो जानता हर कोई है,
तेरी बातें थी bluff, तेरे वादे थे bluff,
ओ बेबी तेरे swag के आगे,
तो I’m just not enough…

मेरी आहों में अब तू समाए ना,
तेरी याद मुझे अब तड़पाऐ ना,
कैसी मोहब्बत तेरी, कैसा ये प्यार तेरा,
जो मेरे दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना।
जो मेरे दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना…

Hindi rap song dil ko ab dhadkaye naa

What do you think about this one? We’re not going to risk translating this into the English language, because we thought we wouldn’t be able to do justice to it. Apologies to our English readers! We hope that our Hindi rap song मेरे दिल को अब धड़काऐ ना is something that you will share with your friends and loved ones. Like, share, and don’t forget to subscribe to We shall add you to our e-mail list, and send you regular doses of love straight to your INBOX. No spams; we promise!

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